Push Buttons

Spares for commercial refrigeration units such as push buttons can sometimes be awkward to find as many look simular. A S Catering Supplies specialize in sourcing commercial catering spares such as push buttons.

Push Buttons Parts
Push Button Unit - Adler Dishwasher
Push Button - Angelo Po
Watertight Piezo Cap - Angelo Po GIFAGST 1G1FAGP Oven
Green Push Button - Angelo Po
On/Off Button - Archway Chargrill
Drain Switch Push-button- Aristarco AP50.32
Push Button- Aristarco AP1000 Dishwasher
Emergency Mushroom
Push Button- Aurea TV98 Vegetable Cutter
On/Off Push Button - Avery Berkel Slicer
On / Off Button - Bartisan 401 glasswasher
On/Off Button/Switch Holder -Bartisan 401 g/w
Anti-Vandal Button - Bertos Tilting Pan
Square yellow push button - Bio Steel 600-850
Square green push button - Bio-Steel 600-850
SUPERSEDED Blue Seal Oven Control Button E32 E9311
Roast & Hold Push Button- Blue Seal E32Max Oven
Black Button c/w Waterproof Rubber Surround -
Bipolar Push Button Orange - Brasilia BF15
Bipolar Push Button Without Li - Brasilia
Bipolar Push Button Square - Brasilia BF15
Rubber Keys - Bravilor B10HW Coffee Machine
Push Button Holder - Ceado ES700 Juice Extractor
Black Round Cap 0-1 - Ceado ES700 Juice Extractor
Start Button - Chefquip SP100-B Mixer
Stop Button - Chefquip SP100-B Mixer
Stop Button - Chefquip SP60HI Mixer
Green Start Button - Chefquip SP22HI Mixer
On/Off Push Button - Clenaware Emech 501
SUPERSEDED Push Button Assembly - Clenaware 401B-DP Glasswasher
Push Button - Clenaware - Emech 501
Black Push Button - Colged Beta270 Dishwasher
Push button - Colged Beta 50 Dishwasher
Drain Push Button - Colged Dishwasher
Button Comercia 300STD Slicer
Button Comercia 300STD Slicer
Stop Button Assembly - Comenda AC151 Dishwasher
On/Off Green Button - Comenda LC411RCD
Black push button - Comenda LC411RCD
On/Off/Start Push Button - Comenda LF324-BT Dishwasher
Button- Comenda LB215
Start Button - Comenda LB200 LBC210 LBC275
Cold Rinse Push Button - Comenda
Drain Switch Button - Comenda Dishwasher
Cycle Selection Push Button - Comenda AC100 LF324 LF324A
Retractable Hand Shower Button - Convotherm
Cold Button - Cosmetal 23H Water Dispenser
Room Temperature Button - Cosmetal 23H Water Dispenser
Push button - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Metal push-button bottle filler - Cosmetal
Operating Button - Cosmetal 50AF River Water Cooler
Button - Crypto/Dito Sama - TRK55
Start Button - Crypto Peerles TRS Start Button
Stop Button - Crypto Peerless EG30 / EF20
Stop Button/Switch Assembly - Crypto Peerless EB10 EC40 Mixer
Emergency Stop Button - Crypto Peerless
Button - Crypto Push Button
Push Button- Crypto Electrolux
Push start button - Crypto Peerless EL10
Start Button - Cuppone 30L Dough Mixer
Push Button - MBM FEP080 Oven - Dexion
On/Off Push Button - DIHR Tekno 600DDE
Push Button - DIHR TEKNO600DDE
Green Start Push Button - DIHR Derby CF Glasswasher
Push button programme - DIHR Gastro 500
Timer button - Diplomat ADP3300 Oven
Lock button - Dynamic SMX800 Blender
Safety button - Dynamic SMX800 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Control Button - Dynamic MD95 Blender
Safety Button - Dynamic MX91 Blender
SUPERSEDED Push Button Cover - Electrolux
Button - Electrolux
Push Button - Zanussi LS3345 Dishwasher
Button - Electrolux MB40 Mixer
Pulse / Start Push Button 10amp 400v - Electrolux MB40 Mixer
Push Button Switch - Electrolux T100 Drier
Push Button Cover - Electrolux G2D14
Emergency Stop Button - Electrolux Wascator
Push Button - Zanussi Push Button
Emergency Stop - Electrolux W3400H WM3240H Washing Machine
Start Push Button - Electrolux Peeler
Button Assembly - Electrolux TRS
Yellow Push Button - Zanussi LB2WSDP
Grey Push Button Zanussi LB2WSDP Glass Washer
Push Button - Electrolux Tumble Dryer
Emergency Stop - Electrolux T3035 Tumble Dryer
Push Button Kit - Electrolux
Push Button w/ Wiring Harness - Electrolux
Push Button Cover Kit - Electrolux
Push Button - Electrolux
Button Cladding - Electrolux
Push Button - Elettrobar
Black/Green Turntable - Clenaware EMECH401 Glasswasher
Switch Holder - Elettrobar
Excel Button Cover
Button - Excel Start Button & Contact
Green push button with membrane cover 3cm dia
Green Button - Fagor
Control Knob- Fagor VE-201 Combi Oven
M22-K10 Push Button Switch - Fimar Meat Mincer
Start Button - Fimar PLIP3023050M Mixer
Push Button - Fimar Potato Peeler
On/Off Button Fimar AFH27523050M Slicer
Start Push Button - Hallde
Push Button - Hallde
Agitator Button - Hamilton Beach
Emergency Push Button - Hobart Dishwasher
Push Button Assembly- Hobart UW100
