Probes are found on many pieces of kitchen equipment and A S Catering Supplies Ltd can find the correct probe that you require often from stock

Probes Parts
Temperature Probes - Adande VCS2 VCR Fridge
Probe - Afinox Blast Chiller
Temperature Probe -Afinox 988SX14TNCN Chiller
Temperature Probe - Afinox - Fridge - 77003100
Evap Probe - Afinox - Fridge - 9AMD05LI1S001
Probe 3000mm - Afinox ABBAMX15T CHEF Fridge
Rotation Sensor - Alliance Tumble dryer
Assy Thermistor - Alliance UT050E
Defrost Termination Sensor- Alpeninox Chiller
SUPERSEDED - Meat Probe 220V 60HZ 2400W- Alto Shaam Halo H
SUPERSEDED - Core Probe - Alto Shaam 750-TH/111
Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1200 - TH/111 Air Temp S
Core Probe Altoshaam 1200-TH/III Oven
Meat Probe - Alto-Shaam 1200TH111 Oven
Quick Connect Meat Probe - Alto-Shaam Oven
Temperature Probe - Alto Shaam 500-1D Hot Cupboard
Probe Quick - Alto-Shaam
Top Antenna Kit c/w Rivets - Amana -
Flame Probe - American Dryer ADG30
Sensor Probe - ADC American Gas Dryer
Temperature Probe - Amika 9XLBT Dishwasher
Food Probe Angelo Po FCV101DS Oven
Meat Probe - Angelo Po FM1011E3-ZNR01 Oven
Food Probe - Angelo Po DS351HOPRO Fridge
Temperature Probe (meat probe) - Angelo Po - FX201-E3-ZMR01
Evaporator/Air Probe - Angelo Po ART2LD Blast Chiller
Digital Probe - Angelo Po FCV241G Oven
Temperature Probe PT100 - Angelo Po FM611E2
Pin Probe - Angelo Po IA51A-0PRO ISR202R-ONRO IS51H-0PRO Oven
Thermal resistor - Angelo Po FM611E1ZMR01
SUPERSEDED Temperature sensor - Angelo Po IS51H-OPRO
Sensor/NTC Probe 2500mm - Angelo Po IS51H-OPRO
Food Probe - Angelo Po - Fridge - XS101S
NTC Temperature Probe - Animo Water Boiler
Air Probe - Arneg NIMES2LCO Display Chiller
Air probe - Arneg Fridge
PTC Temperature Probe
PTC PVC Probe 3000mm
PT100 3m Probe Fryer Range
NTC Silicone Probe 1500mm
Temperature probe PTC
Black PTC Thermoplastic Probe 3000mm 2-wire
Temperature probe - Bakbar E31 Oven
Bartlett F32/911 Oven Sensor Lead
Meat Probe Bartlett Harmony 10 Oven
SUPERSEDED Ignition Probe - Bartlett Yeoman D11G/451 Gas
Thermocouple - Bartlett Harmony 10 Oven
PTC Probe - Beaufort Chiller
Temp / Defrost Probe - Beermaster BMI407-48
Probe - Beer Master - BMI407-48
Level Control Probe - Bertos
NTC Probe - BKI LGF-FC Pressure Fryer
Probe Needle - Blizzard - Fridge - XB570L
Probe (needle) - Blizzard BCF20 EK825
Evap / Temp Probe - Blizzard - Fridge - XB570L
Probe for digital controller - Blizzard BZ-UCR140
Probe For Controller - Blizzard BZ-UCR140 Bottle Cooler
PTC Probe Blizzard Shadow150 Serve Over Unit
Probe - Blizzard Freezer UCR05
Temperature Probe - Blodgett Mk5 111 Oven
Flame sensor probe - Blodgett 042105R4001S
NG Pilot assy c/w probes - Blodgett
Flame Probe - Blodgett - Oven - SG2136G00035
Temperature Probe - Blue Seal TURBOFAN E31D4 Oven
Minisit Valve Probe c/w capillary & bulb
Probe - Blue Seal E32D4 Oven
Temperature sensor complete - Bravilor Water boiler
Level Probe Sensor RLX4 Bravilor
Temperature sensor - Bravilor HWA20 water
SUPERSEDED Straight Probe Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Bent Probe Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Bent Probe Kit- Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Straight Probe Kit- Buffalo CF357 Water Boile
Bent Probe Kit - Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler / Burco
Temperature Control Probe - Bunn
Probe - Bunn-O-Matic H5KA Boiler
Level Probe - Bunnomatic U3ACE
Bent probe - Burco 76702 76700 Water Boiler
Straight Probe - Burco 76500 76700 Autofill
Temperature probe - Burlodge M33-120 Oven
1 Metre oven probe - Burlodge M33-120 Oven
NTC Probe - Caravell TR27SILVL
PTC Probe - Caravell CCS652 Fridge
