Switches & Microswitches

There are so many switches available for commercial kitchen catering machines that it can be confusing trying to find the right switch for your machine. The experts at A S Catering Supplies will hep you find the correct switch for your needs.

Switches & Microswitches Parts
Door Microwitch 16A 250v - Panasonic Microwave
Pressure Switch - Meat Slicer
Drawer Switch - Adande VCS Varicool 100700 Fridge
Drawer Switch - Adande ADE5105 Fridge
Drain switch housing - Adler Dishwasher
Drain switch - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Drain switch - Adler Dishwasher CF50DP
Pressure Switch - Adler 1000 Dishwasher
On / Off Switch - Adler CF40 Dishwasher
Green On/Off Rocker Switch - Adler CF235 Dishwasher
Triple Switch Block
Hood M/Switch- ADLER CF50DP CF1000Glass/Dishw
Round Green On/Off Switch - Adler CF40/1
Bipolar Switch- Adler CF35- Glass Washer
On/Off Cap- Adler CF35- Dishwasher
Microswitch - Adler - Dishwasher - CF40
Water Level Switch - Alliance Laundry Systems IHU100XNLCU1E Washing
High Limit Thermostat Switch - Alliance Huebsch Dryer
Out of Balance Switch Assembly - Alliance Laundry
Fabric Selector Switch Alliance Laundry
Push Button Switch - Alliance Laundry
Cycle Switch Alliance Laundry
Door Switch Alliance Laundry System
Momentary Switch Alliance Laundry System
Pressure Switch Alliance Laundry System
Door Switch - Alliance Laundry Systems
Door Switch - Alliance Laundry Systems
Temperature Switch - Alliance Laundry
Switch - Alliance Laundry Systems Tumbledryer
Reed Switch - Alliance Laundry Systems Tumble Dryer
Air Flow Switch Kit - Alliance
Rocker Switch Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Rocker Switch - Altoshaam 1200-UP/SR
Control Switch Thermostat - Alto Sham
Reed Switch - Alto-Shaam
On/Off Rocker Switch - Alto-Shaam
Selector Switch Aluminox K14M Oven
Switch - Aluminox
Switch - Aluminox - Oven - K36M
SUPERSEDED Switch - Aluminox
Switch For Aluminox K14-M Oven
Switch - Aluminox BH-135 Boiling Pan
On/Off Switch - Aluminox MX30 Mixer
Microswitch - Aluminox
Limit Microswitch - Alumnox Mixer
On/Off Double Switch - Aluminox Mixer
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Aluminox Mixer
Door Switch Assembly - Amana - Microwave - UCA1400
Door Interlock Switch - Amana UCA2000 Microwave
Switch Interlock - Amana RS591SS Microwave
Interlock Switch Assembly for Door- Amana URFS518S- Microwave
7 Step Switch - Ambach Kreuzweg Oven
SUPERSEDED Switch - Ambach CH90 Electric Range
Step Switch - Ambach Oven
Step Switch - Ambach EF2/45 Fryer
Micro switch with handle & switch
Ego 43.24432.000 32amp 250v Switch - Ambach EP/90 Electric Range
Selector Switch - Ambach
Microswitch - Ambach Fryer - EF2-45
Red Reset Switch - Ambach GF1/45 Fryer
Rosette Reset Black Amback GF1/45 Fryer
Lint Draw Switch - ADC Dryer
Door Switch Assembly - ADC Dryer
Switch - Anets - Fryer - SLE40
Microswitch - Angelo Po 65NB
Switch Button Protection - Angelo Po BP83A-OPRO Fridge
Operation Switch - Angelo Po
Selector Switch - Angelo Po
Speed Control Switch - Angelo Po - C2075
Pressure Switch - Angelo Po
Door Switch - Sagi/Angelo Po AX120 Fridge
Defrost switch - Angelo Po 6TRCM Fridge
Door switch - Angelo Po IS51H-OPRO
On/Off Switch - Angelo Po 6MAM/OPRO Fridge
Ego 43.27232.000 Selector Switch - Angelo Po 60SME-ZW1R0
Selector Switch - Angelo Po 191P12E 5 pos
Pizzato FR508-A - Microswitch - Angelo Po
Selector Switch - Angelo Po
Switch, Window Lighting Display - Angelo Po
Switch, Master - Angelo Po
Ignition Switch - Angelo Po G1FAGST Oven
Door Microswitch - Angelo Po - Fridge -
Glass Plate Indicator - Angelo Po
16a Switch - Angelo Po
Switch Fill - Angelo Po Z91BR2E-Z#R0 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Angelo Po
Green Illuminated switch for Angelo Po 6BMBM
Oven Switch - Angelo Po Electric cooker
Magnetic Microswitch - Angelo Po Combi
Door Microswitch - Angelo Po FC101E FCY241E
Microswitch Rod - Angelo Po FC101E Oven
GP600 Water Pressure Switch - Angelo Po FM1221E1
Door Microswitch - Angelo Po FCV10
Selector Switch- Angelo Po 0-1 POSITIONS
Switch - Angelo Po 190FT1E Griddle
Switch - Angelo Po 190FT1E Griddle
Selector Switch - Angelo Po - Pasta Cooker
Green Selector 0 - Angelo Po - Dishwasher
Green Switch - AngeloPo - Dishwasher
Red Switch - Angelo Po - Dishwasher
Switch - Angelo Po FM2011G3 Oven
Switch - Angelo Po FM2011G3 Oven
Switch Cover - Animo Water Boiler
Switch - Animo Water Boiler
Reed Switch - Animo Water Boiler
Microswitch (Carafe Detection) - Animo
Green Switch Complete Animo KKW-N
Float Switch - Animo Water Boiler
Membrane Switch Animo WKT-D 20N VA Water
Green Switch Animo WKT-D 20N VA
SUPERSEDED Green Switch - Animo Coffee & Tea Kettle
Orange Rocker Switch - Animo Water Boiler
Magnetic Reed Switch - Animo DW1-GL180 Coffee Machine
Green Switch for Heating - Animo WKI-10/3 Water Boiler
Orange Switch for Water Inlet - Animo WKI-10/3 Water Boiler
Push Switch - A P Wyott HL-12A Plate Dispenser
Push Boot - A P Wyott HL-12A Plate Dispenser
Light Switch - Arcaboa VISION150S Freezer
Power Button Arex AMSTD1502TNSV
Door Microswitch - Aristarco GL1240CF Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Aristaco AP50.32
Orange start switch - Aristarco TIPO COMPACT
Switch Unit - Aristarco AP1000 Dishwasher
Selector Switch- Aristarco Dishwasher
Cycle Start Switch - Aristarco 50.32 45.30 50
Power On/Off Switch - Aristarco 50.32 45.30 50.
SUPERSEDED Drain Switch 2 pole Aristarco G11040
SUPERSEDED 6 Tag Drain Pump Switch - Aristarco Passport
SUPERSEDED Switch - Aristarco 50.32 45.30 50.35 Dishwasher
Switch - Aristarco Commerci
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Aristarco Orion Panini Grill
Microswitch - Aristarco 50.32 Dishwasher
Microswitch (c/w pressure pin) - Aristarco
Momentary Switch- Aristarco AP1000 Dishwasher
Green On/Off Switch- Aristarco Orion G2
Switch - Aristarco AE5032
Switch - Aristarco AE5032
Switch - Aristarco AE5032
Pressure Switch - Aristarco - TR160 - Dishwasher
On/Off Green Rocker Switch Arneg Wipper
Nighblind On/Off Switch - Arneg AlvaMXLFH2053750 Chiller
Light Switch - Arneg Valencia
Rocker Switch - Arox BM7 Bain Marie
Microswitch - Arox SP-34MA Mixer
Green On/Off Switch - Artica HEA701 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Switch - Artica GN650BT
Light Switch - Artica HEA701
Door Switch - Artica HEA701
ON/OFF Rocker Switch(ORANGE) - Asber LABP480C Dishwasher
Orange Rocker Switch 30mm x 22mm 230v 16a
Energy Regulator - PA300RFI
Phase Angle Electronic Heat Switch 15a Maximum w/
Rocker Switch 30 x 22mm Red 1-pole 250v
Microswitch with lever 250v 16a 1CO
Red Bipolar Switch 16A 250V
Emergency Stop Switch
Knob and Scale Plate for Dimmer Switch
Monetary Switch Unit 250v 16a Single Pole
Relay Switch - Clifton Food Range Waterbath
Float Switch - Frost Tech D55/100 Upright
Cynergy3, Horizontal Mounting Float Level Switch
On / Off Switch - Asko - Washing Machine - WMC55
On / Off Button (oblong) - Asko - Washing Machine - WMC55
Door Switch - Asko
Pressure Switch - Astoria - Coffee Machine - SEA2AI
Pressure Switch Astoria SAE/2-GL Coffee
Bracket for Microswitch - ATA/Masterwash V55
SUPERSEDED Cycle Switch - Masterwash/ATA Dishwasher
Cycle Switch Dw - Masterwash/ATA Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED 123/75 1 Level Pressure Switch
Float Switch - ATA Masterwash V55 V45DP Dishwasher
Door Microswitch AT95 Dishwasher
Switch support - ATA AL45 Dishwasher
Cycle start button - ATA AL45 Dishwasher
Microswitch - ATA Dishwasher
Regeneration Selector Switch - ATA Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Main Selector Switch - ATA Dishwasher
Cycle Selector Switch - ATA Dishwasher
Selector Switch - Ata Dishwasher
Cycle Selector Switch - ATA Dishwasher
Cycle Selector Switch - ATA
Selector Switch- Ata Dishwasher
Selector Switch- Ata Dishwasher
Pressure switch - ATA AL55 dishwasher
Cycle Switch Dp Dw - Masterwash /ATA
Cycle switch - ATA Masterwash V45DP
Light Switch - Autonumis Bottle Cooler
On/Off switch - Avery Berkel RPM35ICE Slicer
Microswitch Avery Berkel RMM301CE Slicer
Switch Protection Cover - Avery Berkell 800
Plastic Waterproof Cover for Switch
Switch Cover - Avery Berkel 800S Slicer
On / Off Switich - Berkel Slicer -
On/Off Switch - Avery Berkel RE-M251CE Slicer
800 Meat Slicer On/Off Switch Assembly
On/Off Switch - Avery Berkel 800S 834S Slicer
On/Off Switch - Berkell GF40
ON/OFF Switch Membrane - Avery Berkel VA300 Slicer
Door Switch Bakers Pride C011G1
Switch - Bakers Pride - Oven - CO11-G
Double Rocker Switch - Bakers Pride - Oven - EP2P
Door Micro Switch Bakbar E32
Dimmer Light Switch - Bakbar G32 E27
Oven Door Microswitch - Bakbar
On/Off Switch - Bartisan glasswasher
Water Level Switch - Bartisan Glass
On/Off Switch Mechanism - Bartisan 401 g/w
SUPERSEDED Green Switch Cover - Bartlett E17E Oven
Amber Switch Cover - Bartlett E17E Oven
Rocker switch - Bartlett E16G Oven/Bain Marie
Latching Switch - Bartlett
Float Switch - Bartlett E22E10 Harmony 10
Meat probe Selector Switch - Bartlett
Float Switch - Bartlett E18E Steamer
Door Microswitch - Preston V3FQ1/Bartlett
Control Switch - Bartlett Yeoman F20E-6 Control Switch
Main On/Off Switch (Rotary)- C17, 6 Pole - BBQ King NMK-HR Oven
Door Switch - Baron - Fridge - P140BTEVI
SUPERSEDED Switch - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
SUPERSEDED M1DX Microswitch - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Filter/Fry switch - BBQ King gas fryer
Off/On/Filter Switch BBQ King LGF Series1000
Micro Switch Removal - Bear Varimixer AR30L - Micro switch removal
Microswitch - Bear AR30L Mixer
Tilting Switch - Bear - Bowl Elevator - EASY LIFT 140
Emergency Stop Button - Bear RN20 VL-2 Mixer
Float Switch Assembly - Beaufort MP30 Ice Machine
LP Switch - Beermaster BMC-200-1 Cellar System
LP Switch - Beermaster - Fridge - BMO-150-1
HP Switch - Beermaster - Fridge - BMO-150-1
Selector Switch - Beha-Hedo 30 Hot Plate
Switch 0-1-2-3 - Beha Hedo
Stop Switch Complete - Beha Hedo
Main Switch - Beha 2720 Cold Counter
Safety Switch / Tilting Element - Beha F19/1 Fryer
Operating Switch - Beha Fryer
Main Switch - Beha Hedo F18/2 Fryer
Switch - Ego Switch 43.24216.020 - Beha Hedo
Door Interlock - Beko Washing Machine
Switch Button Body - Beko Oven DVG592WP
Ignition Button - Beko Oven DVG592WP
Ignition Switch - Beko Oven DVG592WP
Switch Shurter Berkel BS11 Bread Slicer
Switch (Hotplates) - Bertos
Selector Switch - Bertos E7FL8BP-2 Fryer
Ego 49.27215.520 Selector Switch - Bertos PE7PQ4+FE1
Microswitch - Bertos
Commutator - Bertos
Electromagnetic Switch - Bertos
Limit Switch - Bertos
Electromagnetic Switch - Bertos E9F22-8M Fryer
Remote Control Switch - Bertos Tilting Skillet
Selector Switch - Bertos
50-60Hz Remote Control Switch - Bio-Steel
Deco foil / On/off switch - Bizerba SE12 Slicer
On/Off Switch - Bizerba - GLMI
Start Push Button Switch (Red)- Blakeslee
Start Push Button Switch (Green) - Blakeslee
Toggle - Blanco SAW-4 Food Warmer
Power Switch - Blanco
SUPERSEDED Neon Switch ( RHE Plate Warmer ) Blanco
Lamp On/Off Switch - Blizzard BZ-BAR1 Chiller
On/Off Switch - Blizzard L200SS Freezer
Switch - Blizzard SHADOW1000VCST SH2B-NE SH10B-NE Display Fridge
Evaporator Switch - Blizzard J70663-01 Cooler
Door Switch - Blizzard BZLB1SS Fridge
Switch Door Heater - Blizzard LB1 Freezer
On/Off Rocker Blower Switch - Blodgett Oven
Blower Rocker Switch - Blodgett
Switch, Air - Blodgett SG3240G Pizza Oven
Mode Switch (3pos) - Blodgett Oven
Switch - Blodgett Oven
Rocker Switch Light - Blodgett Oven
Blower Switch Kit - Blodgett BG3240 Oven
Mode Switch - Blodgett CTB-1 Oven
Oven Door Switch - Blodgett Zephire G Oven
Rocker Switch DPDT Red Auto/Manual
Rocker Switch Blue - Blodgett - Oven - ZAPHIRE
Door Microswitch - Blodgett
Switch Momentary-12A - Blodgett - BG2136
Conveyor Switch Kit - Blodgett BG3240 Oven
Blower Rocket Switch blue -Blodgett ZephaireG
Potentiometer D-shaft - Blue Seal E35 Oven
Light Switch - Blue Seal E32Max Oven
Door switch - Blue Seal Turbo Fan E27 Oven
Microswitch - Blue Seal Turbo Fan E27H Oven
Microswitch - Blue Seal E32M Oven
On / Off Switch - Blueseal - Oven - G700
SUPERSEDED Blue On / Off Switch (Blue) - Blue Seal E311H
Blue Round On/Off Switch - Blue Seal G32 E27 Oven
On/Off Switch - Blue Seal Turbo Fan On Off Switch
Door Microswitch - Blue Seal E35 Convection
On Off Switch - Blue Seal E44M Oven
Red On/Off Rocker Switch - Blue Seal E31W E78 E32 Oven
On/Off Switch - Blue Seal SG5EC Dishwasher
Load Switch - Blueseal - Fryer - E43
Rotary Switch - Blue Seal E23M3 Oven
Clear Neon - Blue Seal - Oven - E50D
Selector Switch - Blue Seal E91B Grill
Hob Switch Energy Regulator - Moffat E50D Electric Oven
Switch - Blue Seal E50-C Oven
Switch Rear Right Hot Plate - Blue Seal Moffat Turbofan
Selector Switch - Blue Seal E85
