Spray Gun

We can often source spray guns and wash guns from stock. Call AS Catering Supplies on 01425 632800 if you need help sourcing spares and parts including spay guns.

Spray Gun Parts
Spray Gun Assembly Angelo Po Combi Oven
White Shower Head - Angelo Po - Pre Rinse Unit - 3359605
Spray Head - Animo TVA100 Coffee Machine
Spray Gun Trigger and Screw - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Unit
Spray Gun Valve Repair Kit - Aquajet
Wash Gun - Aquajet pre-rinse unit
SUPERSEDED 1/2" BSP Pre-Rinse Spray Head
Complete pre-rinse spray gun assy standard
Spray Gun - Aqua Jet Spray Gun 1/2" Complete
Pre Rinse Spray Head - Aqua Jet - Pre Rinse Unit
Pre Rinse Spray Arm with 16inch Faucet - Aquajet
Pre-Rinse Hose Gun ( B2285-B)
Spray Gun Repair Kit
Spray Gun
Complete Spray Gun Assembly Blue Seal S
Shower Head - Classic Gastrotop PreRinse Unit
Shower Hose - Convotherm OSP10.10 Convection
Hand Shower 1/2" outside thread - Convotherm
Shower Hose Gun - Convotherm OES10.10
Wall Holder for hand shower - Convotherm OES610
Spray Hose and Gun- Convotherm 10-10
Spray Gun Hose - Convotherm OES6.10 Oven
Shower Hose - Convotherm OSG Oven
Retractable Handshower - Convotherm Oven
Sprinkler Head - Convotherm Oven
Hand Shower Set - Convotherm OSG10.10 Oven
Black Shower Gun - Convotherm OES10.10 Oven
42G Spray Bar - Zanussi 730558 Ice Machine
Combi Oven Shower Unit - Electrolux / Zanussi
Shower Unit - Electrolux AOS101EAK1 Oven
Spray Gun - Zanussi FCV/E102/1 Oven
Pre-wash spray unit - Electrolux Dishwasher
Shower Assembly - Elframo 477 Oven
Tube Roller c/w Wash Gun Eloma Multimax B Oven
Spray Gun Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Spray Gun Ecnore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
3/4" Spray Gun - Encore Pre-Rinse Unit
Tube Roller Head Sprayer Falcon / Eloma
Spray Gun - Falcon E4063TC Combination Oven
Shower Handle - Lainox - ME101P - Oven
Flexi Shower Pipe - Falcon Oven
Water Spray c/w Adapter - Instanta WB2-6 Water Boiler
Spray Gun - Lainox - HME201S
Spray Gun Lainox Oven
Spray gun - Lainox ME101T Oven
Spray bar Assembly complete - Manitowoc
Spray Gun - Mechline - Pre Rinse Unit - AJPR50
Hand Shower (without Hose) - MKN FKE201R-CL Oven
Power Supply for Motor - MKN FKE201R-CL Oven
Compression Spring - Primus
Hand Shower Roll Guide - Rational CM201G
Hand Pressure Spray Gun - Rational CM101E Oven
Hand Shower Kit - Rational SCC201 Oven
Wash Gun/ Spray Head - Rational CPC61 CPC101 Oven
SUPERSEDED Hand Shower - Rational Climaplus Combi
Spray Gun - Retigo - Oven - BC2DA110
Spray System Asssy - Scotsman AC45 - Ice machine
Spray Gun - T & S Brass - Dishwasher - B0100-60H
Pre-rinse hose - T & S Brass and Bronze
Repair Kit - Spray Tap Head
Standard spray gun - T & S Brass and Bronze
Standard spray gun - T&S Brass
Low flow spray valve for pre-rinse unit - T & S Brass
Spray Gun Kit - Unox XC405 Combi Oven
Spray Gun - Vogue CE984 Pre Rinse Unit
Spray Gun Head - Zanussi FCF101G4