Condenser Probe - Caravell AR7TNIRI
4-Wire Food Probe - Caravell BF030AB RF101ABB Blast Chiller
Food Probe - Caravell BC121AF
Evaporator Probe - Caravell SD60/125
Air Probe T1 - Caravell SD60/125
Probe NTC TPE IP68 3000 MM - Carel IR33
Carel Sensor Cable N1 - IRLIYEA000
Carel Sensor Cable N3 - IRLIYEA000
Probe Dry Reed - Carpigiani Super 139/B/404/P
Electrode Assembly Cecilware P300 Coffee Machine
Sensor Level Dual Probe - Cecilware FE100N Coffee Urn
Dual Probe - Cecilware ME15E-N Water Boiler
Spark Ignitor - CU050NRDM2G1W03 - Cissel Tumble Drier
Tank Temperature Probe - Clenaware 511B Diswhasher
Group Bulb Probe Tank - Colged Dishwasher
Oven temperature probe - Colston Hostess
Oven probe - Coulston Hostess H35819
Temperature Probe - Comenda C155 C1300EBT Dishwasher
Thermostat pocket - Comenda AC151 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED CTC Probe - Convotherm OEB6.10 Oven
Probe L Shape - Convotherm
CTC PT100 Probe 185mm - Convotherm Combi Oven
Convotherm OSG12.20 - Food (meat) Probe
SUPERSEDED Water Level Probe - Convotherm Oven OSP10.10
SUPERSEDED Overtemperature Thermostat Immersion Heating
Probe Water Level - Convotherm CS3-2011
Temperature Probe PT 100 - Convotherm OD6.10P
Meat Probe - Convotherm OSP2010 OD1010P
Meat Probe - Convotherm
Hi-Limit Temp. Probe - Convotherm OGB10.10
SUPERSEDED Multi Point CT Probe
Convotherm OD61OC Oven Probe Seal Kit
SUPERSEDED Probe CTC 12.20 10/20 20P3 - Convotherm
Water Level Probe - Convotherm OSC10.10
SUPERSEDED Double Level Probe - Convotherm OEB6.10 OEB20.10
Temp Probe Oven Chamber - Convotherm
Temperature Probe - Convotherm
Oven Chamber Probe - Convotherm - Oven
SUPERSEDED Temperature Probe - Convotherm OES6.10MINI Oven
Water Level Probe - Convotherm OSP10.10
Double Level Probe - Convotherm OEB20.20 Oven
Temp Probe - Convotherm OEB6.10 Oven
Cornelius Probe for SS1H-L(24G) SS2H-L(24G)
Probe - IMI 24L340098 24L340046 Fridge
4m Probes - Counterline Bain Marie
Probe - Cuppone VIP265-A Pizza Oven
Probe - Cuppone Pizza Oven G933
Probe 3000mm - Cuppone G4 Pizza Oven
Temperature Probe - Delfield RS10550F Chiller
SUPERSEDED Temperature Probe Desmon GM7 Freezer
Temperature Probe (set of 2) - Dexion Dishwasher
Temperature Sensor - Dexion GL71DX dishwasher
Temperature Probe - Lamber Newscan L20 Dishwasher
Temperature Probe - Diamond ST70BE Dishwasher
Temperature Probe - DIHR Dishwasher
Probe Set - DIHR - Glasswasher - ELECTRON500
NTC Air Probe - Dixell XR60C XR02CX Controller
500mm Cavity Probe - Electrolux AOS101EBA1 Combi Oven
Level Probe Electrolux
AOSQ Single Point Core Probe - Electrolux Oven
Core Meat Probe - Electrolux Oven - EOS101GAG
Temperature Probe - Electrolux GN2/1 Steam Oven
Mechanical dial - Electrolux 240531 Oven
2000m Cell Probe - Electrolux RBC101 Chiller
Boiler Probe 800mm - Electrolux AOS101EBK2
Temperature Probe Kit - Zanussi COE061M FCS10
Probe - Electrolux
Probe - Electrolux - Oven - AO5061EB
Boiler Temp Probe - Zanussi FCV61E4 Steamer
Core / Meat Probe - Zanussi Combi Oven CS10 FCV/E6L4
Heat Using Probe - Electrolux AOSIOEA Steam
Boiler Tank Temp Probe Sensor with tails -
Combi Oven Probe - Electrolux Zanussi
Probe - Zanussi Ice Machine
Temperature Probe - Zanussi Ice Machine
S3 Condensor probe - Electrolux CO6RE1F
Core Probe - Zanussi/Electrolux BC28A BC10A Oven
Electrolux Temp CM15F Probe- Zanussi
Evaporator/Room Probe - Zanussi BC28A
Evaporator Probe - Electrolux Zanussi
Evaporator probe - Electrolux C05RD15 TRN132A
Ice Level Probe - Zanussi Ice Machine
Evaporator Probe - Zanussi Ice Machine
Boiler Tank Temp Probe Sensor - Electrolux
Probe - Zanussi Electrolux
Water Level Probe Zanussi FCVE101 Combi Oven
Water Level Probe - Electrolux FCV/E6L4
