Sink Accessories & Pre-Rinse Units

Sink accessories such as sink upstands, pre rinse units, sink filters and sink wastes can be purchased through A S Catering Supplies. We can often supply sink attachments and their fittings from stock.

Sink Accessories & Pre-Rinse Units Parts
Handle & Washer - Aqua Jet Spray Gun Hose 1/2
Water Mixer Block - Electrolux LM55 sink
Sink Plug - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Sink Bush - Wastematic SM75 Single Phase
Spray Gun Assembly - Aquajet Spray Gun Assy - Rose Head
SUPERSEDED Encore 3/4" Pre-Rinse Spray Head
Spray Gun - Aquajet Spray Gun Assy - Rose Head
Shower head - Universal Pre-rinse unit
Twin Pedestall Pre-Rinse Aqua Jet Unit with Levers
Mechline 12'' Bowl Filler
Spray Head Repair Kit - Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Bowl Fill;er c/w 12"" Spout and Lever Aquajet
Bowl Filler Body Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Spray Body Deck Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Valve Body (fits cold for lever) - Aquajet
SUPERSEDED Aquajet 30 Twin Pedasatll, Twin Feed Pre
6" Spout Aquajet Pre Rinse Unit
Pre Rinse Unit with wall mounted water tap -
Blue Spray Gun T&S Brass
Pre Rinse Hose T&S Brass 44" Long
Goose Neck Perlick
Sink Mounting Assembly - Sissons SD75-3 Waste Disposal
Pre Rinse Assy - Hoonved C46E
Spray Valve Repair Kit - Encore Pre Rinse Unit
Sink Mounting Assembly - In-Sink-Erator -
Pre Rinse & Mixer Set - Hobart HPR100
Rinser Hook for Gun Head Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Pre-Rinse Unit 1 Pedestal 1 Feed
Hand Shower 1/2'M - Electrolux Pre-Rinse
Pre-Rinse Unit c/w 6" Bowl Fill Tap - Aquajet 20
Single Feed Pre-Rinse Unit - Aquajet
Adjustable Inlet & Washer Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Hose Adapter Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Pre Rinse Twin Deck Low Flow & Faucet - T & S Brass
Pre Rinse Unit (12" faucet) - Aqua Jet
1.5" Waste Outlet Complete - Sissons - Waste Disposal Unit - SD75-3
Cold Ceramic Cartridge Assembly - T&S Brass
Spray Gun- Aqua Jet Eco Spray Gun
Spring Retainer Pre-Rinse Aquajet 30
Sink Mounting Assembly - Sissons - Waste Disposal Unit - SD75-3
Universal Pre Rinse Spray Gun - Pre Rinse Unit