Steam Switch Assy - Blue Seal Turbofan E35H Oven
Rotary Switch - Blue Seal- E23M2- Oven
Fan Speed Selector Switch - Blue Seal E35 Oven
Contact block - Bold R1 Chipper
Green on switch - Bold R1 Chipper
Red off switch - Bold R1 Chipper
Ignition Switch - Bonnet I-B906.1CF800.FG
On / Off Switch - Bonnet - Fridge - S200K01
4-Position Selector Switch - Bonnet I-B906.SA65.BE.E4 Frying Pan
Door Lock Switch - Bosch WAE24366GB- Washing Machine
Main switch - Brasilia Coffee Machine 258380
Main Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
Obsolete 6 Position Selector Switch - Brasilia BF15
Main Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
Pressure Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee
Main Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
General Switch - Brasilia BF15 Coffee Machine
High temperature safety switch - Bravilor
Magnetic switch (32A) - Bravilor Water Boiler
Magnetic switch - Bravilor Bonamat
Magnetic switch - Bravilor HWD30 Water Boiler
On/Off Switch-Bravilor Mondo Coffee Machine
Float Switch - Bravilor Novo2 Coffee Machine
SUPERSEDED Tap Spring - Bravilor Bonamat HWA20 Water
Switch - Bravilor Coffee Machine
Float Switch -Bravilor Mondo 2 Coffee Machine
On/Off Switch - Bravilor B20E On/Off Switch Orange
On/Off Switch - Bravillor HWA20 Water Boiler
Door Switch - Bravilor Bonamat Freshground XL310
Selector Lower 6 Outlets- Bravilor Bolero Coffee
Selector Upper - Bravilor Bolero Coffee
SUPERSEDED Control Switch Green - Polar G4100TN Fridge
Complete Micro Reed Switch c/w float - Brema
Cleaning switch - Brema VM900A-Q Ice Machine
Microswitch 16A 250A - Brema IF26 IF29 IF30
Selector Switch - Britannia S1-12T L6 Oven
Selector Switch - Britannia Oven
On / Off Switch - Britannia - Oven
Selector Switch - Britannia OV900LNPSS Oven
Selector Switch for Main Oven - Britannia SI9TF-SS Oven
On/Off Switch - Buffalo L501-B Grill
Control Knob - Buffalo CD407 Induction Hob
Microswitch C/W Bracket - Buffalo GF439 Vacuum Packer
Relay Switch - Buffalo CF358 Microwave
Microswitch (under anchor sheath) - Buffalo G784 Veg Prep Machine
Reed switch - Buffalo G784 Veg prep machine
Red stop/start button - Buffalo Mixer - CD606
Green stop/start button - Buffalo CD606 Mixer
Microswitch - Buffalo Bain Marie SO47B
Push switch - Buffalo CF359
Light Switch Buffalo CD401 Oven
Switch Panel Buffalo CD401 Oven
Overload Switch - Buffalo CD605 Mixer
Microswitch - Buffalo CD606 CD607 Food Mixer
Bowl Guard Switch Actuator - Buffalo CD605 CD606 GE024 GE025 Mixer
Red On /Off Rocker Switch - Buffalo L518 SO4 L554 Contact
Micro Switch Blade Guard - Buffalo U626
SUPERSEDED Red On/Off Rocker switch - Buffalo L518
Safety Cut Out Switch - Buffalo Fryer L301
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Buffalo Meat Slicer U626
Power Switch Buffalo CF357 Water Boiler
On/Off switch - Buffalo CD278 Meat / Food Slicer
SUPERSEDED Timer Switch Complete Burco TSSL16CHR
Switch - Burco BC TSSL16 Toaster
On/Off Temperature Switch - Burco 444440414 Oven
Power Switch Burco TSSL06 Toaster
Timer c/w Screws & Knob- Burco 6 Slot Toaster - BCTSSL16CHR
Door Switch - Burco CTC001
Manual Reset Button - Burco - Water Boiler - CYGNET MFCT1020
Thermal Switch - Burco 444442469 Water Boiler
Float Switch- Comersa DIANA1000
Yellow Switch- Caravell- CM60- Chest Freezer
Red Switch- Caravell- CM60- Chest Freezer
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch Carvavel TR47SILVE Fridge
Drip Tray Microswitch - Caravel D60-125
Light switch - Caravell CBH601SV MV250P Fridge
Floating w/ Magnet - Carpigiani Super 139/B/404/P
Microswitch - Carpigiani Super 139/B/404/P
Rotary Switch - Carpigiani
Water Level Switch - Castelmac J35 Ice Machine
16amp Start Cycle Switch Castel Explorer 1040
Holder for Swith Body - Caterwash CK50ABSPS Dishwasher
Switch Insert - Caterwash CK50ABSPS Dishwasher
Inner Switch Body - Caterwash CK50ABSPS Dishwasher
Microswitch Assembly w/ Nut - Caterwash - Jolly504
Cycle Start Switch - Caterwash CK50/ABS Dishwasher
Toggle Switch - Caterlux ATLAS Bain Marie/Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Caterlux 5CW EIRLGSSSS Toggle Switch Hot Switch
Operation Switch 4 positions - CB ECV3110 Hot Cupboard
Float Switch - Cecilware Coffee Urn FE200
Float Switch - Cecilware BC-1E Coffee Machine
On/Off Switch - Cecilware Water Boiler
Black Switch - Chefking B20F Mixer
Square Blue On/Off Switch - Chefking 50 35 Dishwasher
Limit Switch Seat - Newscan - Mixer - FM07 - Chefquip
Start Switch - Chefquip - Mixer - 30HI
SUPERSEDED Limit Switch - FM12 FM07 mixer - Chefquip
Red Stop Button - Chefquip SP22HI Mixer Red Stop Button
Emergency Stop Switch - Chef Quip 800AB Mixer
Main Rotarty Switch - Chefquip 400 Main Rotary Switch
Green Switch - Chefquip SP40HI Mixer
Microswitch for Bowl Guard - Chefquip SP100-B
On/Off Switch - Chefquip FVD33 Pizza Oven
Thermal cut-off switch - Chefquip fryer
SUPERSEDED Break Tank Float Switch - Chefquip 25DP D/W
Microswitch - Chefquip SP500A Mixer
Speed Switch - Chefquip SP500A Mixer
Push Button Switch - Cissel CHD30 Tumble Dryer
Door Lock Microswitch - Cissell
Lint Door Switch - Cissell Tumble Dryer
Overheat Protection Switch - Cissell Dryer
Switch - Classeq H750 - Dishwasher
Green On / Off Switch - Classic - Dishwasher - ECO2
On/Off Switch - Classic H500NL H750 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Classic Glasswasher
Cycle Switch -Classic EC02 / E204 - Cycle Switch
Drain Switch - Classic H500NL Dishwasher
Neon bulb - Classeq H900AB Dishwasher
Orange rinse switch - Classeq H900AB D/washer
Green Rocker Switch - Classic ECO dishwasher
Bypass Switch - Classic Hydro 750 Dishwasher
Mode Switch - Classic H500NL ECO3 Dishwasher
Drain Switch - Classic Hydro Dishwasher 750
On/Off Switch - Classic H754 Dishwasher
Green wash switch - Classic Hydro850
On Off Switch - Classic Dishwasher Duo756
Top Float Switch - Classic H850 Dishwasher
Trip Switch 15a - Classeq C850PX Dishwasher
Mode switch - Classic H750NL Dishwasher
Pressure switch Double A2-745 - Classic H704
Cycle switch - Classic ECO2 Dishwasher
S/S Round Cycle Switch (New Type) - Classeq
Hood microswitch assy - Classic Hydro 850
Door Plunger Assy/Microswitch Actuator - Classic ECO2 Dishwasher
Door Microswitch & Bracket Assembly - Classic
Pressure Switch Classic Hydro 850 Dishwasher
Door Reed Switch - Classeq EC2P DUO750 Glasswasher
On/Off Switch - Classic H750 Dishwasher
On / Off switch - Clenaglass Consort Glass
SUPERSEDED Magnetic sensor switch for Clenaware E-MECH
On/Off Switch - Clenaware/Maidaid EMECH 501
Clenaware - Micro Switch
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Clenaware Emech 501B D/W
SUPERSEDED On/off switch - Clenawear E-MECH 401
Cycle Switch - Clenaware EMECH 501
Water Level Switch - Clenaware Emech 701
Limit Switch - Cleveland
Tilt Switch - Cleveland Tilting Kettle
Tilt Switch - Cleveland
Switch - Cleveland Bratt Pan
Switch Coffee Queen Coffee Machine
Membrane Switch Coffee Queen Coffee Machine
On/Off Switch - Colbert CH26 dishwasher
Drain switch- Colbert dishwasher CA22L
Cycle switch- Colbert dishwasher CE55L
Rinse Cycle Button - Colbert CH24 -
Double Cycle Switch - Colged Beta 250
Pressure switch - Colged LP105 Dishwasher
Double Contact Switch - Colged Beta 250
Double Change Over Switch - Colged Beta 250
On / Off Switch - Colged Beta 35 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch - Colged Beta 35
Cycle switch - Colged C50 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch - Colged Beta 50 Dishwasher
Push Button- Colged Beta 245 Glasswasher
Push Button Body - Colged Beta 253 Dishwasher
Contact Switch - Colged Beta 245 Glasswasher
Pressure Switch - Colged/Dexion L62 Dishwasher
Magnetic Switch - Colged Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Colged Steel41 Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Colged L61 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Colged - Beta 250
Magnetic Door Switch - Colged BETA270 Dishwasher
Green Toggle Switch - Colston Hostess H35875 Hot Trolley
On/Off Switch: Comercia C250 STD
On/Off Switch - Comercia C300 Standard
On/Off Switch - Comercia Mirra CEX250STD
SUPERSEDED BLACK & White On/Off Switch - Comercia Mirra CEX250Std
Green Power Switch - Comersa - Fridge -
Light Switch Comersa V.INOX2000EST Fridge
Green Rocker Switch - Combisteel 17VQPTEL3R1295
Green Rocker Switch - Combisteel 17VVQPTEL3R1295
Green Rocker Switch Cover - Combisteel 17VQPTEL3R1295
On/Off Switch - Combisteel 1..7455.1007 - Chipfryer
Main Switch / Load Disconnector - Comenda Dishwasher
Rotary Switch - Comenda G65 G75 G115 G125 LC900RCD
Mains Rotary Switch - Comenda Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Comenda Dishwasher
Reed Switch - Comenda F4EHRA GE50RCD AC100 LB215
SUPERSEDED Switch - Comenda Dishwasher
Switch support - Comenda LC411RCD Dishwasher
Main Selection Switch - Comenda - Dishwasher
Hood Switch - Comenda LP360 LC900 Dishwasher
10 amp Microswitch - Comenda AC151 Dishwasher
Rotary Switch - Comenda Dishwasher
Drain Switch - Comenda Drain Switch LC700BT
Small Pressure Switch - Comenda C1300E
3-pole Switch- Comenda ACSF122 Dishwasher
Main Switch - Comenda ACSF122 Dishwasher -
Drain Pump Rocker Switch - Comenda LF320 LBC215 Dishwasher
Magnetic Microswitch - Comenda C95BT C1300E Dishwasher
Magnetic Reed Switch - Comenda ACSF122 Dishwasher
Green 250v Switch- Comenda
Button Housing - Comenda LF324-BT Dishwasher
Drain Down Switch - Comenda LF320 Dishwasher
Bremas 0-4 Postion 16amp Rotary Selector Switch - Comenda LC700 LC900
Cycle Start Switch Comenda LB215 Dishwasher
Cycle Button - Comenda LF321 LF322 LF324-BT Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Rinse Pressure Switch - Comenda 360BT /FC45
Pressure Switch 60/35 - Comenda
Drain Switch - Comenda LF320 LP360 C95BT LBC215
Push Button Switch - Comenda LF321 LF320 LF315
Machine Ready Switch - Comenda LF320 LC412 Dishwasher
Mains Indicator Lamp - Green Comenda LF320
Green Indicator Lamp - Comenda LP360BT
Selector Switch 6 Pole 16amp 380v 2 Position
Switch- Comenda ACSF122 Dishwasher
Magnetic Reed Switch - Comenda ACSF122 Dishwasher
Float Switch - Comenda CH24 LF320LBT LP360BT
Door Switch - Comenda LB200 dishwasher
Microswitch - Comenda C34 AC151 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Pressure Switch - Comenda LF315
Cover, Push Button - Comenda LF320
Button Holder - Comenda LF320 LF315
Switch - Comenda LF324BT LB215 LB215A LF321
Limit Switch - Comenda LC380/1 Dishwasher
Door Microswitch - Comenda Dishwasher
1-Way Switch 16A 380V- Comenda F45 B10 B18
Drum Switch 10A 5 pos 8Pole -Comenda LC900 Dishwasher
Pilot Lamp Machine On - Dawson F45 Dishwasher
Stop Switch - Comenda AC151 dishwasher
Start Switch - Comenda F45 Dishwasher
Start Cycle Switch - Comenda F45 dishwasher
Cycle Start Selector - Comenda LC900 / LC700
Drain Switch - Comenda Dishwasher Drain Switch CE50L
On/Off Switch (Green) - Comenda LBC215
SUPERSEDED Drain Switch - Comenda LC700ET
Float Switch - Cona CBA3 Boiler
Cona Toaster Flick Switch
Switch - Cona C500 Toaster On / Off Switch Slde Conver
On / Off Indicator (RED) - Cona C500 Toaster
Burgess Microswitch- Cona Toaster
Microswitch - Cona Toaster
C500 Rotary Toaster Energy Regulator
On/Off Switch Conversion Kit- Cona 500
On/Off Switch - Cona C500
Switch - Cona C500 Toaster On/Off Switch (Rotary)
On/Off Switch - Arrow - Cona 500 Toaster
Float Valve - Cona Boiler 502141
Switch - Cona C300 Toaster
Pressure Switch - Convotherm - Oven - OES1010
Pressure Switch - Convotherm Oven 3/PE 440VAC
Temperature Switch - Convotherm
Door Contact Switch - Convotherm
On/Off Switch inc. Cable for Control - Convotherm
Auxilary Switch - Convotherm Oven
Door Contact Switch Complete - Convotherm OEB10.20
Switch - Convostar HUD6.10 Oven
Potentiometer - Convotherm OD6.10P
SUPERSEDED Door Contact Switch - Convotherm OD20.20 oven
Door Magnet Switch - Convotherm OSC10.10 Steam Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Magnet Switch - Convostar Oven
Switch - Coolpoint HXST-200 Fridge
On/Off Switch - Corecco MCG150 - Freezer
Orange On Off Switch - Coreco MR70225P
On/Off Orange Illuminated Switch - Coreco AGR1002
Obsoelte Green Switch - Coreco AGR1002
Door switch - Coreco R-751 Upright chiller
SUPERSEDED Switch - Coreco Fridge - MFE170-180
Switch - Coreco - MFEI-200R
Red and silver rocker switch - Corsair CC184 CH
Red Rocker Switch - Corsair Hot Cupboard
Switch Assy - Cosmetal NIAGARA SL120 Water
Spring for Button - Cosmetal Avant Water Fountain
Interlock Switch - Cougar Fryer - 4F65
Selector Switch - Coven - Oven - 10EMD
Selector Switch - Coven - Oven - 10EMD
Whipper Activation Switch - Crathco D256-3
On/Off Switch Plastic Cover - Crypto TRS
Start Button TRS Crypto Peerless
Stop Button TRS Crypto Peerless
Reed Switch - Crypto Peerless - TRS Veg Prep.