Evaporator probe - Electrolux RH14RE2F Fridge
S1 Room probe - Electrolux CO6RE1F RH06REIF
Probe - Electrolux
Core Probe 3 Point Electrolux AOFP201CRR
Evaporator Feeler Zanussi ASF110UK Fridge
Cabinet Feeler Zanussi ASF110UK Fridge
Level Probe - Electrolux
Evaporator Probe - Electrolux
Probe - Electrolux
Core Temp Probe - Electrolux - Oven - AOS061EA
Probe/Sensor - Electrolux Electric Range
Probe - Electrolux
Probe - Electrolux
Core Probe - Electrolux
Probe - Electrolux
Meat Probe - Zanussi FCV101G3 Oven
PT1000 Probe - Electrolux
NTC Probe - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
Temperature Probe - Electrolux
Probe - Electrolux
Condensor Probe Electrolux RCSN2M2T Fridge
Evaporator Probe Electrolux RCSN2M2T Fridge
Level Probe Assembly - Electrolux
Probe - Electrolux
NTC Probe/Temperature Probe - Electrolux NHT8WSG Dishwasher
Evaporator probe - Electrolux RH14RE2F Fridge
Probe (2meter) - Electrolux PS04F1FM
Probe - Electrolux
Thermostat Pocket - Elframo ET021 Dishwasher
Temperature Probe Elframo AX151 Dishwasher
Elframo GM20 Fryer Minisit Valve Probe
Thermometer Probe - Elframo AX51 LC80 LC81
Temperature Probe - Eliwell
Probe - Eliwell IC912 Controller
Probe - IC912 12V Eliwell Controller
10m NTC Probe for Eliwell controller IDPLUS961 12v
NTC Probe - Eliwell IWC720 Controller
Probe for LAE Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
Eliwell Humidity Probe EWHS 280
Temp Probe - Eloma - Oven
Meat Probe - Eloma B6-11 GGT1011 Oven
Core Temperature Probe - Eloma Genius Oven
SUPERSEDED Meat Probe 5 Wire - Eloma GET10-11 GGT1011 Oven
Condensor temperature probe - Eloma Oven
Probe to suit controller 2460B Moffat VGEN
Thermocouple Sensor - Moffat VGEN Oven
Chamber Temperture Probe - Fagor VPE202 Oven
Core Probe - Fagor VPE202 Oven
Boiler Temperture Probe - Fagor VPE202 Oven
Temperature Probe - Fagor MSN200 Fridge
Level Electrode - Fagor AG-201 Oven
Level Electrode - Fagor AG-201 Oven
Level Electrode - Fagor AG-201 Oven
Duct for Level Electrode - Fagor AG-201 Oven
Operational Thermostat Probe - Falcon G2845F Fryer
Water level Electrode (High) - Falcon Oven
Temperature Probe Falcon Infinity G2840 Oven
Spark Electrode - Falcon G350 Griddle
Electrode Low Level - Falcon E4063 Oven
Ignition probe - Falcon G9665 Fryer
Operating Thermostat Probe Assy - Falcon G3840 Fryer
Probe ""K"" 6x80 1.5ml - Falcon
Long Liquid Probe - Fetco - Coffee Machine - HWD-2105TOD
Short Liquid Probe - Fetco - Coffee Machine - HWD-2105TOD
Probe/2 Way Sensor - Fields and Pimblett
SUPERSEDED USE C01.005 Probe - Field and Pimblett FPP010G
Probe 2MT (TCK)-CBT/DBR - Firex Bratt Pan
Foinox LCM06EEP1 Oven Chamber Probe
Foinox FM10EDG Steam Oven Vaper Temperature P
Temparture Probe - Foinox LCM06EEP1 Oven
Boiler Probe - Foinox Combi Oven FM10EDG
Oven Chamber Probe - Foinox Combi Oven
Probes - Foinox Combi Oven FM10EDG
Set of Boiler probes - Foinox FM10EDG
Probe - Foinox - Freezer - BC504MMGB
Plug in Food Probe - Foster - Blast Chiller
T1 Air Probe 2.5m - Foster PROG1350H-A
Evaporator Probe - Foster EPREM1/3H01 EPREMG600LT Fridge/Freezer
Air Probe - Foster EPREM1/3H01 EPREMG600LT Fridge/Freezer
Air Probe - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
BC/FT Food Probe - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Evaporator Probe - Foster BC51 Blast Chiller
Food Probe 5m Cable - Foster BCF51 BC36 BC21 Blast Chiller
Air Temperature Probe - Foster CBC10 Blast Chiller
Controller Probe - Foster FMSLIM120H
Food Probe Holder - Foster BC36 Blast Chiller
Probe Evap 2.5m FSW-M0125WRKO - Foster
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Probe - Foster MCDU 11.1 fridge
T2 Evap Temperature Probe 1.5m
SUPERSEDED Probe Air 2.5M SN2K25P1 - Foster Fridge
