Slicer Guards & Removal Tools

Accessories for your slicer such as slicer removal tools, slicer guards and safety blade removal tools can be difficult to find. A S Catering Supplies hold slicer guards and removal tools in stock and can dispatch quickly and efficiently. If a slicer guard is missing, it needs to be replaced by law. Slicer guards are also known as carriage guards, finger guards and are normally made of clear pvc or perspex. Some machines also have a food scraper guard located at the back of the machine which A S Catering Supplies can also source.

Slicer Guards & Removal Tools Parts
Guard - Angelo FCV4E Steam Oven
Fan Guard - Artica AF14-22/-1 Fridge
Blade covering for knife 250mm
Slicer Guard - Avery Berkel 300G Slicer
Perspex Safety Guard Avery BSPGL04011300
Deflector Guard - Avery Berkel - Slicer - BSPGL04011A0F
Rear Blade Guard Cover - Avery Berkel RF-M301CE Slicer
Finger Guard (blade ring) - Avery Berkel - Slicer - 800S
Centre Plate Avery Berkel RM-M251ACE Slicer
Metal Sharpener Cover - Avery Berkel - 800S
Plastic Guard - Avery Berkel BSFGM04011300 Slicer
Metal Blade Guard - Avery Berkel RMM354CE Slicer
Slicer Guard Berkel GF40 Food Slicer
PVC Slicer Guard Berkel GF40 OBSOLETE
Slicer Guard - Avery Berkel RFM251CE Slicer
Blade Removal Tool -Avery Berkel 300G
Knife Bearing Tool - Avery Berkel
Blade Remover Assembly - Berkel RP-M351CE Slicer
Blade Removal Tool -RM-M251 CE Type 03-1914
Blade Removal Tool (Type JG07214) - Avery Berkel 800S Slicer
800S Blade Guard PVC Safety
Slicer-Berkel Type 800 Slicer Blade
Blade Guard Spindle & Knob - Berkel Slicer
Safety Guard - Berkel RMM301CE 300G
Slicer RF-M251CE Perspex Finger Guard
PVC/Perspex Safety Guard - Avery Berkel
Spanner Knife Removal BERKEL Slicer GF40
Blade Guard - Berkel Slicer 350NG48
Blade- Berkell Slicer 800 S Blade
Safety Guard - Berkel 834S Slicer
Slicer Guard - Berkel 300G (Pre 1995 CE)
Slicer Guard - Avery Berkel
Perspex Guard - Avery Berkel Slicer RF-M251CE
Blade removal tool - Avery Berkel VA300
Safety Guard- Avery Berkel BSPG:280M Perspex
Guard - Avery Berkel BSPGL Slicer
Nut Spinner, Blade Removal Spanner - Avery
Perspex Safety Guard - Avery Berkel RFM301CE RF-M301CE Slicer
Safety Guard Berkel 800UKSLC Slicer
Splash Guard - Bartlett D11G/601
Blade Removal Tool - Berkel 300G Slicer
Meat Table Guard Berkel 829 Slicer
Meat Table Guard Berkel 829 Slicer
Meat Table Guard Berkel 829 Slicer
Remnant Holder Complete- Bizerba SE12D Slicer
Remnant Holder- Bizerba SED12 - Slicer
Blade Guard (old style) - Buffalo - CD278
Safety Guard- Buffalo GJ464- Mixer
Blade Protection Plate With Round Bolt
Finger guard - Buffalo AE918 Slicer
Safety Net (Back Cover) - Buffalo J602 Mixer
Plastic Hand Guard - Buffalo U626 Meat Slicer
Blade Guard - Buffalo CD278 Slicer
Plastic Hand Guard - Buffalo CD278 Slicer
Perspex guard - Buffalo P267 Meat Slicer
Perspex Hand Guard - Buffalo U627 Meat Slicer
Safety Guard Spring Lock - Chefquip 22HI Mixer
New Style Safety Guard - Chefquip 800AB Mixer