Chipper Switch - Crypto Peerless RC14
Start button assy - Crypto Peerless RC12
Stop button assy - Crypto Peerless RC12
2 Pole Toggle Switch Crypto F2F Chipper
Potentiometer - Crypto Peerless - EG20
Red Neon - Crypto - Mixer - EC40
Green Start Switch Assembly - Crypto Peerless
Green start switch assembly c/w button,
Potentiometer - Crypto Peerless EL20 Mixer
Crypto RC10 Potato Chipper On / Off Switch
Mechanically Operated Cut-Off Switch - Crypto
Magnetic Reed Switch- Crypto F2F Chipper
SUPERSEDED Crypto CD8 Potato Peeler On / Off Switch
Start Switch Button & Contact - Crypto RC11
Potentiometer (6-wires) - Crypto EL12 Mixer
Rinse Reed Switch (RT100)- Crypto Peerless
Safety Switch- Crypto Peerless
TRS Food Prep Start Switch C/W Cover
Magnet - Crypto Peerless F2F Chipper
Rotary Switch - RC10 C/W Knob
SUPERSEDED Speed Potentiometer - Crypto EC40 Mixer
Selector Switch - Crypto EC40
Proximity Switch (2200e) Crypto Peerless
On/Off Switch - Crypto Peerless Slicer
Resistor - Crypto Peerless MW1600 Microwave
Selector Switch - Crypto Peerless Mixer EC40
Speed Control Lever - Crypto Peerless EM40
On/Off switch - Crypto Peerless CD4 Potato Peeler
Rocker Switch - Crypto Peerless 475G/W (green)
S300 / S250 Slicer Red Stop Mushroom Button
SUPERSEDED Start Switch ( Mushroom Type ) Crypto TRS
Off Switch c/w contactors EL20 Crypto TRS
Door Microswitch - TRS Prep Machine
Potentiometer(new style, no switch
Potentiometer(old style, built in switch with
Black On Switch - Crypto TRS Veg Prep
Mushroom Stop Switch - Crypto Peerless - Grater - TRS
Cam Switch - Cuppone - Oven - BS435/2M-C5
Green Switch - Cuppone Pizza Oven Green Switch
Reset switch - (universal) Cuppone/Fields and
Amber rocker switch - Cuppone PA24SA Oven
Universal Red Rocker Switch 2 Pole - 16A
Switch Green - Cappone Pizza Oven KPOTEC359
Selector Switch for Thermostat - Cuponne Pizza Oven
Green Rocker Switch - Cuppone G4 Pizza Oven
SUPERSEDED Cuppone Pizza Oven Commutator
On/Off Switch Cuppone G/33S Pizza Oven
Heat Switch - Spectra Dahlen - Oven
Switch for Steam Generator - Dahlen D33
2 position switch - on/off knob - Dahlen DN42 4 deck oven
Switch (0-1) - Sveba Dahlen DC-2 Oven
Heat Control Switch - Sveba Dahlen DC-2 Oven
Red Rocker Switch - Dane Oven
Lid Micro Switch -Dawson DT150 Waste Disposal
Switch - Dawson DP101 Corner Switch
Cycle Switch
Switch- Dawson DP101 Galley Switch
Yellow On/Off Switch - DC Products DC1000
Magnetic Microswitch - DeLonghi Coffee Machine
Green Switch Derby F48 Chest Freezer
Yellow Switch Derby F48 Chest Freezer
Protective Cap/Cover for Rocker Switch - Derby DIHR Gastro 450 CF400
SUPERSEDED Cycle Start Rocker Switch
SUPERSEDED Derby 400 Green Rocker Switch
Selector Switch - Desco CPE72M00
On/Off Rocker Switch - Desmon GURB04-06 Walk-
Door Switch - Desmon GUR-M04-06 Fridge
Door Fan Microswitch - Delfield RS20700-R Chiller
Fan Switch Desmon 1D403885 Fridge
Main On/Off Switch - Dexion Chiller
Pressure Switch - Dexion Dishwasher
Commutator Switch - Dexion LX7E4FQ Oven
Orange Switch - Dexion - TM130-00-000E
Door Microswitch - Dexion FD141-IN-00E Fridge
Selector Three Way Heat Switch - Dexion
Operation Switch - Dexion & MBM
Switch - Dexion & MBM Brat Pan
400v 3ph Commutator - Dexion Oven
Commutator - Dexion 11/050T Electric Hob
SUPERSEDED Main On/Off Switch- Dexion LP051DP Dishwasher
Magnetic Door Switch - Dexion LP051-10-000PD
M1DX20 Microswitch Dexion ME077-03-316 Fryer
Commutator - Dexion/MBM EFTA777L ME139-05-020 Oven
Microswitch Control Rod - Dexion
Magnet - Dexion LP101 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch - Dexion LB044-10-000 Dishwasher
Dexion LP101-98-000 - Magnetic Micro Switch
Commutor Switch 16a - Dexion ME139-05-020 Oven
SUPERSEDED Commutator 3A - Dexion ME-099-05-009 Oven
Oven Switch - Dexion Oven
Commutator 16A 250V. D Spindle 6x4.6mm
3Kwt Switch 220v 3ph- Dexion
Green Momentary Push Switch - Diamond - NT33
Hot/Cold Switch - DIHR 400 Glasswasher
Key Support - DIHR TEKNO600DDEPS Dishwasher
Green Cycle Start Switch - DIHR Derby CF Dishwasher
Regeneration Button- DIHR HT11 Dishwasher
Magnetic Microswitch E5201V - DIHR GS50 Dishwasher
Momentary Start Switch 16amp - DIHR Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch - DIHR Derby CF400 Dishwasher
16A Bipolar Switch Push Button - DIHR TEKNO600DDEPS K50DDE Dishwasher
Green Rocker Switch - DIHR Derby CF400 Dishwasher
Switch - DIHR Derby CF400 Dishwasher
Switch surround - DIHR Gastro 500 Dishwasher
Programme Selector Switch - DIHR G500
Start Push Button - Tekno 600DDE
Hood Switch - Dihr Gastro 11s
Microswitch- DIHR Star CF Range Dishwasher Microswitch
Switch - DIHR Gastro 500 Dishwasher
Double Change Over Switch- DIHR Techno 600DDE
SUPERSEDED Latching On Off Switch - DIHR Dishwasher
Green Changeover Switch - DIHR Derby CF400DDE
Bipolar Switch 16a - DIHR - Dishwasher
Push Button Blind Cap - DIHR Dishwasher
Rocker Switch Mounting - DIHR Gastro 11S - Dishwasher
Protective Cover for Rocker Switch- DIHR Gastro 11S - Dishwasher
Potentiometer/Power Board Dito 5 Mixer
Potentiometer Base- Dito Sama Mix 5 - Mixer
Potentiometer Card- Dito Sama Mix 5 - Mixer
On/Off Switch - Dualit DCT3 DCT2 Toaster
Black Rocker Switch - Dualit Majestic L
Selector Switch - Dualit 31213 Toaster
Rotary Power Switch - Dualit DCT2T Toaster
On/Off Switch Dualit WAFGB Waffle Machine
Selector switch 2/4/6 position - Dualit D6BMH 6SLGB
Oblong switch - Dualit Auto 4 Toaster
20A switch - Dualit Toaster
Red Rocker Switch - Dualit Toaster
Switch On/Standby/Off - Dualit Rotary Toaster
HI Limit Thermostatic Switch Duke Bain Marie
Toggle Switch Duke Bain Marie
On/Off Switch Duke SUB-CP-TC60M Bain Marie
Infinity Switch - Duke Bain Marie
Infinite Switch - Duke E305M Steamer
Infinite Switch - Duke
On/Off switch - Dynamic MX91 Blender
Rubber switch cover - Dynamic MX2000
Push Switch - Dynamic EM98 Salad Spinner - 0905
Switch 230V - Dynamic MX91 Hand Blender
Speed Variator - Dynamic MD95 Blender
Non-Locking Switch - Dynamic MD95 Blender
Locking Switch MX91 Mixer - K472
SUPERSEDED 0965 2-Pole switch - Dynamic MX91 Mixer
Switch Lever - Dynamic MX91 Mixer - Switch Lever
Rubber switch guard - Dynamic MX2000 blender
Switch - Dynamic MX91 Blender
Green Push Button - Edlund 610 - Can Opener
Rotary Switch - EGO 49.42915.704
SUPERSEDED Switch - 42.03400.009
SUPERSEDED 3 Position Switch Ego 43.24232.000
Operation 2-postion switch (4-pole) 34A
SUPERSEDED Ego Operation Switch 4 Pole 16 Amp
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch - EGO 46.27266.500
4-Position EGO Switch, 2-poles - EGO 43.24216.000
SUPERSEDED 6 Position Selector Switch - EGO 43.27232.000
4 Position Selector Switch 16A 250V -max 150c
Selector Switch 0-6 32a - Dexion Oven
Switch - Ego 4 position 16A 250V switch
Switch - Ego Selector switch
Switch EGO 43.42032.000
Switch - EGO 49.27015.000
16a 250v Selector Switch - EGO 49.27215.520
On/Off Switch - EGO 49.22015.000
Switch - EGO 41.32723.010
Operation switch 2 operating positions 4NO sequence 0-1 16A
Selector Switch - Modular
Selector Switch - EGO 42.06000.016
Selector switch - Electroway 223-291 3ph
Microswitch - Electrolux T1000 Drier
Program Selector - Electrolux T1000 Tumble
Stop Switch - Electrolux S300A Food Slicer
Hood Open Proximity Switch - Electrolux EHTA
SUPERSEDED Switchboard on/off - Electrolux Glasswasher
5 Point Selector Switch - Zanussi Electrolux
Microswitch - Zanussi RS13FX2F Freezer
C3006SX Door Microswitch - Zanussi ALP1103 Fridge
White Switch - Zanussi Electrolux Fridge
Microswitch - Zanussi Electrolux
0-6 Position Selector Switch - Zanussi Electrolux
Reed Switch - Zanussi Electrolux Dishwasher
Cycle Start Switch - Zanussi LS62 Dishwasher
Selector - Zanussi Electrolux
Door Microswitch - Electrolux Fryer RF-E2D 12
Selector 5 Position Switch-Zanussi Electrolux
Microswitch Plunger 43mm - Crypto TRS Food Processor
Switch - Electrolux Glasswasher
Lock and Lid Switch - Zanussi MWS939
On/Off Switch - Electrolux Potato Rumbler 8KP
Crypto Peerless On/Off Switch - Electrolux
16amp 250v Fan On/off Microswitch Switch - Electrolux 69152401
Selector Type CH 250 Vac - Electrolux
Level Switch Sensor - Electrolux WT30 Dishwasher
Reed Switch - Electrolux WT65E Dishwasher
Selector- Electrolux Selector; 15A 250V
SUPERSEDED Magnet Switch - Zanussi RT10ES dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch/Commutator 7 Pos.- Electrolux 7B
Switchboard - Electrolux Zanussi
Selector Switch - Zanussi Electrolux
Level Switch - Electrolux Wascator D-530
Stop Push Button 4amp 400v - Electrolux Food Machine
Switch - Electrolux T100 Tumble Drier
Start Switch - Electrolux S300A Slicer
7 Position Switch - Electrolux Cooking Range
Switch - Electrolux
Switch - Electrolux used on their Bain maries, display and refrigerated units
Hood Switch - Electrolux EHTA Dishwasher
Ego 49.41015.300 16amp 250v Switch - Zanussi Electrolux
Switch - Zanussi HFC/E800 Oven
Door switch - Electrolux AR10
Push Button - Electrolux Dryer T1000
Switch - Electrolux T1000 Dryer
Switch complete - Electrolux W3250 W4250
Selector Switch - Electrolux ZBTOE2M QCF/E2 QCF/E2M4 Marine
Tumbler switch - Electrolux Fridge
Switch kit - Electrolux EBE100 Boiling Pan
Magnetic door sensor switch - Electrolux
Change Over Switch - Electrolux TC1010 Hot
Commutator - Zanussi FCV101E3 Combi Oven
On/off Switch - Electrolux WT2QDD Glasswasher
Magnetic Switch - Electrolux T4650E Tumble Dryer
5 position Commutator - Electrolux 7BTOE22 Oven
Commutator - Zanussi Oven ECF/G201 Commutator
Switch Zanussi LB2WSDP Glass Washer
On/Off Switch - Zanussi ALP2203 Fridge
Switch - Zanussi LB2WSDP Glasswasher
Legrand PR12 12A 380v Selector Switch - Zanussi Food Proccessor
Program Selector - Electrolux Washing Machine
4-pole Switch- Electrolux W375H W475H Washing
3-pole Cycle Switch - Electrolux WT100
Microswitch - Electrolux WT100 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Green Luminous Switch- Electrolux Hot Counter
Switch - Electrolux T4530 T4900 Tumble Dryer
Switch Tumble Dryer T4530
Emergency Stop Tumble Dryer T4530
Commutator - Electrolux Marine 5636 ME40/50
Green Switch - Electrolux RS06FX1F Freezer
Double Pressure Switch - Electrolux W3250N Washing Machine
Kotaky Switch Complete - Electrolux W3250N
SUPERSEDED Switch 400-440v 60Hz - Electrolux T4290 T3290
SAIA-BURGESS Microswitch - Crypto Peerless EM30 Mixer
Microswitch - Electrolux WT60 Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Pressure Switch - Electrolux - WT33
Microswitch - Electrolux
Push Button - Electrolux
Cylindrical 5-Step Reed Switch - Electrolux WT50/1UKRP Dishwasher
Door Microswitch Zanussi RBC101 Blast Chiller
Commutator with Potentiometer - Electrolux
Microswitch - Electrolux
Microswitch - Electrolux ZFR/E810 Fryer
Switch - Electrolux
Magnetic Switch - Electrolux
Out of Balance Switch - Electrolux
Element Starter Switch - Electrolux WTM140 Dishwasher
Element Starter Switch - Electrolux WTM140 Dishwasher
Main Switch - Electrolux
Switch Zanussi Oven 205002
Vacuum Switch - Electrolux
Motor Switch - Electrolux
Microswitch Kit - Electrolux
Microswitch - Electrolux IM23010 Rotary Iron
Switch - Electrolux
Microswitch - Electrolux
Main Switch Block - Electrolux
Selector Switch - Electrolux
Rotary Switch - Electrolux Washing Machine
Program Selector - Electrolux W5250N Washing Machine
Switch - Electrolux T4250 Tumble Dryer
Green Switch Electrolux Plate Dispenser
Microswitch Kit Electolux Tumble Dryer
Switch Electrolux Coffee Machine
Microswitch Electrolux Boiling Pan
Microswitch - Electrolux Washing Machine
Safety Switch - Electrolux XBM20 Mixer
Pressure Switch Electrolux WT2WSDP Dishwasher
Microswitch - Electrolux T4350 Tumble Dryer
On/Off Switch - Zanussi TRN132A Fridge
White Rocker Switch - Zanussi TRN132A Fridge
Microswitch - Electrolux T4350
Vacuum Switch - Electrolux T4350 Tumble Dryer
Main Switch- Electrolux WTCS180ELA Dishwasher
Microswitch - Electrolux T4530 Tumble Dryer
Vacuum Switch - Electrolux Wascator N33030ES
Door Switch - Electrolux - Fridge - MRL280
Selector Switch - Electrolux
Vacuum switch - Electrolux T4250 T4350 Tumble
Programme selector - Electrolux T4190 Tumble Dryer
Function selector - Electrolux DITO Oven
Switch - Electrolux
Reed Switch - Electrolux Bratt Pan
Illuminated Switch - Electrolux
Drain Switch - Zanussi LS3345 Dishwasher
Switch 16a 250v Zanussi - Boiling Pan - EBS100H
Door Microswitch - Electrolux FCF/G40 Steamer
Commutator 4-pos Switch - Electrolux
Commutator 5pos - Electrolux Tilting Pan
Microswitch Assy - Dito 5 Mixer
Switch - Electrolux Oven
Rotary Switch Electrolux Laundry System
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Electrolux ZBR/E805 Bratt Pan
Main switch - Electrolux Washing machine
Pressure Switch - Electrolux WT830 Dishwasher
R/T Float Switch -Electrolux WT830 Dishwasher
Double-pole Switch - Electrolux Boiling Pan
Overload Cut-Out - Electrolux
Speed Control Switch - Electrolux
White Switch - Electrolux Fridge
Magnetic Switch - Electrolux
Vacuum Switch - Electrolux
Micro Switch - Electrolux
Handle - Electrolux WRC18E - Washing Machine
Locking Unit - Electrolux WRC18E - Washing Machine
Micro Switch - Electrolux WRC18E - Washing Machine
Micro Switch - Electrolux WRC18E - Washing Machine
Micro Switch - Electrolux WRC18E - Washing Machine
Microswitch - Electrolux
Microswitch - Electrolux