P2 Probe - Foster FMMINI90/130HW Chiller
Food Probe - Foster - CBC10
T1 Air Probe - Fosters FSL800H Fridge
Defrost probe - Fosters PSGS1351LT
Probe black - Fosters
Evaporator Air Temperature Probe - Foster
SUPERSEDED Probe Evap 2.5M SN2K25P2 - Foster Fridge
T1 Air Probe 3.5mm - Foster HE3223 Freezer
SUPERSEDED Controller H/Temp BIT120B11E+Probe
T1 Air Temperature Probe 1.5m
Air Probe - Foster MCDU 11/1 fridge
Food Probe - Foster BC35 CT70 Blast Freezer
T2 Evaporator Probe 2.5m - Foster PROG600L-A
Condenser Coil Probe - Foster PREMG1350H
Evap Probe T2- Foster - Fridge
Probe Air T1 - Foster - Fridge
Air/Defrost Probe - Foster Walk In - SP3HC/RSS012
Air Probe - Foster - FMSLIM1200RF
Evap Probe - Foster - FMSLIM1200RF
T1 Air Probe - Foster - HR150-A
Temperature Probe Franke F3D3P Chip Dispenser
Food Probe - FRC PBF081AFABBBF081+ Blast Chiller
Temperature Probe - Rational/Frima VCC311 Bratt Pan
Red PTC Probe - Friulinox KB051FTAB Blast Chiller
Core Temperature Probe (PT1000) - Friulinox
Air Probe - Friulinox TR47 GOLD
Evaporator Probe - Red - Friulionox - AR14 - Fridge
Evaporator Probe - Black - Friulionox - AR14 - Fridge
NTC Probe - Friulinox - Fridge - AF6BTPLA
Core Probe- Friulinox PBF081AFB- Chiller
Probe - Fruilinox - Fridge - AR14
SUPERSEDED Food Probe - Fruilinox - Fridge - FR2ABB
NTC Probe - Fruilinox AR14
NTC Probe - Fruilinox TR37GOLD Fridge
Condensor Probe Fruilinox BF031 Fridge
Core Probe - Fruilinox BF031 Fridge
Evaporator Probe - Fruilinox BF031 TR37GOLD Fridge
Evaporator Probe - Fruilinox M-BT41/7 Fridge
Food Probe - Friulinox BCO51GNI
Temp Probe - Fruilinox AR70-8A/AF14 Freezer
Frymaster Temperature Probe
Temperature probe kit - Frymaster H17 H14 Fryer
Frymaster H14BLSC Fryer Temp Probe
Probe Kit - Frymaster
Hi-Limit Kit - Frymaster
Temperature Probe - Frymaster
Probe - Frymaster 18UE Fryer
Probe - Gamko - MF110RCS
Gamco MX20250 Temp Sensor Probe
Temperature Probe assembly -Frymaster Garland
Temperature Probe - Garland
360GM250 Probe / Anode - Garland
Service Plug - Garland BH/BA2500 Induction Hob
Pair of Controller Probes - Genfrost - GEN450L
Water Level Probe - Giorik Oven
Condenser Probe - Gram F4225NMLHHA Fridge
Temperature Probe - Gram K1407CSHA DL/DR
Air & Condenser Probe - Gram - Blast Chiller - IR51M (KPS20CH)
Evap Probe - Gram - Blast Chiller - IR51M (KPS20CH)
Air/Temperature Probe - Gram KG210RG3W K410RGC6N Fridge
Room Sensor- Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
Evaporator Sensor - Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
SUPERSEDED - Probe Sensor - Gram - Chiller - KPS20SH-OPE5
Evaporator/Defrost Probe - Gram + F1400 RSHC F660CXHC5S Freezer
Evaporator Probe - Gram - KB1807 SEA
Probe - Gram K400RUHC6N K200RUH3N Fridge
Condensor/Cabinet/Air Sensor - Gram Plus F600RSH K500 M500 F660CXHX5S
Condenser Probe - Gram KB1407ADV F500 K500
Ignition probe - Groen
Water Level Probe Groen HY-3E Steamer
Water Probe ( Groen HY12GF )
Grundy 91003 Hot Cupboard Probes
Probe Housing Halcyon D50 Dishwasher
Temperature Probe Set Halcyon D50 Dishwasher
Probe - Hatco - Water Heater - F/C-12
Low Water Probe - Hatco Water Heater C12
Probe - Hatco MFG toaster
SUPERSEDED Probe and Controller
Right Angled PT100 Food Probe S/S
Temp Sensor - Sadia - SUPREME165 - Water Boiler
Air Temperature Probe - Henny Penny HMR103 HMR107
Probe Kit - Hobart 150E Water Boiler
Insert Probe - Hobart CSD2012UC Oven
Temp Probe- Hobart CSMUC1012LAEKK Steamer
Temperature Probe - Hobart 104G 204G 304G 2227 205G 305G
Temperature Probe Hobart
Probe Hobart Oven
Probe Kit Hobart
Water Probe Kit - Hobart Dishwasher
Probe/Sensor - Hobart LX30 Dishwasher
Temperature Probe - Hobart 305G Steamer
Temperature Probe - Hobart
