Safety Guards

Safety Guards Parts
Metal Safety Guard - Dita Sama XBE10
Blade Removal Tool - Fields & Pimblett F195
Blade Guard - Ital / Stresa 300S Slicer
Crypto GSE25CE Slicer - Blade Removal Tool
Perspex Guard GSE30CE- Crypto
Crypto Peerless EM20 Bowl Guard EM20
Safety Guard - F2F Chipper
Chefquip 22HI Mixer Safety Guard Spring Lock
Metal Guard - Stresa 300HD Slicer
SUPERSEDED Crypto Peerless EM20 Mixer - Safety Guard
Blade Support - Sammic GC250 Meat Slicer
Blade Guard - Sammic GC250 Meat Slicer
Parry 250SE PVC Hopper Guard
Perspex Upper Safety Guard - Hobart Meat Slicer
PVC Guard (hopper) - Ital Stresa Comercia
Crypto Peerless EC20 Mixer Guard
Transparent Safety Guard - Crypto Peerless
Fan Guard - Artica AF14-22/-1 Fridge
Blade Guard Assy - Ital 300S Slicer
Splash Guard - Bartlett D11G/601
Perspex guard - Buffalo P267 Meat Slicer
Safety Cover & Screws - Hobart GLE300 Slicer
Slicer Guard - Avery Berkel RFM251CE Slicer
Head Ring & Back Cover - Quattro FM12 Mixer
Splash Guard - Sissons SD75-3 LC50/16 Waste Disposal
Old Style Safety Guard - ChefQuip Mixer 800-A-B
Deflector - Garland
Finger Guard - Hobart GLE300 Slicer
Front Cover Quattro FM12 Mixer
Plastic Guard - Sammic GC300 Slicer
Metal Guard - Sammic GG275I Slicer
PVC Guard - Electrolux S300 Slicer
Perspex Guard - Ital Canova 2 Slicer 300HD
New Style Safety Guard - Chefquip 800AB Mixer
Retro Fit Guard Kit - Hobart - A200
Guard - Avery Berkel BSPGL Slicer
Blade Guard - Ital Canova Meat Slicer 300 HD
Guard - Ital Canova 300HD Slicer
Safety Collar - Ital Canova 300HD Slicer
Blade rim guard - Stressa 250 Standard Slicer
Bowl Guard Kit - Crypto Peerless EM20 EM30
Fan Guard (330mm) - Foster BC36SL Fridge
Chefquip CQS300 Slicer PVC Guard
Perspex Guard - Omega AM250 AM300 Slicer
Thermostat Guard - Falcon Dominator Oven
Metcalfe XS220 Meat Slicer PVC Guard
Rear Plastic Guard - Quattro FM07 Mixer
Plastic Safety Guard Fields and Pimblett 250
Nut Spinner, Blade Removal Spanner - Avery
Guard for Meat Plate - Hobart GL300 Slicer
Perspex Safety Guard - Avery Berkel RFM301CE RF-M301CE Slicer
SUPERSEDED Limit Switch Of Guard Quattro FM07 Mixer
Front Cover - Quattro FM07 Mixer
Perspex Sneeze Screen Moffat Versicarte Hot
Perspex Finger Guard - Sammic Meat Slicer
Blade Guard - Stressa 250 STD - Meat Slicer
Bowl Guard - Zanussi 20LM Mixer
Safety Guard Berkel 800UKSLC Slicer
Perspex Safety Guard Assy - Electrolux FPM20EASG FPM30MASG Mixer
Perspex Guard - Ital Gallileo 350HD Slicer
SUPERSEDED Old-Style Safety Guard- Chefquip 800A-C Mix
Bowl Guard - Chefquip SP500A Mixer
Protection/Splash Guard - Electrolux
Drip Guard - Electrolux
Perspex Guard Omega SF300 Slicer
T Piece Safety Catch for Bowl Guard -Pantheon
Crypto Peerless GSE25 PVC Slicer Guard
Guard - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Safety Net (Back Cover) - Buffalo J602 Mixer
Splash Guard - Electrolux PGGV350 Gas Grill
Curved PVC Guard - Hobart Slicer - SL350-10
New Style Guard - Chefquip SP800 Mixer
Safety Guard - ChefQuip Mixer 800-A-B
Deflector - Omega AM300 Slicer
Splash Guard Franke SD280 Waste Disposal Unit
Mixer PVC Safety Guard - Dito Sama XBE10
Finger guard - Buffalo AE918 Slicer
Lower Perspex Guard - Moretti Flatty40 Dough Roller
Evap Fan Guard - Fagor Series MFP-180-GN
Splash Guard - Kenwood Mixer KM & MIX900
Mesh - Moffatt Hot Trolley
Splashguard - Wastematic SM50 SM75
Rear Blade Guard Cover - Avery Berkel RF-M301CE Slicer
Complete Blade Guard - Sammic GCP-300 Slicer
Metal Sharpener Cover - Avery Berkel - 800S
Safety Guard Mainca UM300 Slicer
**OBSOLETE**Retro-Fit Safety Guard - Hobart 1PH - A120
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe 800-AB SP80/946/IE Mixer
Safety Guard - Mainca - UM300 Slicer
Lower Hand Protection - MBM P30A Dough Roller
Upper Hand Protection - MBM P30A Dough Roller
Protection Guard - Fimar Slicer - HBS300235M
PVC Guard- Comercia- CEX 250std- Slicer
Deflector Guard - Avery Berkel - Slicer - BSPGL04011A0F
Fan guard for Motor – Searle TG7-7
Protection Screen for Fan - Electrolux
Finger Guard - Miele B990
Safety Guard- Buffalo GJ464- Mixer
Deflector - Ital - 300S