Change Over Switch - Electrolux
Plastic Cap Kit- Electrolux Veg Cutter
Three Phase 12amp 500v Commutator - Dito Sama
Single Pressure Switch - Electrolux W5250N Washing Machine
Microswitch - Electrolux Tumble Drier - T4130C0N
Press Switch - Electrolux Dito Boston - Slicer - 601146
Microswitch - Electrolux Tumble Dryer
Commutator - Electrolux
Main Switch - Electrolux
Fitted Microswitch - Electrolux XBE10 Mixer
Double-Pole Switch 16a 250v - Electrolux
Switch - Electrolux
Switch 240v-2,3a - Electrolux
Green Rocker Switch - Electrolux
Switch - Electrolux
Push Button Operating Switch - Elettrobar
Door Switch - Elettrobar E50 Dishwasher
Double contacts switch - Electrobar E50
SUPERSEDED Control Switch - Elettrobar E78 Dishwasher
Use ELE 21.10.02
Cycle Switch - Elframo - MRS80D
Level control switch / Pressure switch -
Door Micro Switch -Elframo D45 Dishwasher - Door Micro Switch
Door Switch Elframo C44ELT Dishwasher
Magnetic Microswitch - Elframo Dishwasher
Magnetic Reed Switch - Elframo Dishwasher
Water level cut out box - Elframo Dishwasher
Bipolar Selector Switch - Elframo
Triple Switch Assembly - Elframo - MRS80D
3-Pole Selector Switch - Elframo - 3 phase
Door Microswitch - Eloma Joker B Oven
Rotary Speed Controller- Eloma Combi Steamer MA MB Genius-T
On/Off Switch - Eloma EDC6-23 Oven
Plate - Eloma C-623 Oven
Door Microswitch - Eloma Joker C-623 Oven
On/Off Switch - Elviomex/Alfa - Chefking 50
Rotary Selector - Elviomex Euroline 1500 Dishwasher
Turning Button for Switch - Eurofours - RP04TE318
Heat Selector Switch Complete Eurofours
Heat Selector Switch - Eurofours - RP04T10D2
Microswitch - Eurotec EF908 Fryer
Float ball & Micro switch assembly -Eurfrigor
Green On / Off Switch - Eurfrigor - Ice Machine - EC130A
On/Off Switch Grill - Euromax - 10990BL - Oven
On/Off Switch (16A 600V) - FAC - F300E
Microswitch - Faema Coffee Machine
Operation Switch - Fagor FI200 Dishwasher
Rail Mounted Terminal (Green) - Fagor
Momentary Switch - Fagor
Selector Switch - Fagor
Selector Switch - Fagor - 0-3 Positions
Pressure Switch - Fagor - Boiling Pan - ME9-15BM
Selector Switch - Fagor - Oven
Switch Beam Central - Fagor CE-410 Oven
Ego 42.03400.009 Switch - Fagor FE9-20 Fryer
Mounting plate for Microswitch Fagor
Microswitch Fagor FG720 Fryer
16amp 250v Selector Switch - Fagor - Bratt Pan - SBG9-15
Switch- Fagor LVC21 Glass Washer Rinse Aid Rocker Switch
Control Switch - Fagor
On/Off Switch - Fagor
Pressure Switch Fagor Dishwasher
Start switch - Fagor LVR-21B Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch Fagor FE705 Fryer
Microswitch - Fagor FE9-05 FE9-10 FE9-05S
Switch - Fagor FI-120W Dishwasher
On/Off Rocker Switch - Fagor FI64B Dishwasher
Selector Switch - Fagor CE7-41 Oven
Function Switch - Fagor FI-64B Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Fagor AFP-1602NG Fridge
Amber Start Switch -Fagor HVG-10-11-BP Oven
SUPERSEDED fagor FI-130 Dishwasher - On/Off Switch
Amber On/Off Switch - Fagor FI-130 Dishwasher
Push Down Cycle Switch - Fagor FI-48B Dishwasher
Rocker Switch - Fagor FI-30 Dishwasher
On / Off Switch - Fagor FI-30 LVC12 LVC21
On / Off Switch - Fagor FI-64 FI-14B Dishwash
Door Switch - Fagor Dishwasher
Magnetic Switch - Fagor Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Fagor FI-48 Internal Rinse Boost Pump
Yellow On/ Off Switch - Fagor LVC12 g/washer
SUPERSEDED Cycle Start Switch - Fagor FI48B Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Fagor Dishwasher 1VC F130
Cycle Start Switch - Fagor FI-64B FI-48B Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Start Cycle Switch - Fagor FI-64B
Door switch - Fagor AFP-801 AFP-1402 Fridge
Selector Switch - Fagor FI-100B Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED - On-Off Switch - Fagor FI-48 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Cycle Start Switch Yellow - Fagor LVC-21B
SUPERSEDED Wash Start Switch -Fagor FI72 FI64 Dishwasher
Mode Selector Switch - Falcon E4109EL Combi
SUPERSEDED On / Off Switch - Falcon BD18 Dishwasher
DH18E Pressure Switch
Drain Switch - Falcon G500 G16E G500A
Door Microswitch - DEM14 - Falcon Dishwasher
Micro Switch - Falcon LD48 Fryer Micro Switch
Safety Microswitch - Falcon KE112 KE111 KE114 KE118 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon LD48 Fryer
Control Selector Switch - Falcon KE102
Cool/Heat Switch - Falcon G7211 E4069EL Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Contactor Rotary Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Switch - Falcon E3080 Boiling Pan Control Switch
Control Switch - Falcon Dominator E1100 E2101 E1120
Rotary Switch - EGO 3 position Rotary Switch - Falcon E5478
6 Position Switch & Knob - Falcon E2101 Oven
Switch Power On/Off - Falcon G2112 Convection Oven
Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 G1808 G1848
Rocker Switch - Falcon G7008 Oven
Pressure Switch c/w bracket - Falcon 80 70
SUPERSEDED Microswitch T856 KESTRAL KE114 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Fan switch - Falcon E7202S Oven
Control Switch - Falcon E1006 E1026 Oven
Potentiometer - Falcon G1838 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch (For Hotplate) - Falcon E350
Door Microswitch - Falcon E7004 E7011 G7008 G7211 E7211 Convection Oven
Black Rocker Switch Fan & Cook - Falcon G7008
Microswitch - Falcon Bratt Pan G1994 E1995 E1102
SUPERSEDED High Speed Control Switch - Falcon E350
Control Switch - Falcon E5478 Steamer
Cut Out Microswitch Replacement Kit - Falcon
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon E1995 Bratt Pan
Microswitch Removal KIt - Falcon E7002
DEP4 Pressure Switch - Falcon DH18E
Door switch (fan) - Falcon E1102-4HP Oven
White Switch Knob (post 9/6/90)
SUPERSEDED Microswitch - Falcon G1102 Oven Range
SUPERSEDED Fan Switch - Falcon KE140 Oven
On/Off Switch - Falcon E1848 Fryer
Rotary Switch- Falcon G1965- Bratt Pan
Control switch - Falcon E1100 E1160 E2161
Control switch & knob - Falcon E1100 Oven
On/Off Switch - Falcon Fryer On / Off Switch
Microswitch Kit - Falcon Kestral KE117 LD50 Fryer
Main switch - Falcon G500A Dishwasher
Heat Control Switch - Falcon E1522 Grill
Rocker Switch - Temperature Set - Falcon
Red Rocker Switch - Falcon G7008 G7004 G7011 Convection Oven
Selector Switch - Falcon E7002 E7202
Rotary Switch - Falcon E2532 Grill
Potentiometer c/w Cable - Falcon E1838X Fryer
Energy Regulator - Falcon LD22 Grill
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch - Falcon Bratt Pan
Control switch & knob - Falcon E11003HP
Oven Rotary Switch - Falcon 211-GEO Domestic Oven
Micro Switch Striker - Falcon LD48 Fryer
Oven light switch - Falcon G1102 Oven
Tilt Switch - Falcon E3860 Fryer
6 Positional Hotplate Switch Falcon E3161
Control Button Cluster - Falcon DH18E d/w
Tilt Switch Replacement Kit - Falcon E350/37
Door Microswitch Cam - Falcon E7211 Oven
Control Knob (with Switch) - Falcon - Boiling Pan - E2078-90
Fan Switch- Falcon E7202G7208- Oven
Microswitch Door Pin - Falcon G2994 G1994 E1962 E1965 G2994
Green Switch - Falcon E711D E711 Oven
Control Switch c/w Knob - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Tilt Switch Assembly - Falcon
Illuminated On/Off Rocker Switch - Fetco CBS-61H30 Coffee Machine
On/Off Switch - PA24SA FPP08 Fields & Pimblet
Rocker Switch Double pole illuminated
Fields & Pimblett 250 Micro Switch
Magnetic Microswitch 10x26mm - Fimar Peeler
Switch - Fimar
Selector Switch Unit c/w Knob - Fiorenzato LIDO 2GE Coffee Machine
Selector Switch - Foinox - FM401EM
Door Microswitch -Foinox Convection Steam Oven
SUPERSEDED Bipolar Switch - Foinox Oven
Selector Switch - Foinox - FC20E
Door Microswitch - Foinox Combi Oven FM10EDG
Door Light Switch Foinox JO-0211GB1 Oven
Round On/Off Switch - Foster PT162H
Door Switch - Pre Jan 95 - Foster - GS601LT
On/off switch - Foster FCF500L Chest freezer
Switch - Foster Door Switch
On/Off Switch - Foster PS600UT
Main Switch - Foster Freezer PS600LT
Door Switch - Foster HR400 Fridge
Door Reed Switch - Foster PROG600L PREMG1350H Freezer
Switch - Foster DWC150 Water Drink Machine Switch
Square On/Off Switch - Foster VR381019 PT128H
Thermal Break - Foster HR360 Chiller
Door Switch - Foster Fridge
High Pressure Switch - Foster BCF51 Blast Chiller
Door Switch with 3m Cable - Foster PROG600L Fridge
Switch - Franke FR-1/1-E2 Panini Machine
Switch Franke FR1/1E Grill - 49.25215.530
Safety Switch - Franke FriFri E20 Fryer
Switch - Franke Salamander Grill
Switch - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Switch Franke FF42 Fryer
Rocker Switch - Franke 729.120.770 Chip Dump
Main On/Off Switch - Framec EXPO1100 E1793M07
On/Off Switch - Framec EXPOJ1100NV Freezer
Door Micro Switch - Framec 500NWJEDX
Microswitch - FRC Blast Chiller
White Switch - Frixilia- Fridge
Front Curved Glass - Frilixa - Fridge - CELEBRITY 2.0M
White Round Light Switch - Frilixa - Vizela II 1.0M
Green Round Comp Switch - Frilixa MARAU1.2M Fridge
Float Switch - Frilixa VIZELA 1.3M Fridge
On/Off Switch - Frilixa Vouga Multideck 1.4m
Plug Socket Frilixia Geres1.5m Fridge
White Switch Frilixia Geres1.5m Fridge
Orange Switch Frilixia Geres1.5m Fridge
Float Relay Kit - Friliixia Fridge MARAO 1.5
Main On/Off Switch - Frost-Tech WD85/190
Float Drip Tray - Frost Tech Multideck SD75/150SH
Microswitch - Frost Tech Multideck
On/Off Rocker Switch - Frost-Tech SP75/125
Door Switch - Fruilinox - Chiller - M-TN47/M
Door Switch - Fruilinox AR7TNIRI Chiller
Door Switch Fruilinox AR7TN1R1 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Switch - Fruilinox AR7 0/+8A Chiller
On/Off Switch - Frulinox TR47 SILVE Fridge
Door Microswitch - Fruilinox AR12-21X AR7-2 AF7BTIRI Fridge
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Friulinox AF7 Freezer
Fruillinox TR37 On /Off Switch
Isolation Switch - Fruilinox TF37 Fridge
On/off rocker switch - Caravell/Fruilinox
Defrost Switch - Fruilinox TR37 SILVE
Air Switch Frymaster Fatfryer - H50
Tilt Switch- Mercury Tilt Switch - Frymaster H17
Microswitch - Frymaster
Rocker Switch - Frymaster
Yellow Bipolar Switch - Gaggia Spagna GA20
Yellow Momentary Change Switch - Gaggia
Main Switch - Gaggia Spagna GA20
Light Switch Gamko MXC20250GG310 Fridge
On/Off Switch - Gamko LG1/250G84 - Fridge
Microswitch - Garbin - Oven - 104PX-VAPOR
Cam Switch - Garbin 44PXUMI Oven
Microswitch - Garland 45-40RC MCO-GS-10 Oven
Switch - Garland 40 Series Oven
Switch Power Breaker c/w Green Light - Garland HEEG Grill
On/Off Switch - Garland HEEE-60NG Grill
Float Switch- Garland GG200
Switch - Garland
Float Switch- Garland Pronto 2 CA1E
On/Off Switch - Garland
Switch Toggle - Garland
Tilt switch - Garland F30G-MRW Bratt Pan
On/off power switch - Garland F30G-MRW
On/Off Rocker Switch - Garland
Selector Switch / Thermostat - Garland ED36G
Rocker Switch Standby - Garland
Cool Down Switch 10amp - Garland
Door Microswitch Garland TG3
Microswitch- Garland SM/BL BA-2RV22-D6
Square Ignitor Button - Garland Oven MST4.3RE
Interruptor switch - Garland F30GLR Bratt Pan
Rocker Switch - Garland Gas Convection Oven
Infinite Switch - Garland E22-36G
Toggle Switch Garland Fryer 10-70F 36ES21
Toggle Switch - Garland 10-70F Fryer
Red Switch CD9A2 DLM6A125 - Garland
Timer Switch - Gierre - Oven - BRIO MAXI
Red Push Button - Giga T1650 Dishwasher
Green push button - Giga T1650 Dishwasher
Selector Switch - Giga - Boiling Pan -SK4PFCE
Microswitch - Giga KFE20D Fryer
Function Selector Switch - Giga SK4PFCE Oven
Microswitch - Giga KFE8 Fryer
Door Switch Giorik EPE07
Switch - Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
Locking Bitron/Door Switch Solenoid - Girbau Laundry Machine
Valve Body - Girbau HS4012
Door Switch - Gram SNOWFLAKEF605RGC
Float Switch - Gram - Fridge - K610RG
Door Switch - Gram IIRR 210 Fridge
HP Switch - Gram - KAS42CH-0NE5 - Blast Chiller
White Door Switch - Gram F660 Orpha / K400RU Fridge
Reed Contact / Door Switch - Gram
Door Switch - Gram PLUS K1400RSHC10 Fridge
Float Switch Gram K610 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Float Switch - Gram PLUSK1270RSHC Fridge
Level Switch - Groen TDB7-40 Tilting Kettle
Indicator Neon Red - Groen BPM-40E Bratt Pan
Amber Neon - Groen BPM-40E Bratt Pan
On/Off Switch - Groen BPM-40E Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Green Rocker Switch - Grundy GMG2323C3
Red Rocker Switch Grundy Eclipse91301X05
Switch Plastic Cover Grundy Eclipse91301X05
SUPERSEDED 3 Postion Switch
Illuminated Panel Switch - Green - Grundy -
QLC 4 Position Electronic Switch - Grundy -
Illuminated Panel Switch - Red - Grundy -
Panel Of Switches Grundy GMAID Hot Trolley
Panel Of Switches Grundy GMAID Hot Trolley
Switch Mounting Plate - Grundy Hot Trolley
Switch Mounting Plate - Grundy Hot Trolley
Limit Switch - Hackman Metos Waste Disposal
Safety Magnetic Switch - Hallde
Circuit Breaker - Hamilton Beach - HBH650UK
Housing Switch - Hamilton Beach HMD400
Toggle Switch - Hamilton Beach IG911 Blender
Internal Switch - Hamilton Beach HMD200 Blender
Hi/Lo Switch - Hamilton Beach IG918UK
On/Off Switch-Hamilton Beach HBH450UK Blender
SUPERSEDED Selector switch - Hatco TM10H Toaster
Water Level Float Switch - Hatco
Selector switch - Hatco TRH-60 Toaster
Selector switch - Hatco Toaster
Switch power save - Hatco MFG toaster
On/Off switch - Hatco MFG toaster
SUPERSEDED Hatco TM-10H Speed Controllor Switch