Guard - Chefquip CQS300 Slicer PVC Guard
Old Style Safety Guard - ChefQuip Mixer 800-A-B
SUPERSEDED Old-Style Safety Guard- Chefquip 800A-C Mix
Bowl Guard - Chefquip SP500A Mixer
Blade Extractor Assembly - Chefquip - Slicer - CQS300
Blade Extractor Assy - Chefquip - Slicer
SUPERSEDED Safety Guard - ChefQuip Mixer 800-A-B
New Style Guard - Chefquip SP800 Mixer
PVC Guard- Comercia- CEX 250std- Slicer
Carriage Plastic Guard - Comercia CE250HD Slicer
Circular Blade Guard - Comercia/Stresa 250STD CEX250STD
Slicer Guard - Crypto Peerless S250 Slicer
Slicer Guard PVC- Crypto Peerless GSE25
Bowl Guard Kit - Crypto Peerless EM20 EM30
Blade Removal Tool - Crypto GSE25CE Slicer
Perspex Guard GSE30CE- Crypto
Blade Removal Tool - Crypto Peerless 250STD
PVC Guard - Crypto S250
Bowl Guard- Crypto Peerless EM20
Safety Guard - F2F Chipper
PVC Guard - Crypto Peerless Meat Slicer 230/2
SUPERSEDED Crypto Peerless EM20 Mixer - Safety Guard
Slicer Disc - Crypto Peerless Mixer EF20 Attachment VSA1
Blade Removal Tool - Crypto Peerless
Crypto Peerless EC20 Mixer Guard
90 Deg Wedge PVC Guard - Crypto Peerless S300 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Crypto Peerless
Transparent Safety Guard - Crypto Peerless
PVC Guard (no wedge) - Crypto Peerless S300 Slicer
300mm Dia Blade Removal Tool - Crypto - Slicer - S300
Blade Guard - Derick Wright Slicer 300AM
Metal Safety Guard - Dita Sama XBE10
Mixer PVC Safety Guard - Dito Sama XBE10
Guard Electrolux S250 Slicer
Clear PVC Bowl Guard Screen - Electrolux BE5A Mixer
Finger Protection - Electrolux T3035 Tumble Dryer
Perspex Guard Electrolux Slicer
PVC Guard - Electrolux S300 Slicer
Protection Screen for Fan - Electrolux
Electrolux S300 Plastic Guard
PVC Guard - Electrolux S300 Slicer
Splash Guard - Electrolux PGGV350 Gas Grill
Bowl Guard - Zanussi 20LM Mixer
Protection/Splash Guard - Electrolux
Drip Guard - Electrolux
Perspex Safety Guard Assy - Electrolux FPM20EASG FPM30MASG Mixer
Blade Removal Tool - FAC - Boston Excel Meat
10" Blade - Boston Excel Meat Slicer
Excel Blade Guard ( 8 1/2" )
Excell Meat Slicer Guard - 300 Std
PVC Guard Excel 300 Std - OBSOLETE
Carriage Protection (Polycarbonate) - FAC F300E Slicer
Evap Fan Guard - Fagor Series MFP-180-GN
Thermostat Guard - Falcon Dominator Oven
SUPERSEDED PVC Guard - Stresa 300 - Slicer
Plastic Safety Guard Fields and Pimblett 250
Blade Guard - Fields & Pimblett Monarch
Blade Removal Tool - Fields & Pimblett F195
Guard / Protection 240mm x 160mm - Fimar AFH300 Slicer
Perspex Guard - Fimar
Retaining Screw - Fimar
Blade Removal Tool - Fimar ELAFHBS300235M Slicer
Guard - Fimar Slicer
Protection Guard - Fimar Slicer - HBS300235M
Fan Guard (330mm) - Foster BC36SL Fridge
Splash Guard Franke SD280 Waste Disposal Unit
Deflector - Garland
Trafo For Fan - Gram IIRR 210 Fridge
Blade Removal Tool - Hobart - Slicer -
Blade removal tool - Hobart - Slicer -
Wire Guard Assemby - Hobart NCM20 Slicer
Blade Guard - Hobart SL300-10 Slicer