Temperature Probe - Hobart
Cavity temperature probe - Hobart CSD1012E Oven
Probe -Sump Level - Hobart Dishwasher Lxi Hot
Probe & Switch Assembly - Hobart AM14 AM15 Dishwasher
Temperature Probe - Hobart AMX16 AM900 Dishwasher
Rinse Probe Assembly - Hobart AM14 Dishwasher
Probe Shroud - Hobart
Meat Probe - Hobart CSD1013G Combi Oven
Tank Probe & Wire Assy
"Superceeded" Probe & float assy - Hobart dishwasher
Thermistor - Hoshizaki IM-240WNE IM130NE Ice Machine
Thermistor- Hoshizaki IM45NE - Ice Machine
Temperature Probe for Oven - Houno
Food probe - Houno KPE1.20 Steam Oven
Core Probe - Houno - Oven
Level Probe - Hyco Boiler - Microboil
Defrost Probe - IARP ABX500/400PV AB500PV
Temperature Probe - Iarp AB500/400PV AB600 AB500PV
Condensor Temperature Probe Icematic N201
SUPERSEDED Optical Sensor - Icematic F100 F80A Ice Machine
Condensor Probe - Icematic
Air/Coil Probe - Iglu AGR/20C Fridge
Core Probe- Iglu AGR/20- Chiller
Spike Probe - Ilsa 34813010FM5 Fridge
Silicone Probe Ntc 1500 mm - LF 20286 - Freezer
Temperature Probe - Ilsa VR420020
PTC 2 Wire Probe 1500mm
Food probe - Ilsa ABVVERT10TARIA Blast
Temperature Probe - IMC M90 V90 Bottle Cooler
Magnetic Sensor - Imesa T10IMB18SAXE Tumble Dryer
Probe Imesa RC18 Washing Machine
Temperature Probe - Imesa Tumble Dryer
Air Probe - Cornelius, Silverwing 203H Fridge
Meat Probe FWE LCH-6S Oven
Dixell Controller XW20L / XR10C - Probe
Temperature Probe - Inomak GE711 PT1
Instanta Boiler Triac c/w 3 Leads
Instanta Water boiler Water Probe
Brass Probe Holder c/w ""Overfill"" Level Sensor (Orange Wire) -
SUPERSEDED Sensor Probe Instanta Boiler 2000 CT300
Level Sensing Probe - Instanta WM7 2000 1500 Water
Thermistor -Instanta WB200 1500 Water Boiler
Bottom Probe - Instanta - Water Boiler - SV25
Top Probe - Instanta - Water Boiler - SV25
Water Level Probe Assembly - Instanta Water Boiler
Long Probe - Instanta Supreme 3 Boiler
Tiny Probe - Instanta Supreme 3 Boiler
Air Probe PT100 3300mm - Irinox HCM402-300 Fridge
Air Probe - Irinox IRI-MF25.1-PLUS Blast Chiller
Core Probe - Irinox IRI-MF25.1-PLUS Blast Chiller
Core Probe - Irinox HC201/90 Blast Chiller
Meat Probe - Irinox EF10.1 Blast Chiller
Air Probe PT1000- Irinox HC141/50 - Fridge
Core Probe- Irinox HC141/50 - Chiller
Core Probe Blue Cord - Irinox - Blast Chiller - HCR202-300
Core/Food Probe Irinox M.HCM51/20 Blast
Core Temperature Probe Irinox M.HC101/35
Core Probe Irinox MLC101/35 Blast
Core Temperature Food Probe - Irinox M.ASP14 Blast chiller
Chamber Probe - Ital Blast Chiller
Temperature Probe Ital Lampo Blast Chiller
Lower Sensor - Viscount Jackson JJ3 Boiler
Upper Sensor - Viscount Jackson JJ3 Boiler
Temp Probe - Jordao 105SK
Air Probe - Jordao Primus3Slim090
Evaporator Probe - Jordao Primus3Slim090
Evaporator Probe - Kastel KP50/26AEL Fridge
Temperature Sensor Probe - Kiour Controller -
Probe - Kiour Controller REF-FR-SM
Water Level Probe c/w gasket - Krefft
Temperature Probe 2 wires probe length 240 mm
Detecting Device - Kupperbusch CPE110
Meat Probe - Kupperbusch CPE110 CXE110
Probe - Labcold RLDF05.05 RLDG05.05 Medical Chiller
Air Probe for Controller - Labcold RDBB2640 Medical Chiller
NTC Probe - Labcold RLHD13043
Air Probe - Labcold - Fridge
Load Probe - Labcold - Fridge
LAE controller probe - Blue sensor
PTC Probe LAE 2 Wire, 1K Sensor, 5M Long, T1
PTC Probe 2000mm with connector
Probe /w plug connections - LAE CDC122TIR3B
LAE Probe - SN2B35P2
Probe for LAE Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
NTC Probe (2m) 2KOhm - LAE
SUPERSEDED Probe - LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A Controller
Probe for LAE controller - Bare Wire version
K-Type thermocouple - LAE LTW151K1RD
Probe - LAE controller SSD90B34E-A