Toggle On/Off Switch - Hatco GRH-60SS Food Warmer
Mains Switch Complete with Neon - Hatco
Infinite Knob/Switch - Hatco GR Series Food Warmer
On / Off Switch - Hatco - Food Warmer - HDW-3
Reed Switch - Hatco - Steamer - STM-4G
Timer/Temperature Control Switch - Hatco
Hi Limit Cut-Out Assembly - Hatco
On/Off Switch - Hendi Bain Marie
Power Switch Henkelman Polar80 Vaccum Packer
Power Switch- Henny Penny Fryer
Switch - Henny Penny Fryer Power Switch 10amp
Programming Key Switch Assy - Henny Penny PFG600 Chicken Machine
SUPERSEDED Power Switch - Henny Penny Fryer Computron 70
Relay Switch - Henny Penny 93HCW5
Float Switch - Henny Penny - Bain Marie - HCW5
Panel & stop button board & on/off switch -
Push Switch - Hilta S42 Dishwasher
Cycle Selector - Hilta S42 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Hilta S42 Dishwasher On / Off Switch
Rocker Switch (Latching) - Hilta SB08, RB08 Dishwasher
Rocker Switch (Impluse) - Hilta SB08, RB08 Dishwasher
Rocker Switch(Impluse) - Hilta RB08 Dishwasher
Switch Assembly - Hilta - Dishwasher - W14
Switch Assembly - Hobart SL250-10 Slicer
Lid Safety Switch - Hobart VPU100 Veg Prep Machine
Wash Tank Float Switch - Hobart CNE-C Dishwasher
Floating Switch - Hobart Dishwasher
Switch - Hobart HL400 Mixer
Potentiometer Assembly - Hobart HL400 HL200 Mixer
Guard Switch - Hobart HL400 Mixer
Control Knob - Hobart A200N- Food Mixer
Switch Reed Assembly - Hobart FD3/75 Dishwasher
Reed Switch - Hobart Dishwasher
Speed Control Switch - Hobart CC34 Veg Prep Machine
End/Limit Switch - Hobart Conveyer Belt
Magnetic Reed Switch For Hood - Hobart
Actuator Switch - Hobart 6614 6801 Cutter
Toggle Switch - Hobart 6614 A120 N50CE Mixer/Cutter
Switch- Hobart CLF26- Dishwasher
Manual Control Switch - Hobart/Vulcan Hart VE30 Tilting Skillet
Cam Switch Mounting - Hobart - Dishwasher - AMX70
Door Switch - Hobart Dishwasher
Lamp - Hobart ECOMAX CLF26 Dishwasher
Microswitch- Hobart GE400 - Dishwasher
Electronic Start Switch - Hobart Slicer
Selector Switch - Hobart
Toggle Switch Left to Right - Hobart A200 AE200 Mixer
Program Switch - Hobart
Button Picture - Hobart GX60 Glasswasher
Selector Switch - Hobart AM12E dishwasher
Interlock Microswitch- Hobart
Stop Switch Only ( No Contactor ) - Hobart
Red Push Button Stop Switch - Hobart HSM40 A200 Mixer
Start Switch - Hobart HSM40 A200 Mixer
Door Switch - Hobart GX60 Glasswasher
Fan Trip Switch - Hobart HCLH-101G-KK Oven/Steamer
On/Off Switch - Hobart GLE300 Slicer
Selector Switch - Hobart HE4F6 Oven
Reed Switch - Hobart HL200 Mixer
Switch Block - Hobart GX60 Glasswasher
Bowl Arm Safety Switch - Hobart A200N Mixer
Sensor Switch for Bowl Guard - Hobart A200 Mixer
Switch - Hobart
Switch & Cover Assembly - Hobart Dishwasher
Switch - Hobart Slicer 1612 Switch
Black Rocker Switch - Hobart AM14
Switch - Toggle DPDT
Switch Assembly - Door
Float Switch - Hobart CXSB Dishwasher
Centrifugal Start Switch - Hobart A200 Mixer
On/Off Switch Kit - Hobart AE200 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Safety switch (for bowl guard) - Hobart A20
Reed Switch - Hobart A200N Mixer
Reed switch - Hobart AMX16 AM900 Dishwasher
Float Switch - Hobart Dishwasher CN
Float Switch Kit- Hobart Dishwasher CN
Switch Keypad Membrane - Hobart LXIC
Bowl lift arm switch - Hobart A200 Mixer
Selector Switch - Hobart Dishwasher FX20
Door Switch Assy - Hobart AM15 Dishwasher
Selector Switch - Hobart HX30 Dishwasher
Membrane Switch Keypad - Hobart AM15 Dishwasher
Float Switch - Hobart CSA17 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Microswitch for Gear Change - Hobart Mixer
On/Off Switch - Hobart Water Boiler
Switch Spacer Cap - Hobart UX30H Dishwasher
Float Switch 1A/60W L - 2000M - Hobart Dishwasher
Thermal Cut Out Switch Kit Hobart BRG200 Water Boiler
Reed Switch & Extension - Hobart HL800 Mixer
Vacuum Switch Service Kit Hobart Dishwasher
Bernstein Reed Switch 300mm - Hobart Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Hobart - HT3KW-10
Microswitch Unit Complete-1101 - Hobart Veg Prep Machine
Switch 2 Pole Hobart 208010
Micro-Switch (3 Conn. Door Motor) - Hobart Combi-Steamer
Kit Float Switch - Hobart Dishwasher
Interlock Switch - Hobart HCM450 Mixer
Switch & Probe Assy - Hobart CLPS66E Dishwasher
Switch Actuator - Hobart A200 Mixer
Contact Block - Hobart A200 Mixer
Reed Switch Assembly - Hobart
Door Switch Cable c/w Connector - Hobart
Hobart NCM20 Mixer Safety Guard Switch
Senator Door Roller Switch - Hobart AM12E Dishwasher
On / Off Switch Black - Hobart A200 Mixer
Magnetic Door End Switch - Hobart Dishwasher
Push Button - Hobart GX60 Glasswasher
10amp 250v Door Limit Switch - Hobart HX30 Dishwasher
Float Switch S/A - Hobart
On/Off Button Service Kit - Hobart FX20 GX60 FX15 Dishwasher
Switch - Hobart Mixer
Switch - Hobart Mixer
Float Switch Kit - Hobart 104G Steamer
Momentary On Black Rocker Switch - Hobart - BEX
Main switch - Hobart HT6KW Water boiler
Timer Rocker Switch - Hobart C64A Dishwasher
Tank Pressure Switch - Hobart Ecomax CHF 40
Pressure Switch - Hobart Ecomax CHF 40
Heat Control Switch - Hobart - Bratt Pan -
Temperature Control Switch - Hobart - Bratt
Selector Switch - Hobart Dishwasher FX40
Magnetic Door Switch Hobart CHH50D Dishwasher
Magnetic Switch - Hobart FX800 AUXX1300 GX72
End Switch - Hobart FM30 AM12E UW100 AM12EC
Door Reed Switch - Hobart Dishwasher
Float Switch - Hobart Dishwasher CN-L-A
Speed Selector Switch Assembly - Hobart HL300
Float Switch Kit - Hobart CN-L-A Dishwasher
Switch Bowl, Height - Hobart
Magnet Switch Hobart FP-41 Food Processor
End Switch - Hobart
Power On/Off switch - Hobart C64A Dishwasher
Toggle Switch (3-pos) - Hobart
Gear Change Interlock Switch - Hobart
Reed Switch - Hobart
Start Switch - Hobart Mixer & Dishwasher
Stop Switch - Hobart Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Honeywell Pressure Switch C6065F1175:2
Microswitch- Honeywell BZE6-2RN7 Microswitch 15amp 250v
Blue Mains Switch - Hoonved C6E Dishwasher
Rotary Selector Switch - Hoonved ED650S/90 Dishwasher
Rotary Selector - Hoonved Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Hoonved C53 Dishwasher
Switch Assembly - Hoover
Float Switch - Hoshizaki - FM251 AFE Ice Machine
Float Switch - Hoshizaki FM120EE.50 Ice Machine
Bin Switch Assy-Hoshizaki IM35L25 Ice Machine
Toggle Switch Hoshisaki IM130WME Ice Machine
Microswitch - Hoshizaki IM85J21 Ice Machine
Control Switch - Hoshizaki KM500MAE-E
Microswitch Assembly - Hoshizaki IM100LE Ice Machine
Bin Switch Assembly - Hoshizaki IM-240-AME2 IM-240AME-23
Float Switch - Hoshizaki KM500MAH Ice Machine
Micro Switch - Hoshizaki Ice Machine
Float Switch - Hoshizaki - Ice Machine - FM-120DE-50
Bin Switch Assembly - Hoshizaki IM-240ANE Ice Machine
Float Switch - Hoshizaki KM-50 Ice Machine
HP Switch - Gram - KAS42CH-0NE5 - Blast Chiller
Float Switch - Hoshizaki KMD-270AA Ice Machine
Switch Bin Assy - Hoshizaki IM-240XWNE Ice Machine
Switch Coder - Hotpoint OS89IX/HP Oven
Temperature Switch Huebsch 35LB Tumble Dryer
Rocker Switch Huebsch 35LB Tumble Dryer
Rocker Switch On/Off Huebsch 35LB Tumble Dryer
Switch - Huebsch LWZ17NWB3069
Temperature Switch - Huebsch - LWZ17NWB3069
Yellow Fast Freezer Switch - Iarp ABX500N Freezer
C3006 DX Door Microswitch Switch Right - Iarp AB400PV / AB500PV Fridge
White Switch Iarp EIS110MR Freezer
Switch Light Iarp 103E Fridge
On/Off Switch - Iarp Freezer STOK70BTE
Switch - Iarp STAR44 Ice Cream Freezer
Water level regulator - Iarp Shelley 120N
Green Light Switch - Iarp ESI45 Freezer Green Light Switch
On / Off Switch - Iarp AB500PV ABX400PV
Eltek 1051.03 Door Switch - Iarp STOK14PNE
Orange Bipolar Switch - Iberital Coffee Machine
Bin Thermostat Switch- Icematic ICEU225FA3- Ice Machine
Micro Switch- Icematic N25 Ice machine
End Defrosting Switch - Icematic N200M N301M SV145 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Float Switch - Icematic N45S N90S Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Float Switch - Castel Mac Ice Maker N20L
On/Off Condenser Fan Cycle Switch - Icematic
Microswitch- Icematic Ice Machine
EF83161.5 Float Switch Assembly - Icematic Ice Machine
Max Pressure Switch Icematic N201 Ice Machine
Max Pressure Switch Icematic N131M Ice
Float Switch- Icematic Float Switch Assembly Ice Machine
On/Off Switch Icematic 0405HA4 Ice Machine
Bin Switch - Ice-O-Matic - ICE0525HA2
Condensor Fan Pressure Switch - Ice-O-Matic ICEU105MA Ice Machine
HP Switch Ice-O-Matic ICE0405FA4 Ice Machine
Fan Cycle Control Switch - Ice O Matic ICE0325
Bin Switch Ice o Matic ICE0325SA4 Ice Machine
Cam switch - Ice-O-Matic 225 Ice machine
Float Micro Switch - Ice-O-Matic N70 Ice machine
Fan Pressure Switch - Ice-O-Matic - Ice Machine - ICE0325HA4
Switch - Ice Queen - Ice Machine - IQ400
Bin Switch - Ice Queen - Ice Machine - IQ400
Green Switch - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Blue Switch - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Safety Switch - IMC 500 Series
Stop Switch - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
Red Push Button - IMC PC1 Potato Chipper
PC1 Mark 4 Potato Peeler Microswitch
Red Stop Button - IMC 904X Series 3 Waste Disposal
Switch Membrane - IMC VP7 Potato Peeler
Button Cover/Protective Boot - IMC MF10 PC2 Veg peeler
Magnetic switch - IMC MF10 Peeler
Microswitch - IMC 1204 Waste Disposal
Interlock Switch Bracket - IMC 1204 Waste
Proximity Switch IMC VP7 Potato Peeler
White Arrow Button (Forward & Reverse) - IMC S52/010 Waste Disposal Unit
Stop / Start Button Kit - IMC PC2 Chipper
On/Off Switch - IMC VQ7 PC2 Potato Peeler
Interlock Body & Magnet Assembly - IMC 904 Waste Disposal
Green switch - IMC PC1 Series 35 Chipper
Red Push Button - IMC Potato Chipper
Body/Contact Assy - IMC Waste Disposal
Microswitch - IMC Waste Disposal
Microswitch - Imesa Washing Machine
Selector Switch - Imesa RC18 Washing Machine
Pressure Switch Imesa RC18 Washing Machine
Pressure Switch Imesa ES23 Tumble Dryer
Remote Controlled Switch - Imesa - Washing Machine - RC18
Microswitch - Imesa T10IMB18SAXE Tumble Dryer
Electric Set - Imperia KRMN Pasta Machine
Switch - Imperial Elite Fryer - EFS-40
Main Oven Switch (6-pin) - Imperial Range
High Limit Switch/Thermostat - Imperial Range CIFS-24FB Fryer
Infinite Control - Imperial Oven
On/Off Switch - Infrico ZS2 Z1 Bottle Cooler
Evap Fan Door Switch - Infrico AGN602
Green On/Off Switch - Infrico V2125T ZS2 Z2
Orange Light Switch - Infrico Z2 Z1 ZS2 ZX1 Bottle
Selector Switch - Inoksan 61E200 Oven
Selector Switch - Inoksan
Black Door Switch - Inomak CB170 CF2140
Green Single Pole Switch 16A 2 - Inomak
Red On/Off Switch - Inomak CA170/L/W-0
On/Off Switch (Red) Inomak SA PUSHW116
SUPERSEDED Rocker Switch - Inomak XWH16 Fridge
Reed Switch In-Sink-Erator 781
On/Off Switch - Instanta 6000-20A 4000-3 2000
Instanta Float Switch - WB200
Rocker Switch -Instanta Old Style Rocker Switches
On / Off Switch - Instanta - Water Boiler -
Overheat Pressure Switch - Instanta SUPREME 3 Water Boiler
Switch - Interlevin SC1H Bottle Cooler
HC-056K.9R Door Switch - Interlevin - LGC2500
Reversing Switch - Ipso WE234
Micro Switch Lock T2 (light) Ipso
Water Level Switch Ipso
Micro Switch Lock T2 (Door Lock) Ipso
3 Pole Main Switch Ipso
Door Switch - ISA Tornado 50RVTB 100RVTB Fridge
Micro Switch Holder - Ital - Slicer - 350HD
On / Off Switch - Sirman/ Ital Canova Slicer
Microswitch - Ital TM1 - Slicer
Microswitch Ital Stresa 300HD Slicer
Microswitch - Ital FR8 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Emergency On/Off Switch Assembly -
Tilt Pan Microswitch 1030RAE - Quasar ITV 2000 40A
Condensor Fan Switch - ITV - Ice Machine - ICE200065A
Float Valve - Jackson Tea Boiler G220R3-NG
On / Off Switch - Jackson JE6 Water Boiler On / Off Switch
On/Off Switch JJ3 Jackson Boiler
2-pole Green Switch 16a 250v - Jemi GS-83M Dishwasher
Microswitch - Jemi GS-83M Dishwasher
Green Push Switch 250v 16a - Jemi - Dishwasher - GS-1
Indicator Lamp Green 230V - Jemi GS9
Indicator Lamp White 10A 250V - Jemi GS9
Pressure Switch - Johnsons Control Pressure Switch P20EA/9950C
Microswitch - Jolly Ice - J35
Rotary Switch - Joni
Green Lit Double Pole Switch on/off - Jordao
SUPERSEDED Float - Jordeo - Fridge - NFP4090
Red On/Off Switch - SDU12 Jordao Fridge
Green Indicator Lamp - Jordao Display Fridge
White On/Off Switch - 126/07 Jordao Fridge
Float Switch - Jordao MFP3 Slim
Float Switch - Jordao Lyct150 Fridge
Amber Neon - Kastel - Dishwasher
Switch PB - Whirlpool Dryer
Off/On Control Unit - Kenwood Mixer PM900
Microswitch - Kenwood KDW60X10 Dishwasher
Control Module Assembly - Kenwood KM020 Mixer
On/Off Rocker Switch - King Edward CL/COM
Rocker Switch - King Edward Classic 25 CL/COM Oven
Motor Switch - Kingfisher M20A Mixer
Starter Button- Kingfisher M20-A - Mixer
Cover/Seal (for switch) - Kitchenaid 5KPM50
Switch - Kitchenaid 5KPM50 Mixer
Door Switch Komel C34DGT Dishwasher
Switch - Koral 1200 Dishwasher Push Button Switches
SUPERSEDED Pressure Switch Kromo K100 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED On / Off Switch for Kromo Dishwasher K50-80
Cycle Start Switch Support - Kromo AQUA40
On/Off Switch - Kronus Pizza Oven
Push Button Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
Switch Holder Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