Cap / push button - Hoshizaki DIM30AE Ice
Push to Start Switch - Huebsch Tumble Dryer
Button - Iberital L-ANNA Coffee Machine
Red Stop Button - IMC S52/010 Waste Disposal Unit
Red Push Button- IMC 04 series 35 / PC1 Chipper
SUPERSEDED On/ Off Button Housing - PC2 Chipper - IMC
Stop Button - IMC S52/010 Waste Disposal Push Button Stop
Green Push Button - IMC 1204 904X Waste Disposal
Remote Control Button Box - IMC 1204 Waste
Red Push Button - IMC 1204 904X Waste Disposal
Green Push Button - IMC PC1 Chipper
Emergency Push Button - Imesa Washing Machine
Emergency Stop Button Imesa RC18 Washing
Switch Button Assembly - Kenwood PM900 Mixer
Single Push Button - Kromo Dishwasher K50
Green Start Button - Kromo Dishwasher K50
Push Button Panel with Buttons - Krupps Koral 800DB Dishwasher
Door Handle Button Rod - Lainox MA110 Oven
Push Button - Lainox MA110 Oven
Green Push Button - Lamber DSP44 Dishwasher
Grey Push Button Switch (1 pole/Impulse) -
Button Blue - Lamber Newscan DSP20
Push Button - Lamber NSG405 glasswasher
Reset Button - Lincat Panini Grill
Start Button - Luxia POLY1000 Dishwasher
Long/Short Push Button - Mach MS9451 Dishwasher
On/Off Button - Maidaid D40 Glasswasher
Button Pusher - Maidaid Halcyon D40N
Push button Assembly - 101GS - Maidaid Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED On/Off Swith Push Button - Masterwash V25DP
Red Button - MBM Dishwasher MC50IS
Emergency Red Stop Button - Meiko
On / Off Button (White) - Miele G1040
On/Off Push Button - Miele B865 Rotary Iron
Push Button (Combipilot) - MKN
Stop Button - Moorwood Vulcan
3-Pin On/Off Switch - Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
6-pin on/off switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
Emergency Stop Button - Newscan/Quattro FM20 Mixer
Button Housing - Newscan DSP10 Dishwasher
Square Black Triple Support - Olis Dishwasher
Green Square Cover - Olis Dishwasher
Start Push Button - Olis Dishwasher
On/Off Push Button - Olis Dishwasher
Green Push Button - Olis Dishwasher
On/Off Push Button - Olis OLTH12 Dishwasher
Start Push Button - Olis OLTH12 Dishwasher
Black Push Button - Olis Dishwasher
On/Off Button Cover Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Wash Cycle Button Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Emergency Inner Release Button (for Std 80mm Door Thickness) - Porkka
Start Button - Project E80 Dishwasher
Drain Button - Project E80 Dishwasher
Emergency Stop Button Complete - Quattro FM20
Start Button Quattro FM20 Mixer
SUPERSEDED - Emergency stop button - Quattro FM20 Food
Safety Button - Robot Coupe R10E
Safety Button - Robot Coupe R10E
Stop Button - Robot Coupe R10E
Pulse Button - Robot Coupe R10E
Push Switch - Roller Grill HVC120GN Hot Cupboard
Main On/Off Switch - Rollergrill Panini DL Grill
Black Push Button - Rondo
Ignition Button Assembly - Rosinox GRREVISGRCM Grill
Start / Stop button Sammic PP6 Potato Peeler
Start Button - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Switch - Scotsman ACM176AS Ice Machine
Push button - Scotsman AC226 Ice machine
Push Button- Scotsman TC180 - Ice Machine
Green Start Button- AYR King BBS-EC Sifters- Bread Blender
Emergency stop button - Sirman PP4 INOX
Green push button c/w protective cover -
Red push button c/w protective cover - Sirman
Button Housing/Push Button Panel - Sirman PLD30OP Galileo350 Slicer
Stop Button - Sissons T08783H H61503H Waste Disposal Unit
Start Button - Sissons T08783H H61503H Waste Disposal Unit
Push Button for Timer - Smeg SUK91CMX5 Oven
Push Button - Smeg DWI710E1 Dishwasher
Drain Button (circular/orange) - Sowebo 824XCQ Dishwasher
Wash Cycle Button - Sowebo 631XCQ Dishwasher
Drain Button Sowebo R742XCQ Dishwasher
Drain Pump Button - Sowebo R742XCQ Dishwasher
Start Button - Spar SP-60HI Mixer
Emergency Stop Push Button - Speed Queen
Push Button Switch Assembly -
Push Button Switch Assembly -
Emergency Button Assembly Ital Stresa 300HD
Green Start Cycle Push Button - Teikos TS601 Dishwasher
Dummy Button - Teikos Dishwasher
Closing Domino Switch - Teikos TS601 Dishwasher
Green Cap - Universal Coldroom
Emergency Stop Button - Universal
Yellow Push Switch - Washmaster MB920E
Push Button - Whirlpool AGB655/WP
Push Button (Switch only) - Whirlpool AGB655/WP
Push Button - Whirlpool AGB02401 Ice Machine
Emergency Stop Button - Winterhalter Dishwasher
STOP BUTTON Winterhalter Dishwasher
PUSH BUTTON CONTACT Winterhalter Dishwasher
Program Cycle Push Button White Light
Button 37622 - Zanussi
Push Button - Zanussi 241100 Oven
Ignition Cover - Zanussi ZCG7610WN Oven
Push button - Zanolli 08/50V 51BM Pizza oven