LAE Controller Probe - AT1-5BS6E-AG
Core Temperature Probe - Lainox VG102D Oven
Temp Probe - Lainox Oven ME061D
Lainox Combi Oven Core Probe PT100
Core Temp Probe connector
Lainox DX106S Chiller Probe
Meat Probe - Lainox Combi Oven PT100
Encoder - Lainox CEV026S CEV026X CEV061S CEV061X
Water Level Probe - Lainox KME102S KMEG081S Oven
Temperature probe - Lainox KME081X
Meat Probe Lainox KME081X Combi Oven
K Type Probe (3m) - Lainox
Water Level Probe - Lainox ME061M ME061D
SUPERSEDED Water level probe - Lainox HME101P Oven
Probe - LEC CL157 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Probe - LEC PE102 Freezer
Probe - LEC CRS400W Fridge
Temperature Probe - LEC PGR273UK Fridge
Temp Probe - Leventi - Bakermat BGT
Internal Temperature Probe - Leventi Bakermat
Probe - Liebherr GKV5790 Fridge
Probe - Liebherr GKV6410 Fridge
Long Probe/Sensor - Lincat EB4 EB3 Water Boiler
Spark Electrode Probe (VA13) - Lincat Fryer
High Level Short Probe - Lincat Water Boiler
Food probe - Lincat
T2 Probe - LTH H01500
Probe - LTH HO1300DEM Fridge
Evaporator Probe - LTH H01500DEN Fridge
Thermostat (temp) Probe- LTH H01500DEN Fridge
Stat Probe - LTH - Freezer
Coil Probe - LTH - Freezer
Probe Set Maidaid MH720DDE Dishwasher
Level Sensor - Manitowoc QY284A Ice Machine
Ice Thickness Sensor - Manitowoc QY284A Ice
Ice Thickness Probe - Manitowoc QD0212A QY0214A Ice Machine
Ice Thickness Control Probe - Manitowoc
Water Probe - Manitowoc ID1002A-251 Ice Machine
Water Level Probe Manitowoc QY0424A Ice
Water Level Probe - Manitowoc SD0603W Ice Machine
Ice Thickness Probe - Manitowoc Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Ice Thickness Probe - Manitowoc Ice Machine
Water Level Probe - Marco Aquarius 15 Water
High Level Probe - Marco EZT105 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Water Level Probe - Marco EZT105 Aquarius15 Boil
Water Sensor / Probe - Marco Water Boiler
Water Level Probe 280mm - Marco Aquarius 15
Temperature Probe - Marco Aquarius 15 Water
Descale Probe - Marco Water Boiler EZT105
Probe Sonda NTC - Mareno Oven
Maytag ADC Dryer Flat Glow Bar
Mieko DV80.2 Dishwasher Tank Temp Probe
Tank & Boiler Sensor - Meiko ES545D-MFA Dishwasher
Temperature Cable With Probe - Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
Conductivity Probe - Meiko - Dishwasher
Temperature sensor - Menumaster UCA1400
NTC Probe - Mercatus L5-1320
Merrychef CTM Microwave Temp Sensor Probe
Cavity Temp Sensor - Merrychef - EIKONE3 - Pizza Oven
Culimix Temp Probe - Metos
Temperature sensor - Metos WD-6E dishwasher
Boiler probe - Metos MM5 Dishwasher
Controller Probe Metos Marine MMF500 Fridge
NTC Thermostat Probe - Metos
Temperature Sensor NTC Probe - Miele Washing Machine
Temperature Probe (Humidity) - MKN FKE201R-CL Oven
Temperature Probe (Chamber) - MKN FKE201R-CL Oven
Temperature Probe (Drain) - MKN FKE201R-CL Oven
4 Point Core Temperature Probe - MKN FKE201R-CL Oven
Core Temp. Control Probe/Meat Probe - Henny Penny / MKN Combi Oven
Meat Probe - MKN Bratt Pan
Core Temperature Control Probe - MKN
Temperature Probe (Drain Probe) - MKN
Core Temperature Probe - MKN
SUPERSEDED Temp Probe- Moffat E31D4 - Oven
Probe - Moffat BF210 Hot Trolley
Temperature Probe - Mondial Elite KICNX40
Evaporator Probe Mondial Elite 240V
Temperature Probe - Mono - Oven - FG150C-B62
Electrode - Montague Grizzly - Oven - GF162FT
Temperature Probe Frymaster MJ45, MJ47
High Limit Stat Probe Moorwood Vulcan Fryer
Ignition electrode - Moorwood Vulcan
Ignition/Sending Probe - Moorwood Vulcan MV1RC090 Oven
Spark Electrode- Moretti Forni G75G - Oven
SUPERSEDED Ice Full Sensor - Nice Ice - Ice Machine - N25P
Probe - Norpe H39300 Chiller
Probe (NTC/PTC) - Norpe