Green Rocker Switch - Kronus BS430/2M-C5-KR Pizza Oven
Control Swtch - Kronus Combi Oven
Switch- Kronus 2312-001 Dishwasher Switch Holder
Switch- Kronos 2312-001 Dishwasher Switch Button
Obsolete Door Catch- Krupps Coral 208DB Door Catch
Boiler on/off Switch (bank of 2) - Krupps 800DB Dishwasher
Microswitch - Krupps 500DB Dishwasher
MN10 Microswitch - Kuppersbusch PEP338 Bratt Pan
Door Switch - Labcold RLPR1514 - Fridge
Selector Switch - Lainox ME105 Oven
SUPERSEDED Rotary Selector Switch - Lainox VE110M Combi
Damper System - Lainox KME072S Oven
Overload Switch - Lainox ME004M Combi-Oven
Reset Switch - Lainox - Steam Oven - RE/05
Microswitch (door switch) - Lainox FG101M ACG.10MGB Oven
SUPERSEDED Reversing Switch - Lainox ME106M Oven
Main Selector Switch - Lainox VGKLOM Oven
Main On/Off Switch Knob - Lainox LXTYPNG101D
Overload switch setting range 1,8-2,5A
Oven Door Switch - Lainox ME101M Oven
On/Off Button - Lainox LXTYPMG101D Oven
Door Switch - Lainox VG102D ME061M ME061D
SUPERSEDED Water Safety / Oven Pressure Switch - Lainox Oven/Steamer
End Microswitch - Lamber Dishwasher
Rotary Switch - Lamber Dishwasher
Water Level Switch - Lamber L21-NSP1206
Switch - Lamber Newscan DSP20
Drain Switch Blue - Lamber DSP40
Oval Shape Cover for Cycle Switch -
Limit Switch - M115 Lamber
2-Pole Green On/Off Switch (latching)- Lamber
SUPERSEDED 2-Pole Green On/Off Switch (latching)- Lamber
Micro Switch - Lamber Dishwasher DSP5
On/Off Switch - Lamber L21
Rotary switch for Lamber L25 D/Washer
SUPERSEDED Pressure Control Switch for Lamber L25
Magnetic switch - Lamber ML25 Dishwasher
Relay Switch - Lamber Newscan NSG500
Magnetic switch 230v - Lamber L25 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch Lamber SuperQS Glasswasher
Drain Switch Lamber SuperQS Glasswasher
Selector Switch - Lamber F85 Dishwasher
Switch Housing - Lamber NSG405 NS506 glasswasher
On-Off Switch - Lamber Dishwasher Round type
Limit Switch - Lamber Dishwasher L25
On/Off Switch - Lamber O50F
Selector switch - Lamona HJA1200 Electric
Orange Rocker Switch - Lanelec 912 Slicer
SUPERSEDED 3-Position Rotary switch - Lang S33827R Oven
Rotating 6 heat + off switch - Lang Marine Range 36S-3AM Oven
Power Switch - Lang C28 Fryer
Switch Rotation 3 Heat - Lang S33827R Convection Oven
2 Position Rotary Switch - Lang C28 Fryer
On/Off Toggle Switch - Lang 130F
Switch Control Lang Oven
Switch 3 Heat 240/600VDC Lang Oven
SUPERSEDED 3-Heat Rotating Switch - 240/480V 20Amp
Temperature Switch 240V AC 15A Lang Oven
Door Switch - Lang
Toggle Switch - Lang
SUPERSEDED Heat Selector Switch - Lang 36S-2 Oven
Selector Switch - Lang DO36M Marine Oven
Door Microswitch Assembly - Lang - Oven - RT36D
La Pavioni Bar2M Coffee Machine
Water switch for BAR2M La Pavioni coffee mach
On/Off Selector Switch - Lasa - LC5
Magnetic Switch - Lasa LC5 Dishwasher
Cycle Selector Switch 16a 250v - Lasa LC5 Dishwasher
Program Switch - Lasa LC5 Dishwasher
Door Switch - Artica LEC HEA709
Light Switch - LEC - Fridge - BC6007G
Light Switch - LEC BC6097ST BC9007GLED BC9027K Bottle Cooler
SUPERSEDED Light Switch - LEC - BC9057ST
Oven selector switch - Leisure Cuisine Master
On/Off Switch - Leventi Bakermat Basic Oven
On/Off Switch - Leventi DGT Bakermat
Door Switch - Liebherr - Fridge - GKPV5520
On/Off Switch - Lincoln 1633-F00-E-K1846 Pizza Oven
Level Control Switch - Lincat Steamer
Rocker switch - Lincat GWH1200 Hot Food
Obsolete Green On/Off Switch - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6 EB6T
KSD301-R Over-temperature Steam Safety Switch - Lincat
Oven / Fan Switch - Lincat ESLR9C Oven
Copper Float - Lincat OG7502/N Steamer
Float Valve - Lincat OG7504N Steamer
Mechanical float system kit - Lincat OG7502 Steamer
Gantry Light Switch - Lincat LPWLR Bain Maire
On/Off Switch - Lincat FPB5 AS4 Fridge/Salad
Green Main Switch - Lincat Salamander Grill
On / Off Switch - Lincat CT10 EB3 Toaster
Switch C/W Neon - Lincat RS334 N583 Water
On/Off Switch - Lincat - LD4A002
Microswitch - Lincat DF33 Fryer
Rocker switch (red neon) - Lincat HC3 HC4 HC6
Interlock Switch - Lincat J9 J6 J12 DF46 J12 DF46 Fryer
Element Microswitch - Lincat DF46 DF66 DF33 Fryer
On/Off Switch - Lincat HC6 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED - Gantry Light Switch - Lincat Bain Marie
Dispensing Switch - Lincat EB3F/PB Water Boiler
Microswitch RetroKit - Lincat DF66 DF33 Fryer
4Pole Rotary Switch - Lincat P0430-2 Double Deck Oven
Plunger Micro Switch - Lincat - Oven
25mm Mounting Red Bipolar Switch - Linea Blanca Dishwasher
Red On/Off Switch - Linea Blanca LC3800 LC140 Dishwasher
Green On/Off Switch - Linea Blanca LC3800 LC140 Dishwasher
Magnetic Switch - Linea Blanca Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Linea Blanca - LC3800
SUPERSEDED Interlock Switch Module - Litton 3100I
3 WAY Selector Switch - Lockhart/ Hatco TM10H TT-300N Toaster
SUPERSEDED Green Light Switch - Loipart
Change-Over Switch - Lotus MS900E Dishwasher
Operation Switch - Lotus
SUPERSEDED Top Switch Fan Control LTH Fridge 20TK20ER
75/35 Pressure Switch for Luxia Oceano 50
Main 3-Selector switch - Luxia K1000QB
Cycle Start Switch - Luxia T50 Dishwasher
Rotary Switch - Luxia Dishwasher
Yellow Swiitch- Mach MB9240- Glass Washer
Bank of 3 Switches - Mach MS905 Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Mach MS905 - Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Mach - Dishwasher - MS9451
Switch Bank Assembly - Mach - MS9100
Door Switch Assembly - Mach - Dishwasher - WRAS451BT
Pressure Switch - Mach - Dishwasher - MS9451
On / Off Switch assembly (bank of 3 switches)
Yellow Switch - Mach MB920E Dishwasher
Pressure Switch
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Orange Switch - Mafirol - Fridge - MCRONUSM
Float Switch - Mafirol VRAVEL1210 Display Chiller
Float Microswitch - Maidaid - Ice Machine - MF90/20
Push Switch - Maidaid HALCYON25DDE Dishwasher
Switch Blank - Maidaid HALCYON25DDE Dishwasher
Over Load Switch- Maidaid Mini rack 150
Rotary Selector Switch- Maidaid
3 Switch Button - Maidaid MRC200 Dishwasher
Switch 3 Gang non D/P - Dishwasher
Cycle Start Button - Maidaid / Halcoyn - Dishwasher - C40
Button, Oval - Maidaid 45GS Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Pulse Switch Double - Maidaid 45GS Dishwash
Button Housing Oval - Maidaid 45GS Dishwasher
Flowmeter - Maidaid D510 Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Maidaid Halcyon D50
Push Button 21mm x 11mm - Maidaid C400 C350 C500 Glasswasher
SUPERSEDED Button Housing Oval - Maidaid C400 C350
On/Off Switch - Maidaid MF150-40 Ice Machine
Microswitch - Maidaid MF150-40 Ice Machine
Switch bank-Maidaid MRC200 3 Switch bank
Momentary Switch - Maidaid C40 Glasswasher
On/Off Switch - Maidaid Halcyon C400 C510ADP Glasswasher
Start Switch - Maidaid Halcyon D40 Dishwasher
Magntic Reed Switch - Maidaid Halcyon HALCYON 25 Dishwasher
Magnetic Door Switch - Maidaid Halcyon 101 GS Dishwasher
Pressure Switch (drain) - Maidaid - Dishwasher - 510
Double Switch Housing Assembly- Maidaid AN1002- Ice Machine
Microchip For D100 - MaidaidD1000
Microswitch Mainca BS11 Bread Slicer
Switch Mainca BS11 Bread Slicer
Water Level Assembly Kit - Manitowoc QY0274A
SUPERSEDED Magnetic Bin Switch - Manitowoc Ice Machine
Rocker /Toggle Switch - Manitowoc SD0852A Ice
Switch - Manitowoc QD0212A Ice Maker
Fan HP Switch - Manitowoc SP0852A Ice Machine
Fan Cycling Control - Manitowoc ECS051AGG Ice Machine
Fan Circle Pressure Switch - Manitowoc - Ice Machine - SD1802A
HP Switch - Manitowoc SD0422A Ice Machine
PS80-00394 Fan Cycle Control - Manitowoc IDO502A-251 Ice Machine
On/Off Switch - Manitowoc ECS080AB ECS051AB Ice Machine
Bin Switch - Manitowoc QD0272A Ice Machine
On/Off Switch - Manitowoc Ice Flaker - RF0399A
Bin Switch - Manitowoc IY0524A-251 Ice Machine
Toggle Switch for Compact Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Fan control switch - Manitowoc QD0602A Ice
Float switch - Manitowoc BR0420AS Ice Machine
High Pressure Switch - Manitowoc ID0302A-251 Ice Machine
Pressure Switch - Manitowoc Ice Machine - RF0650A
Ice Float Switch - Manitowoc RF1200A Ice Machine
Condenser Fan Motor Pressure Control Switch - Manitwoc QD0212 Ice Machine
Magnetic Bin Switch - Manitowoc - Ice Machine - QD0212H
On/Off Switch Marco Water Boiler
Push Button - Marco PB10 Boiler
Amber Round Switch - Marco - Water Boiler - EZT700
Water Dispense Switch - Marco LIBRA 5 Water Boiler
Dispense Switch - Marco - Water Boiler -
Microswitch - Mareno Oven
Ego Control Switch - Mareno C9FE-8E
Tiliting Switch - Mareno
Contact Block - Mareno
Front Panel Encoder - Mareno
Hotplate Switch - Mareno - Oven - C9F-6E/2
Tilting Motor Microswitch 16amp 250v - Mareno BR9-12EIM Bratt Pan
Tilting Motor Switch - Mareno BR9-12GFM Bratt
Switch - Mareno BR9-12GFM SVCG12 Bratt Pan
Selector Switch Mareno Oven
Remote Control Switch Mareno Oven
Change Over Switch Mareno Oven
Orange Bipolar Switch Mareno Oven
Switch- Mareno FB140F Chiller
Reversing Switch 8' - Convection Oven
Microswitch- Mareno FB140F Chiller Door Microswitch
SUPERSEDED Mareno Bratt Pan BR9-12GFM 6 Pole Switch
Water On/Off Switch - Mareno SVCG12 Bain Marie
Main Switch - Mareno BR9-12EIM FR7-7E Fryer/Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Switch - Mareno C7FE-8E Oven
Switch Changeover - Mareno Oven C9F-8E
Start Switch - Masterwash Dishwasher - V350
SUPERSEDED V25 Float Switch - Master Wash V25/45
Microswitch - ATA Masterwash V45DP
Main Selector Switch - Masterwash D/W - V25DP
Switch - Masterwash V400DP Dishwasher
Lid Switch - Maytag Lid Switch
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - MBM Dishwasher
Button - MBM Tilting Bratt Pan EBRA/24
Switch - MBM Tilting Bratt Pan EBRA/24
On/Off Switch MBM TE127/1 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Micro Switch - MBM GBRV1 Bratt Pan
Triple Switch Block - MBM - Dishwasher - MK61
SUPERSEDED 2 Pos. Switch - MBM EF90 Fryer
Switch - MBM
Selector Switch - MBM
Main Switch Mecnosud IM44CE400 Dough Roller
Foot Switch - Mecnosud Dough Roller DL30
Conveyer belt switch - Meiko Dishwasher
Plunger Switch - Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
Micro Switch (for Door) - Meiko Dishwasher
Magnetic Switch - Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
Door Reed Switch - Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
Electronic Rinse Tank Float Switch - Meiko FV40.2
Level Switch - Meiko ECO Star 530F
Float Switch Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
L221 Level Float Switch - Meiko DW530F Dishwasher
Pressure Swith - Meiko FV 40T Dishwasher
Level switch - Meiko DV80T dishwasher
Switch - Meiko K200VP Diswasher
Pressure Switch - Meiko DV 80T Dishwasher
Magnetic Switch - Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
Switch - Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
Auxiliary Switch- Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Float Switch - Meiko K200VP Dishwasher
Microswitch Meiko DV200.2 Dishwasher
Ground Float Switch - Meiko DV200.2 Dishwasher
Slider Switch - Meiko Dishwasher
End Switch Lever - Meiko Dishwasher
Level Switch - Meiko - Ecostar545D-M
SUPERSEDED Level Switch - Meiko DV200.2 Dishwasher
Microswitch Open 925 - Meiko DV200.2 FV402.G Dishwasher
Door safety switch - Menumaster U1600I Microwave
Micro-switch (MF5000) - Menumaster Microwave
On/Off Switch Control 20A - Merco Savory
Mutli-Function Switch - Mercury RC1090 Oven
Yellow Fan Switch Mercatus L22190 Fridge
Fan Switch - Mercatus - Fridge - L1-PROFI
On/Off Switch - Mercatus - Fridge - L1-PROFI
On/Off Switch - Mercatus L21320 undercounter
On/Off Rocker Switch Green - Mercatus L5-13 L62490
Microswitch - Merrychef Microwave EC402S Microswitch
Microswitch Z154 - Merrychef Microwave
On/Off Rocker Switch - Merrychef HD1425 Microwave
Switch Holder - Merrychef MD1804 - SWITCH HOLDER (INTERLOCK)
MD1804 - Merrychef Microwave Microswitch
Microswitch- Merrychef Microwave Microswitch V5A010CB (4)
Bracket - Merrychef Microswitch Adjustment Bracket
Micro Switch - Maerrychef MD1800
Interlock Switch - Merrychef MD1800
Microswitch - Merrychef Microcook TA1725
Micro Switch - MerryChef Microwave
Door Switch - Merrychef - ETM-3
Door Microswitch - Merrychef Microwave
Microswitch & Bracket - Merrychef Microwave
Cavity Cut Out Switch - Merrychef - Microwave
Emergency Off Switch - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
On Switch - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Bowl Switch - Metcalfe Mixer SP100
Rocker switch - Metcalfe XS250 Slicer
Off switch - Metcalfe EPUO/144S1/3H Peeler
On switch - Metcalfe EPUO/144S1/3H Peeler
Safety Switch - Metcalfe 200B SP100 Mixer
Field Break Switch - Metos WD-6E dishwasher
Main Switch S30 Metos V2200 Fryer
Selector Switch - Metos RP4/CHEF-22 Range
Field Breaker switch - Metos WD-6E dishwasher
Safety Switch Metos RG400 Vegetable Slicer
Pole Changing Switch Metos RG400 Vegetable
Rocker Switch Metos MS LH-12 Steam Table
Green On/Off Rocker Switch Metos MS LH12
Green Switch - Metos 2RC1200
Door Microswitch - Metos
Switch - Metos
Switch - Metos
Emergency Switch - Metos
Microswitch - Metos
Complete Stop Switch - Metos
Complete Start Switch - Metos
Door Switch - Metos
Switch - Metos
Auxillary Switch - Metos
Door Switch - Metos CM101E
Door Switch - Metos - Fridge - MMC600