Retro-Fit Safety Guard - Hobart 1PH - A120
Safety Guard - Hobart SL250/10 Slicer
Guard - Retrofit Kit - Hobart H600 Mixer
Finger Guard - Hobart GLE300 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Hobart GL300 GLE300
Retro Fit Guard Kit - Hobart - A200
Guard for Meat Plate - Hobart GL300 Slicer
Curved PVC Guard - Hobart Slicer - SL350-10
Perspex Upper Safety Guard - Hobart Meat Slicer
Safety Cover & Screws - Hobart GLE300 Slicer
Lower Guard - IGF 2300/B30 Dough Roller
Upper Guard - IGF 2300/B30 Dough Roller
Blade Cover - Ital Galileo 350HD Slicer
Rim Guard/Blade Protection Ring - Ital Canova 300HD Slicer
Blade Guard - Ital Canova 300HD Slicer
Deflector - Ital - 300S
Wiper - Ital Canova 300 AF - Slicer
Slide Deflector - Ital Stressa 300- Slicer
Carriage Perspex Guard - Ital Gallileo 350HD Slicer
PVC Blade Guard - ITAL Stresa Slicer 250std
Blade Guard Assy - Ital 300S Slicer
Blade Guard - Ital / Stresa 300S Slicer
Carriage Perspex Guard 330mm x 150mm - Sirman / Ital Gallileo 350HD Slicer
93mm Hole Centre - Perspex Guard - Ital Canova 2 Slicer 300HD
Blade Guard - Ital Canova Meat Slicer 300 HD
Guard - Ital Canova 300HD Slicer
Safety Collar - Ital Canova 300HD Slicer
Splash Guard - Kenwood Mixer KM & MIX900
Safety Guard - Mainca - UM300 Slicer
Protecting Cover - Mainca Slicer
Knife Cover - Mainca Slicer
Safety Guard Mainca UM300 Slicer
Lower Hand Protection - MBM P30A Dough Roller
Upper Hand Protection - MBM P30A Dough Roller
Cutting Disk - MBM CHEF200
Blade Guard Metal Norde M250 S/N 29100
Guard- Metcalfe XS220 Meat Slicer PVC Guard
Blade removal tool - Metcalfe MAX300 Slicer
Safety Guard Ball Catch - Metcalf - Mixer
Knife Removing Tool - Metcalfe GL250 Slicer
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe GL250 Slicer
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe NS350HD Slicer
Knife Removal Tool - Metcalfe NS220 Slicer
Blade Guard - Metcalfe NS300 - Slicer
Centre Plate - Metcalfe Slicer - XS220
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe EUROPA 250 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Metcalfe - Slicer
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe 800-AB SP80/946/IE Mixer
Perspex Safety Guard - Metcalfe GLOBUS220 NS250 Slicer
Perspex Safety Guard - NS250 Slicer
Guard - Metcalfe - Slicer - LUX300
Perspex Slicer Guard - Metcalfe F1OR/4296/67
Plastic Guard - Metcalfe EUR300N Slicer
Plexiglass Guard - Metos
Plastic Motor Fan Finger Guard - Middleby Marshall PS200
Finger Guard - Miele B990
SUPERSEDED Carriage PVC Guard - Mirra 250C Meat Slicer
Guard Ring - Mirra Comercia - Slicer - CEX250STD
120mm Mesh Guard - Moffatt Hot Trolley
Perspex Sneeze Screen Moffat Versicarte Hot
Lower Perspex Guard - Moretti Flatty40 Dough Roller
SUPERSEDED Hand Guard - Newscan FS300 Slicer
Guard for Blade - Omas C35E Slicer
Perspex Guard - Omega AM250 AM300 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Omega BF300 Slicer
Blade Guard Omega BF300 Slicer