PTC Temp Probe - Nortech QCF110 Blast Chiller
Temperature Probe Nortech QCF112 Fridge
SUPERSEDED OEM Pizza Oven Flame Sensor
Temperature Probe - OEM Pizza Oven
Chamber Probe - Olis Convention Steam Oven
Digital Thermostat Probe - Olis Dishwasher
Core temperature sensor sensor type Pt100
Return Air Probe - Oscartielle BANCO DIONE XPGIL260
Controller Probe Parry GPU1500 Fridge
Electronic Temperature Probe - Parry TEC10MD
PT 100 Probe - Parry - TEC6MD
Upper Level Probe - Parry AWB3 Water Boiler
Probe Assembly - Pitco - Fryer - AG/MG14
Temperature Probe Kit - Pitco SG14R-JS Fryer
Pitco E14X E18B Standard Temp Probe
SUPERSEDED Water Temp Probe - Polar Ice machine ZB20
Ice fill sensor - Polar G620B Ice machine
NTC Probe - Polar G378 G597 CD084 Chiller
SUPERSEDED Ice level sensor - Polar T317
SUPERSEDED Water Temp. Sensor - Polar Ice Maker T317
Evaporator Probe - Polar CB922
Ice Level Sensor - Polar GD887 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Evap. PTC Probe - Polar G377 Fridge
Probe For Controller Polar DN493 Fridge
Sensor - Polar DN493 Fridge
Hall Device Supporter - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Non-Heated pin core probe - Polaris KBF201
Food Probe - Polaris PRC201DPC Blast Chiller
Meat Probe - Polaris - Blast Chiller - KBF201
Food Probe - Polaris KBF050 Fridge
Food Probe - Polaris PBC081AF Chiller
Cabinet Probe - Polaris Blast Chiller
Evaporator Probe - Polaris Blast Chiller
Probe 1500mm NTC - Polaris P140TNAR Fridge
SUPERSEDED Probe NTC - Polaris Fridge
Red Evaporator Probe - Polaris KRC202AV Chiller
Grey Air Probe - Polaris KRC202AV Chiller
LAE Probe/Sensor - Porkka MR400G
Probe - Porkka Cold-room
T3 Probe - Porkka Fridge
Air Probe 1.5M - Precision MPT601 Chiller
Air Probe 2m - Precision MPT601 Chiller
Temperature Probe - Precision HPT600 Fridge
Temperature Sensor - Primus F/FS22 Washing Machine
Evaporator probe - Prodis DB18 Ice machine
Filling Level Electrode - Rational CM101 Oven
Meat Probe 4K7 CM - Rational Oven CM61E Combi
Meat Probe Sensor - Rational Combi
Meat Probe - Rational CM61 CM101 CME61ME Oven
IQT Meat Probe - Rational CP61 10 Connections
Rational CD61 Level Sensor Oven
Steam Sensor Generator/Bypass PT100 -
Thermocouple - Rational CD61 CCM201 Oven
Rational Air Probe / Thermocouple long
2 Wire Core Temperature - Rational CP61 CPC201G
Meat Probe - Rational/Lincat CM61 SCC101G Oven
Filling Level Probe - Rational CM101G Oven
Oven Meat Probe - Rational SCC202 Oven
Meat Probe - Rational CMP101/01 Oven
SUPERSEDED Temp Probe - Rational - Oven - CMP101
Meat Probe Sensor - Rational
Temp Probe - Rieber - Hot Cupboard - THERMOPORT 3000
Probe - Rieber Mobile Hot Cupboard 2-TURIG 2x
Temperature Probe - Rosinox FR15EHPRCV Fryer
Temperature Probe - Rosinox FR30EHP Fryer
Temp Probe - Rosinox - Fryer - FR15EHPRC8
Temp Probe - Sadia - Fridge - SE0550ASRDHS
Grey Probe (evap) Temperature - Sadia 53560ALRP 560 Fridge
Air/Evap Probe 3000mm - Sadia RS20700 RS10350-R Freezer
Black probe - Sadia
Probe - Sagi HD70B-0P64 Freezer
Water Sensor - Sagi KS70230/50/1 Ice Machine
Temperature Probe - Sammic SL1100BP Dishwasher
Bin Level Sensor - Scotsman ACM126AS Ice Machine
Scotsman Ice Machine AMC55 Bin Temp Probe
Bin Sensor - Scotsman AC106 Ice Machine
Probe Bin/Ice Level Sensor - Scotsman CD40 Ice Machine
Temperature probe - Scotsman Ice machine
Condenser Probe - Scotsman - AF30AS - Ice
Sensor probe - Scotsman Ice machine ACM-125
Ice Level Sensor Probe - Scotsman ACM105AS-E MCS16SHORTAS
Condensor probe - Scotsman AF200 Ice machine
Condensor Probe - Scotsman LINE80AS-E AC175 Ice Machine
Probe - Haul Effect - Scotsman Ice Maker
Ambient Temperature Sensor - Scotsman
Water Level Probe - Scotsman AF80AS Ice Maker