Switch - Metos MMF600 Fridge
Switch - Metos - Bain Marie
Control Selector Switch - Hackman Metos CHEF22 Oven
Switch - Metos
Delta Star Switch - Metos
Switch Moller - Metos
Switch Led Block - Metos
Thermostat - Metos Oven
Switch - Metos Oven
Pilot Lamb Bulb- Metos Oven
Switch Contact Block - Metos
Switch K&NCG4 A214 E9 SFS0001
Switch K&N CA10 CG4 SF4624 E9
Selector Switch - Metos - Oven
Microswitch - Metos - Oven - FUTURA RP4/220
Pressure Switch - Miele PT7251 EL- Tumble Dryer
Level Switch - Miele Tumble Dryer
Safety Microswitch - Miele - PT7136
Foot Pedal Switch - Miele B890 - Ironer
Pressure Switch Miele
Push Button Switch 5-Fold - Miele T6185G Tumble Dryer
Rocker Switch - Miele HM21-100 Rotary Iron
On / Off Switch (White) - Miele G1040
Main on/off switch - Miele G8050 Dishwasher
Main Programmer Switch - Miele G1040
Switch - Miele HM21-100 Rotary Iron
Electronic Speed Switch Miele Rotary Iron
On/Off dial complete with PCB - Miele WF5425
Safety Switch for Finger Guard - Miele B863
Green On/Off Switch - Migel KF165 Ice machine
Water tank & float switch assy - Migel POR001
On/Off Switch - Milan Toast 1605X
Float Switch - Milehigh GC555AE
On/Off Switch - Mirra 250C Slicer
6A 250V Microswitch - MKN Fryer
FR501 Micro Limit Switch - MKN Tilting Frying Pan
Cam Switch - MKN 2023017 Tilting Pan
Cam Switch - MKN - 0-3 16 A. 500 V
Reed Contact Switch - MKN FKE201R-CL Oven
Reed Switch - MKN BLM-M-102-16 Oven
Switch Button MKN Range
Cam Switch - MKN
Control Knob (Temperature) - MKN Bratt Pan
Temp Toggle Switch - MKN 202333P Fryer
Cam Switch - MKN Deep Fat Fryer
Alarm / Buzzer 230V - MKN Deep Fat Fryer
SUPERSEDED Switch Button V-185
SUPERSEDED Cam Switch 0-1-0-1 16/250 10/380
SUPERSEDED End Switch 6 A 250v Changer
SUPERSEDED Switch Button 0-1-0-1
Induction Generator Control Unit - MKN
Changeover Switch - Modular 90/80 PEI
Operation Switch - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
Operation Switch - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
Microswitch - Modular 90/80BRE Bratt Pan
Cut Off Switch - Modular 90/80BRE Bratt Pan
Rotary Switch 2 Poles Item 139 on Diagram
Rotary Switch 4 Positions 17mm Item139
Micro Switch - Modular CF4-78EI Oven
Selector Switch 6 Pos - Modular 90/120CFE
Selector Switch 6 Pos - Modular 90/120CFE
Switch -Ego Selector Switch - Moffat/Blue Seal E44 Fryer
Float Switch - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
3-Way Switch - Moffat
Water Sensor Kit - Moffat - Fridge - MISTRAL
On / Off Switch 22mm x 30mm - Moffat 3FHCM/3V304 Hot cupboard
Plug part 1 (inner) - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Socket Part 1 - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Moffat Bain Marie 1900
Green On/Off Switch - Moffat VCHT3 VEGEN299 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Main Switch - Moffat FTG3 Focus Hot Top
Double Pole Switch; 16a 250v - Molteni Range
Rotary Switch - Monarch PA26M Oven
FPP04 + 4 Monarch Pizza Oven Switch
Selector Switch - Monarch Pizza Oven
Rocker Switch - Monarch Pizza Oven - Rocker Switch
Selector Switch - Cuppone BS425/2M
Three Position 230V 16A Selector Switch -
On/Off Switch - Monarch FPL4DL Fryer
Toggle Switch - Monarch Pizza Oven
Temperature Control Switch Monarch PFF04P4
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Door Switch - Mondial KICPVX60M
Switch- Mondial Switch E17245S1500 - Freezer
Door Microswitch - Mondial Elite PVX60 Fridge
On/Off Switch - Mono FG158-1354 FG150 Oven
Door Interlock Micro Switch - Moorwood Vulcan
SUPERSEDED Rotary Switch/Selector Switch for Moorwood
3 Way Heat Selector Switch -
Float Switch - Moorwood Vulcan MV1STA60-LP Steamer
Heat Switch/Hot Plate Control Switch -M Line MLE90CR-FRS
On/Off Green Switch - Moorwood Vulcan 2 Tier
Green Neon Rocker Switch for ACS Hotcupboard
Switch-fan speed Moorwood Vulcan snorkel
On / Off Switch - Moorwood Vulcan MLE60F-F Fryer
Door Interlock Switch - Moorwood Vulcan Fryer
Switch - Moretti Forni Oven
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch Moretti Forni PF60-60 Pizza
Fire Brick - Moretti Forni PD105.105 Pizza Ov
On/Off Switch - Moretti PD105.105 Pizza Oven
SUPERSEDED On / Off Switch (RED) Moretti 60.60 Duo
Red Switch - Moretti Forni G75E Pizza Oven
Rotary Switch - Moretti PRESSY33 Dough Roller
Light Switch - Moretti Forni PD60/60 Pizza Oven
Black & White On/Off Switch - Moretti PD60/60 PM30/60/1500714 Oven
Green Illuminated Switch - Moretti Forni
On / Off Switch - Moretti PD60/60MF Pizza Ove
Door Switch - MPS - Fridge - 21R
Magnetic Reed Switch - Multi-Vac C200 Vacuum
Proximity Switch - Multivac - Food Processor - R240
On/Off Rocker Switch - Musso Stella
On/Off Rocker Switch Musso Piccolo L1
Paddle Switch - Musso L1 Ice Cream Machine
On/Off Switch - Nelson C50A Glasswasher
SUPERSEDED 2-pin Cycle switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
1-2min Cycle switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
6-pin Drain switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
On/Off Switch - Nelson SC50A/11 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Nelson Glasswasher On Off Switch - Yellow
2-Pin Cycle Switch - Nelson SC035 Dishwasher
3-Pin On/Off Switch - SC035 Dishwasher
Drain pump switch - Nelson Glasswasher
Door Switch - Nelson SC45AWS3 Dishwasher
Switch Casing - Nelson SW90
Magnetic Reed Switch - Nelson - Dishwasher - SW1300EBT
Switch complete 230v (1pole/Impulse) - Lamber
SUPERSEDED Limit Switch Seat - Newscan DFM12 Mixer
Orange Cycling Switch - Newscan - DSP1
Control Switch (for old style) - Newscan -Slicer - FS250
Push Button Body 17x13mm - Newscan - DSP MONO
Switch for light 230v - Newscan Pizza Oven -
On/Off Switch - Newscan F85EK0NS506 NSG505
On/ off switch - Newscan NS1506 dishwasher
Light Switch 0-1 Red OMEG I4613 - Newscan
Magnetic Switch - Newscan DSP5 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Push Button for Cycle Switch Oval -
Drain Switch - Newscan DSP50 DishWasher - Drain Switch
Black switch - Lamber Newscan DSP2 Diswasher
Orange switch - Lamber Newscan DSP2 Dishwasher
On/off switch - Lamber Newscan NS506
Rotary Switch - Newscan NSP1200
Hall Centre Sensor - Nice Ice N25P
On/Off Switch - Nice Ice Ice Machine *1 ONLY AT THIS PRICE*
On/off Switch - Nickel-Electro - Hot Bath - FL14D
Light Switch - Norcool S66 Bottle Cooler
Float Switch - Nuttall 4GN Chiller
Condensate Microswitch & Float - Norpe H34602S Fridge
Green Power Light - Novum - FCG115/10211
Switch - OEM Pizza Oven S-96
Opertion Switch 2 Operating Positions - Offcar
Cam Switch - Olis
Contact for Microswitch - Olis CVM6E Oven
Change Oven Switch - Olis Oven
Change Overswitch - Olis Oven
16a Switch - Olis OLTH12 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch - Olis 74/02CEEPQ Oven Range
Switch - Olis 74/02FTE Griddle
Cam Switch / Commutator- Olis 74/02KBEBI Bratt Pan
Microswitch - Olis 74/02KBEBI Bratt Pan
Rotating Selector - Olis OLTH12 Dishwasher
Position switch - Olis 761CE Griddle
Magnetic Door Switch - Olis CV6ES2 Oven
SUPERSEDED 3 Pos. Change Over Switch - Olis Oven
4 Pos. Selector Switch - Olis Oven
SUPERSEDED 7 Pos. Selector Switch - Olis
Hood Switch - Olis DW037 Dishwasher
Microswitch Support - Olis Dishwasher
Switch Knob Olis 761CE Oven
Green Switch - Olis Dishwasher
Magnetic Microswitch - Olis Dishwasher
0-1 Selector - Olis Dishwasher
On/Off Switch Olis STE70 Fridge
Changeover Switch 7 Pos - Olis 900 Fryer
Operation Switch 4 Pos - Olis 900 Fryer
Changeover Switch - Olis 900 Fryer
Rotary On/Off Switch - Omas VS25C TS22 Slicer
Switch 7A - Omas TS12E Mincer
Overload Switch - Omas TS22E
Complete switch assembly - Omas Spa GL Matic
On/Off Switch - Omas
Start /Stop - Omas038Start/Stop - Omas C35E - Dishwasher
On/off Switch - Omega SF300 Slicer
On/Off Switch - Omega DM89/395/CE Master Veg Prep
Switch Impulse Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Cycle Switch Omniwash K50E/DCV/DD/PS
Program Start Button - Omniwash - K50E
On/Off Button - Omniwash
Heater Indicator Button (round, blue) - Omniwash
Light Switch - Osborne - Fridge - 3500
SUPERSEDED Light Switch - Osborne 2500 Bottle Cooler
Light Switch - Osborne 3500 Bottle Cooler
Operation Switch 4 positions - Ozti - Plate Warmer
On/Off - Ozti
Cover Switch - Ozti OBO 1000/EKO Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Ozti OBO 1000/EKO Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Ozti OBO 1000/EKO Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Ozti OBO 1000/EKO Dishwasher
Changeover Microswitch - Panasonic NEC1275 Microwave
Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Microswitch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Microswitch A - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Microswitch B - Panasonic NE1880 Microwave
Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Thermal Fuse Switch - Top Exhaust Duct -
Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Door Switch - Panasonic NE1670 Microwave
Switch Buttons (3 of) - Panasonic NE1747
Membrane Switch - Panasonic NE1670 microwave
Selector Switch - Panasonic Microwave
Cook switch bracket - Panasonic NE1747
Membrane Switch - Panasonic NE1880 NE3280 Microwave
Door Switch - Panasonic NE1630 Microwave
Diode - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
SUPERSEDED Switch - Panasonic NE1856 Microwave
Green Start Button - Pantheon BC20 Mixer
Red Stop Button - Pantheon BC20 Mixer
Contact Switch - Pantheon BC20 Mixer
Distance Switch - Pantheon BC20 Mixer
Red Stop Button - Pantheon - Mixer - SM20
On/Off Switch - Pantheon MS250 Slicer
Green Power Switch - Parry RCF4 Fridge
Red Neon - Parry-CWB6 - Water Boiler
Green Indicator - Parry-CWB6 - Water Boiler
Selector Switch - Parry - TEC6MD
Reset Switch - Parry SGH50 Fryer
On/Off Switch - Parry KHFM Hot Food Cabinet
Switch - Parry 6 Heat Switch for Ultima Hob Unit
On / Off Red Switch - Parry 9213
Microswitch - Parry Microswitch for Fryer Model 860
SUPERSEDED Neon Switch - Parry Bain Marie 188DG
Door Switch - Parry THL650TN fridge
Safety Micro-Switch - Parry XP52-Z11 Fryer
Float Switch (24" wire) - Pitco
On/Off Selector Switch - Frialator
Microswitch - Frialator CE-SE145-D Fryer
On/Off Switch Pitco SG14 Fryer
Pressure Switch - Pitco AG14S Fryer
Rocker Switch - PitcoSE14
Stop Start Button - Pizza Group Dough Roller
Rotary Switch 2 0-1 sets of contacts 4
Switch Pizza Group ENTRY8 Pizza Oven
Switch Pizza Group ENTRY8 Pizza Oven
Contact - Pizzagroup - Dough Roller - B40
Push Switch - Pizzagroup - Dough Roller - B40
On/Off Switch - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Power Switch Polar U606 Chilled Juice
Switch Board - Polar G620 Ice Machine
Positional Switch - Polar - Ice Machine T315
Light Switch - Polar G619 G211 Cake Display
Contact Switch - Polar U635 Fridge
Light Switch - Polar GL002 Chiller
Light Switch - Polar CE205 CE206 CE207 CB929
Door Switch - Polar G591 SNACK400SBT U635 G590 Freezer
Switch - Polar G620 G620 Ice Machine
Green Power/On/Off Switch - Polar G599 CB931B G604 Freezer
Micro Switch Spare - Polar
Micro Switch Board - Polar
Micro Switch - Polaris Micro Switch - SPABT70
On / Off Switch - Polaris - Fridge - SABT70
Door Switch - Polaris = Fridge - F PLUS TN 140
On/Off Switch 25mm x 27mm - Polaris SABT70 Fridge
Switch Thermostat Protection Porkka
Rocker Switch - Porkka - HL Hotline Bain Marie
Klixon - Porkka 9617-016902001 9470326 9470053KONEL2-C Fridge
Microswitch - Primus Tumbledryer
Microswitch - Primus Tumbledryer
Microswitch - Primus - Washing Machine
Balance Switch - Primus F/FS22 Washing
Out of Balance Switch - Primus F40- Washing Machine
Switch Programming - Primus
Microswitch - Primus
Microswitch - Primus
Door Microswitch - Primus
Door Microswitch - Primus
Door Microswitch - Primus
Filter Pane Microswitch - Primus
Switch - Primus
Door Switch Actuator Kit - Primus Tumble Dryer
Water Level Switch - Primus LC1D32M7
Water Level Switch - Primus LC1D32M7
Microswitch & Crowbar - Primus RS35 Washing Machine
Reducing Part, Water Level Switch - Primus
Door Switch - Primus
Membrane Switch - Primus
Switch - Primus Tumble Dryer
Main Switch - Primus T35 Tumble Drier
Microswitch- Primus T35 Tumble Drier
Switch 32a 3-Pole - Primus
SUPERSEDED Heat Control Switch - Prince Castle 428/EQGBC
On/Off Switch - Prince Castle 297-T20FCE
Price Castle 428EQ-LGB Power Switch
On/Off Rocker Switch - Prince Castle 420E Toaster
Red On/Off Oblong Switch - Prodis DB80B Dishwasher
Rectangular Start/Cycle Button - Prodis E40 E50UK Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED On/Off Button - Prodis - E40
Safety Microswitch - Prodis PA10401 Fryer
Drain Switch (Oval) - Prodis E40 Dishwasher
Drain Switch Black - Prodis E40 T120 E80EX Dishwasher
Safety Microswitch - Prodis PA10401 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Switch - Prodis
SUPERSEDED Cycle start switch - Prodis Glasswasher E40
Microswitch - Prodis EC40A Ice Machine
On/Off Switch - Prodis - Fridge - GN3100TN
Float Switch - Prodis Ice Machine - EC40A
On/Off Switch - Prodis J40 Glasswasher
Water Inlet Microswitch - Profinox 3120 Ice Machine
On/Off Switch - Project Dishwasher - T120
Green Drain Button - Prodis E80 Dishwasher
Door Microswitch - Project S80 S40 J40 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Project - Dishwasher - S40
Green Mains Switch - Promek VL223-12 Juice Dispenser