Perspex Guard Omega BF300 Slicer (New Style) *1 at this price*
Rear Blade Guard Omega BF300 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Omega AM250C Slicer
Blade Guard Omega AM250 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Omega SF300 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Omega MAT2680
Tie Rod for Blade Guard - Derek Wright Slicer
Bush for Blade Guard - Omega
Alternative 300 Removal Tool - Omega - Slicer - AM300
Tie Rod for Blade Guard - 300AM Omega Slicer
Stainless Steel Safety Perspex Guard- OMega 35061 - Slicer
Guard - Pantheon - Slicer - MS300
Plastic Guard - Pantheon - Slicer - MS250
T Piece Safety Catch for Bowl Guard -Pantheon
Blade Removal Tool - Parry 300SL Slicer
Parry 250SE PVC Hopper Guard
1868 Element Guard/Support - Parry 1868 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Back Cover with Head Ring
Head Ring & Back Cover - Quattro FM12 Mixer
Front Cover Quattro FM12 Mixer
Rear Plastic Guard - Quattro FM07 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Limit Switch Of Guard Quattro FM07 Mixer
Front Cover - Quattro FM07 Mixer
Guard - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Tool Assembly Robot Coupe MP550 Blender
Blade Dismantling Tool - Robot Coupe
Blade Guard - SAM F300E Slicer
Blade Support - Sammic GC250 Meat Slicer
Blade Guard - Sammic GC250 Meat Slicer
Plastic Guard - Sammic GC300 Slicer
Metal Guard - Sammic GG275I Slicer
195mm x x225mm Perspex Finger Guard - Sammic Meat Slicer
Complete Blade Guard - Sammic GCP-300 Slicer
Fan guard for Motor – Searle TG7-7
Meat Press- Sirman GLL TOP 350 - Slicer
Black Blade Remover - Sirman 350 Galileo Hd - Slicer
Blade Cover/ Guard - Sirman Canova 300HD MIRRA300 Slicer
Blade Cover - Sirman PLD300OP Slicer
Perspex Blade Guard 87mm Hole Centre - Meat Slicer CEX250 H/D
Perspex Guard - Sirman / Stresa 300HD Meat Slicer
Splash Guard - Sissons SD75-3 LC50/16 Waste Disposal
SUPERSEDED Perspex Guard - Stresa 300HD slicer
Plastic Guard - Stresa Slicer 300HD
PVC Guard (hopper) - Sirman / Ital Stresa Comercia
PVC Guard (hopper) - Ital Stresa Comercia
Slicer Blade Guard Nut - Stresa 250 Standard
SUPERSEDED PVC Guard - Stresa 250HD 300 Slicer
Metal Scraper - Stresa 300HD Slicer
300mm Dia Blade Removal Tool - Stresa 300 Meat Slicer
Metal Guard - Stresa 300HD Slicer
SUPERSEDED PVC Safety Guard - Stresa 250 Slicer
SUPERSEDED Blade Removal Tool - Stresa 250 Standard
PVC Guard - Stresa 250/220 Standard Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Stressa - Slicer - 220S
Blade rim guard - Stressa 250 Standard Slicer
Blade Guard - Stressa 250 STD - Meat Slicer
PVC Guard - Stresa 300HD Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Stresa 250STD CEX250STD MIRRA Slicer
Slicer Guard - Stresa 300 Standard Slicer
Blade Guard - Stressa 250S Slicer
Blade Guard - Stressa - 220S
Knife Set 4.5mm Disc - Varimixer Bear Mincer
70/6mm Disc - Varimixer Bear Meat Mincer 70mm
Blade Removal Spanner Vitamix Blander
Splashguard - Wastematic SM50 SM75