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Probe - Scotsman AF200 MCM45AS-E Ice Machine
Condenser Temperature Sensor - Scotsman Automatik
Evaporator Temperature Sensor - Scotsman Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Sensor for evaporator temperature - Scotsman
Water Level Sensor - Scotsman MV300 SV215 MV4
Cable- Scotsman EC226 Easy Fit - Ice Machine
Temperature sensor/probe - Sharp 1900W
Silko Oven Electrode CCG7001
Evap Sensor - Simag SV135A Ice Machine
Infra Red Controller/Bin Level Probe - Simag
SUPERSEDED Water Level Sensor - Simag SV315A
Condensor Senor Probe - Simag SV315A Ice
SUPERSEDED- Ice Thickness Sensor - Simag SV1235A Ice
Water Level Sensor - Simag SPN255 Ice Machine
Core Probe - Sincold MX5 Blast Chiller
Minisit Sensing Element
Ignition Probe- Speed Queen- 30 XG- Tumble Dryer
Probe- Sterling Po SP2BC/BK/SL- Bottle Cooler
Food Probe - Studio 54 Alexander V Chiller
Probe - Studio 54 Alexander V Chiller
Thermistor Probe Kit - Taylor Ice Cream Machine
Thermistor/Resistor Probe - Taylor Ice Cream Machine
Room Probe - Technoblock - HBC210Q
Evaporator Probe - Technoblock - HBC210Q
Range Probe (Internal Sensor) - Tefcold BLC10 - Chiller
Probe for Controller Tefcold Fridge CK7210
Fridge Coil Probe - Tefcold CK7210
Food Probe - Tefcold BLC14 Chiller
Lower Compartment Probe Tefcold TFW375 Wine
Temp Probe - Tom Chandley - Oven - TC-10
Probe - Ubert DHT-51REL Oven
SUPERSEDED Probe - Ubert DHT-51 Hot Display Cabinet
1.5m NTC Probe 10KOhm - Suits Dixell XW20LS Controller
Probe - PT100 -50°C - 200°C
NTC Probe To Suit Dixell XW260L Controller -40 up to +110°C
Digital Control Probe
PTC Temperature Probe -50 up to + 150°C
Core Probe - Unox XVC304 Oven
Temp Probe - Unox - Oven - XF195
Chamber Probe - Unox XBC 804
Core Probe - Unox Oven
Temperature Probe - Unox Oven
Air Probe - Valera CF031AF Blast Chiller
Evaporator Probe - Valera CF031AF Blast Chiller
Food Temperature Probe - Valera CF031AF Blast Chiller
Evaporator Fan Motor - Caravel CP700 Chiller
2 Wire Food Probe Valera CF031AF Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Probe Valera BF122AF Fridge
SUPERSEDED Air Probe Valera BF122AF Fridge
Core Probe Valera BF122AF Fridge
Probe - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471
Probe - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471
NTC Probe 1500mm - Victor CARIB3 BM30MS Servery
Probe - Vulcan Hart
Probe for Thermistor- Vulcan Hart ERD50 Fryer
Probe - Vulcan Hart
Temperture Probe D-Model- Vulcan Hart VC4ED
Water Level Probe - Vulcan Electric Kettle
Temperature Probe - Wexiodisk WD151E Dishwasher
Air Probe Williams LS1 Fridge
Williams SN2K-20P1 Air Probe
Temperature Probe - Williams Blast Chiller
Air Temperature Probe - Williams HO3U OPAL200
Evaporator temperature probe - Williams HO3U
Evaporator Probe Williams J1BC Blast Chiller
Food Probe Plug Williams J1BC Blast Chiller
Food Probe Socket Williams J1BC Blast Chiller
Food Probe Williams J1BC Blast Chiller
Evaporator Temperature Probe (from controller) - Williams HGC3SA Chiller
Food Probe - Williams WBCF30 WBC30 Blast
Air Probe - (SN2B-15P1) - Williams LJ1SA Chiller
Evap Probe - (SN2B-15P2) - Williams LJ1SA Chiller
Air Probe - Winston HBB0D2
Water Probe - Winston HBB0D2
ROMATIK TDS PROBE Winterhalter Dishwasher
PROBE Winterhalter Dishwasher
PROBE BLANK Winterhalter Dishwasher
Bolier Tank Temp Probe - Winterhalter GS302
S2 Evaporator probe - Electrolux CO6RE1F
J Probe - Zanolli Pizza Oven
Temperature Probe - Zanolli SYNTHESIS 10/75V Pizza Oven
Temperature Probe Zanolli Sythesis1075V
Sensor - Zanotti - Condensing Unit - HCU2060S3700F
Sensor - Zanotti MDB123TO2F Coldroom
Air / Evap Probe - Zanotti MAZ32020G BGM22002 Coldroom