Roof Liners / Deflectors etc.

Roof liners and deflectors for commercial catering microwaves can be difficult to find. A S Catering Supplies can find obsolete and difficult to find commercial catering parts.

Roof Liners / Deflectors etc. Parts
SUPERSEDED Ceiling Plate - Panasonic NE1330 Microwave
Stirrer Cover / Roof Liner - Maytag UHDC518
Cover - Sanyo Microwave Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover
Roof liner - Electrolux MW1800 microwave
Roof Lining - Sanyo EMC1900 EM1900 Microwave
Choke Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner Samsung CM1829
Roof Liner - Panasonic NE1330 NE167 Microwave
Roof Liner - Sanyo EM1800 EM1802 Microwave
Stirrer Fan Cover & Antenna - Merry Chef MC1
Roof Liner - Amana RFS Microwave
Roof liner - Merrychef HD1425 HD1725 HD1925
Roof Liner/Stirrer Cover - Menu Master 3100
Stirrer Covers- Crypto Peerless 1710 Microwave
Roof Liner - Samsung CM1929 CM1329 CM1300 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover - Sanyo EMC1800
Roof Liner / Stirrer Cover - Panasonic NE1446 NE1856 Microwave
Panasonic 1330 Microwave Roof Liner
Stirrer Cover - Sanyo Mircowave EMC1901
Ceiling Plate / Stirrer - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Roof Liner - Sanyo EMC1901 Microwave
Cavity Cover - Sanyo Microwave EMC1901
Partition Plate - Merrychef EC402S E3
SUPERSEDED Ceramic Roof Plate - Amana UCA2000NT2 Oven
Glass Dome Stirrer Cover - Maestrowave Microwave Combichef
Roller Blind - Precision SPPC307 saladette
Stirrer Kit - Merrychef - E4CSV305GCU1GMEU
Stirrer & Roof Assy - Merrychef MC1800 MD1800
Roof Liner - Amana RFS Microwave
SUPERSEDED Inner Roof Liner - Amana URFS518S Microwave
Roof Liner - Amana/Menumaster URFS518S Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Sharp R24AT R22AT Microwave
Door Choke - Sanyo EMC1900 Microwave
Stirrer Glass - Menumaster MOC5241 - Microwave
SUPERSEDED Stirrer Cover - Amana - Microwave - RFS511SW2
Roof Liner - Sanyo - Microwave - EM1802
Liner - Merrychef EIKON E2 Microwave
Roof Liner / Stirrer Assembly - Sanyo Microwave
Roller Cover - Primus 125
Stirrer Kit and Motor - Menumaster MOC5241 - Microwave
Cavity Liner - Sharp - Microwave - R2297
Cover Stirrer - Daewoo KOM9F50 Microwave