Rear Pressure Switch - Proton W1400A Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Proton - Dishwasher - W1400A
On/Off Switch - Proton W400 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Cycle Start Switch - Proton W700A
Tank level switch - Proton W7DDN Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Cycle Switch (yellow) - Proton W400
Start Switch Yellow four pole - Proton W500C
Float Switch 6amp 250v - Quasar Q90C 100S Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Float switch - Quasar Q20C Ice machine
Limit Switch - Quattro Mixer
SUPERSEDED Limit switch seat - Quattro FM07 Mixer
Limit Switch - Quattro FM12 Mixer - Limit Switch
Limit Switch for Guard - Quattro FM12 FM07 Mixer
Centrifugal Switch- Quattro FM12 Mixer
Limit Switch for Guard - Quattro FM20 FM12 Mixer
Limit Switch Guard - Quattro FM20HL11012 Mixer
Centrifugal Govener Plate- Quattro FM20 Mixer
Centrifugal Governer - Quattro FM20 Mixer
Momentary Push Switch Rancilio LT155
On/Off Switch Rancilo LT155 Dishwasher
Start Cycle Switch Rancilo LT155 Dishwasher
Switch- Ranco Temperature Switch
SUPERSEDED Door switch- Rational CM101E Combi steamer
Microswitch - Rational SCC201 Oven
SUPERSEDED Rational Climaplus Combi Door Switch
Microswitch, Humidiy Control - Rational CPC20
Door Switch - Rational Oven
Mode Switch - Rational CD61 Oven
Bracket for Door Contact Switch - Rational
Cable Clock Switch - Rational CM201 CC201
Humidity Pressure Switch - Rational Oven
Main Switch - Rational - Type CC
Mode Switch Mechanism - Rational Oven
Door Switch 1500mm - Rational CM6 Oven
Green On/Off Rocker Switch - Rieber
On/Off Switch - Rieber 1/1-CR3500 Hot Plate
Main Rocker Switch Green Illuminated - Rieber - GERATE-NR0000585
Energy Regulator infinite switch
Reed Switch Motor - Robot Coupe CL50D
Shroud For On/Off Switch - Robot Coupe
Switch Cover Set Robot Coupe MP450VVULTRA
Switch Assembly - Robot Coupe R201 Ultra
On/Off Trigger - Robot Coupe MP450VVA Hand
Microswitch - Robot Coupe MP350Ultra Blender
Switch c/w Black Control Knob - Robot Coupe G3500 Ice Cream Machine
Switch Panel Assembly - Robot Coupe R301 Ultra B
Arm Reed Switch - Robot Coupe R23 Vertical Cutter Mixer
Control Switch Black - Robot Coupe
Switch Top & Block - R201U R301 Ultra
Proximity Switch Assy (R301U) - Robot Coupe
Safety Magnet Switch - Robot Coupe R301 Ultra
Front Stop Button Red - Robot Coupe CL50
Reed Switch Assy- Robot Coupe Food
Reed Switch - Robot Coupe R502 R602
Speed Selector - Robot Coupe Food Processor
Safety Microswitch Assy - Robot Coupe
Speed Switch Control Knob - Robot Coupe
Switch - Robot Coupe Veg. Prep. R301
Superceeded - Safety Switch - Robot Coupe Food Processor
Front Start Button Green Low Speed - Robot
Push Button Black Knob Pulse Switch - R301
Selector Switch - Robot Coupe
Reed Switch - Robot Coupe R10 Mixer
Knob Green High Speed Switch - Robot Coupe MP550 Blender
Reed Switch Assy - Robot Coupe
Push Button Slide - Robot Coupe
Potentiometer - Robot Coupe Food Processor
Safety Microswitch - Robot Coupe Blender
On/Off Switch - Robot Coupe R301 C
On/Off Switch - Robot Coupe Food Processor
Cap for Start Button - Robot Coupe
Potentiometer Speed/Reed Switch Assy - Robot Coupe
On/Off Switch Actuator - Robot Coupe
Magnetic Reed switch assy - Robot Coupe
Switch Assembly Robot Couple R201 Mixer
Safety Microswitch Assembly - Robot Coupe R201 Ultra Food Processor
Bowl Safety Switch Assembly - Robot Coupe
Commutator - Rollergrill RST1270
Operation switch - Rollergrill RST1270
Microswitch - Roller Grill Fryer
Thermostat Switch - Rollergrill PSR600E
Switch Safety Position - Rondo
Limit Switch - Rondo
Switching Segment - Rondo SSO6407
Toggle Mechanism - Rondo SSO6407
Rotary Switch Rosinox SPM25E Grill
Safety Interlock Switch - Roundup VCT2000UK
Rocker Switch - Round Up VCT2000HI - Toaster
On/Off Switch - Rowlett Rutland 1300 RTNG - Toaster
Switch On / Off 4 Pin Green Rocker Switch -
On/Off Switch - Roller Grill PZ330 Pizza Oven
Selector Switch - Rowlett Rutland RT1400
Switch On / Off 5 Pin Green Rocker Switch -
SUPERSEDED Selector Switch - Rowlett 6 ATW-131Toaster
SUPERSEDED Timer Switch 4 Minute Ping - Rowlett
NVR Switch Rowlett Rutland FA300E Slicer
Element Toggle Switch - Rowlett RT1300
Reset switch - Rowlett Rutland Toaster
On/Off Rotary Switch - Rowlett Rutland
Selector switch - Rowlett Rutland RE200DT
Economy mode switch (Red) - Rowlett Rutland
Power switch - Rowlett Rutland RT1300 RT1400
Selector Switch for old Rowlett Toaster
Selector Switch - Rowlett Rutland 10ATS-161 10-Slot Toaster
Selector Switch - Rowlett Rutland 4ATS-161 Toaster
Door Switch - Sadia Sovereign 450 Fridge
Door/Fan Microswitch - Sadia 1270SS RS100550-F Fridge
SUPERSEDED Fan Microswitch - Sadia 450ss Freezer
SUPERSEDED Sadia Fridge 550 Door Fan Switch
Door Switch - Sagi - Fridge - VD60-0P64
Operation Switch - Salvis Grill
Program Selector - Salvis RH-S Salamander Grill
Programme Switch - Salvis Grill
Programme Switch - Salvis Grill
Programme Switch & Knob - Sammic SB290 Dishwasher
Stop Switch - Sammic PI-18 Potato Peeler
16amp 250v White Rocker Switch - Sammic SL300 - Slicer
Microswitch Magnet - Sammic Dishwasher
Black Button - Sammic - Potato Peeler - PS22
Switch Set - Sammic TB-2000 Blender
Short / Long Cycle Switch - Sammic - Dishwasher - SC-1200GB
Cycle Switch - Sammic SP550B SL21B Dishwasher
Main Switch - Sammic SP550B Dishwasher
Switch - Sammic TR350 Stick Blender Hood Switch
On/Off Switch COVER (pack of x4) Sammic Stick
Switch - Sammic Dishwasher Float Switch / Break tank
Bowl Microswitch Set - Sammic BE20 Mixer
Bowl Lifting Microswitch Holder Set - Sammic
Switch (New-2002) - Sammic GC300
Switch - Sammic SV18 LVT18 V20 Dishwasher
Cycle Switch Amber Neon Rocker Type
Start Button & Cover - Sammic TR330 Hand
Magnetic Door Switch - Sammic SL1100BP
Main Switch - Sammic S20 Glasswasher
Main Switch - Sammic PC-22 Mincer
Rubber Switch Cover - Sammic - TR350
Amber On/Off Switch - Sammic S20 Dishwasher
Safety Microswitch - Sammic GC250 Slicer
On/off Switch with control board - Sammic
Start button - commutator set - Sammic TR330
Microswitch set - Sammic SK-8 Food processor
Switch Set - Sammic TR250 Stick Blender
Door Microswitch - Sammic Dishwasher
Main On/Off Switch - Sammic SV20 Dishwasher
Black start button - Sammic BM11 M15 Food Processor
Start Switch - Sammic Dishwasher Cycle Start Switch 250V 16
Impulse Switch - Sammic SB22GB Dishwasher
Switch - Sammic - Fryer - F-3+3
Lever Switch - Samsung CM1929
Membrane switch - Samsung CM1329 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Microswitch 2 Terminals - Samsung Microwave
Interlock Switch 3 Terminals - Samsung
Lever Switch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Microswitch - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Water & Ice Levers Assy - Samsung RS21DCNS
Start Button - Samsung CM1629 Microwave
Latch Body Assembly (Door Interlock) - Samsung CM1929 Microwave
Door Switch - 2 button - Samsung Domestic
Touchpad/ Switch Membrane - Samsung CM1829
SUPERSEDED Power Switch Santos 34-2 Juice Dispenser
Complete Safety Switch - Santos Juice
On/Off Switch - Santos Type 9 Ice Machine
Power Switch - Santos 34-2 Drink dispenser
On / Off Switch - Santos Type 9 Ice Crusher
On/Off Switch - Santos Type70 Juicer
Switch - Sanyo EMC1901 Response Switch
Switch Base Assy - Sanyo 1800K Microwave
Large Switch on Control Panel Scanfrost
Door Switch Scanfrost CN700 Fridge
Lighted switch - Scotsman AC226 Ice Machine
19mm x 13mm Green on/off switch - Scotsman AC56 Ice
Green Switch - Scotsman Ice Machine
Red Warning Light Switch - Scotsman - EC106 EASY FIT A 230/50
Microswitch Magnetic Curtain - Scotsman MV606 Ice Machine
On / Off Switch - Scotsman Ice Machine
Green Switch - Scotsman EC106 Ice Machine
Red Switch - Scotsman EC106 Ice Machine
Magnetic Switch - Scotsman - Ice Machine - MV606
Reset Button Assembly - Scotsman - Ice Machine - AT3027
Monitor Switch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
Interlock Switch & Latch - Sharp Microwave - R21ATP
Switch - Sharp R2230K Microwave
Switch - Sharp R7200K microwave
On / Off Switch 16amp 250v - Sherwood - Dishwasher - MIX MICRO 2005
Rocker Switch 16amp 230v - Sherwood - Dishwasher - MICRO
Plug/switch combination - Sico Food Warmer
Level switch - Siemens WIM5 Washing machine
Cycle start switch - Silanos DC070 Dishwasher
Drain Switch -Silanos DC1300 Dishwasher Drain Switch 16amp
Time Select Switch - Silanos DC1000E
On/Off Switch - Silanos DC035 Dishwasher
6-Pole Drain pump switch - Silanos DC40
2-Pin Cycle Start Switch - Silanos/Nelson DC800 SC35A DC50A
Drain Switch - Silanos Dishwasher DC50
Magnetic Microswitch - Silanos DS1300A
Drain Pump Switch w Housing - Silanos DC070
Drain switch - Silanos DCN100B Dishwasher
Drain Switch - Silanos DC070 Drain Pump Switch 6 Pin
Cycle Switch - Silanos DC070 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Silanos DC070 Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Silanos DC070A Dishwasher
On / Off Switch - DC Series - Glasswasher - DC024
On / Off Switch Silanos DC1300A Dishwasher
On / Off Switch - 2 pole yellow - Silanos
Pressure Switch - DC Series - Dishwasher - DC700IWS/DP
Complete Switch - Silanos DCI300A Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Silko
Switch Silko FSE7030 Fryer
On/Off Switch - Silko BR1E Oven
Switch - Silko Oven
On/Off Switch - Simag - SD23
Fan Pressure Switch - Simag - Ice Machine - SCN45AS
Microswitch - Simag SV210 Ice Machine
Microswitch - Simag SV210 Ice Machine
On/Off timer Switch - Simag SD215 Ice Machine
Fan Pressure Switch - Simag Ice Machine
Switch - Sirman Toaster
Switch - Sirman Toaster
On/Off Rotary Switch - Sirman
On/Off Switch Sirman Galileo350 Slicer
Timer Switch - Sirman PP4 Potato Peeler
Switch Assembly - Sirman Palladio 300
Green Switch - Sirman Pizza Oven - Stromboli 2
Microswitch - Sirman
On/Off Button - Sirman Galileo350 Slicer
On/off Switch - Sirman GP10F01089 Grater
On/off switch for Sirman Slicers
SUPERSEDED Switch - Stresa 250 S
Rocker Switch - Sirman - Mincer - TC8 VEGAS
Switch - Sirman Mincer
On/Off Switch - Sirman - TC32B
Limit switch - Sissons Waste disposal
Limit Switch Bracket Assembly - Sissons Waste Disposal
Sissions Starter Box Selector Switch
Thermal cut in/out for fan - Smeg UK810MFX1
Oven Function Switch - Smeg - Oven
Selector switch - Smeg A1 Oven
Potentiometer - Smeg - Oven - ALFA31XE
Door Switch / Bracket - Southbend CO300
On / Off Switch - Sowebo - Dishwasher - 824
Pressure Switch - Sowebo - Dishwasher - R742XCQ
Start Button - Sowebo - Dishwasher - 630NOXCQ
Inner Switch Body - Sowebo 824XCQ Dishwasher
Cycle Start Button - Round / Orange - Sowebo
On/Off Button - Round / Green - Sowebo
Cycle Start Switch Holder
Microswitch Seat - Spar SP60HI Mixer
Microswitch - Spar SP60HI Mixer
Level Switch - Speedqueen SC60 Washing
Red rocker switch - Speedqueen SC60 Washing
Selector switch assy - Speedqueen SC60
Magnetic switch - Speedqueen SC60 Washing
Microswitch - Speedqueen SC60 Washing Machine Alliance
Airflow Switch - Speed Queen Tumble Drier
Door Switch - Speed Queen Tumble Drier
Airflow Switch - Speed Queen Tumble Drier
Red Switch - Stellex REG4 Hot Cupboard Red Switch
SUPERSEDED Control Switch for Stellex Bain Marie R3
Autovap Float Switch - Stellex - Hot Cupboard
Light Switch - Sterling Pro SP3BC Chiller
Switch - Stott Benham ESG3.80 Grill
Microswitch - Stott Benham Microswitch Assembly
On/Off Switch - Stott Benham Hotcupboard
Rotary Switch - Stott Benham EM66
Switch- Stott benham Door Interlock Switch
Temperature Control Knob - Stott Benham 6
Switch- Stott Benham Boiling Pan Pressure Switch MVG
BURGESS K5K - Interlock Micro-Switch 16AMP
Selector Switch ESG3.80 Grill - Stott Benham
SUPERSEDED Red Security Button Assembly - Stresa
Red Switch Block - Stressa 250STD Slicer
Button Switch - Stressa 250STD Slicer
SUPERSEDED Stop Button/Emergency Switch - Ital Stresa
SUPERSEDED PCB - Stressa 300S Slicer
Red switch - Stresa 250 STD Slicer
Green switch - Stresa 250 STD Slicer
Door Switch - Studio 54 OASIS600 Freezer
On/Off 2-pole Switch - Studio 54 Batida GN3/1
On/Off Switch - Studio 54 SH20B-NE Shadow
Power Switch - GZB50/Studio 54 SHADOW model SH20B-NE
Main Rocker Switch with Seal - Sunkist Juicer
Trans. - Taylor 717
Reed Switch - Taylor 717
Toggle Switch - Taylor 717
Switch Membrane - Taylor Ice Cream Machine
Light Switch - Tecnoblock ACN100E
Light Switch Technoblock ACK201E
On/Off Switch - Technoblock
Light Switch Techfrigo 350 Fridge
On/Off Switch 16amp 230v - Tefcold CK7310 BLC3 Fridge
Switch - Tefcold BA3053 Fridge Red Light Switch
Light switch - Tefcold FS1380 Fridge
Door Switch - Tefcold Blast Chiller
Microswitch - Teikos TR22 Dishwasher
10amp 250v M1DX20 Micro Switch- Teikos TS601- Dishwasher
Mirco Change Over Switch - Teiko
Orange Switch - Teikos With Indicater Lamp
Switch- Dual Black & Orange Switch - Teikos TS820 TS601
Switch Teikos Glasswasher
Switch c/w Indicator Light Teikos Glasswasher
Amber Drain Push Button - Teikos TS601 Dishwasher
Switch - Toastmaster MH36 Oven
Toggle Switch - Toastmaster 19811A
3-Heat Switch - Toastmaster Oven
Bottom Heat Switch Toastmaster
3 Position Power Switch Toastmaster Toaster
Toggle Switch - Toastmaster 19811A
Switch 3HT - Toastmaster Oven Range
Fan Delay Switch - True T-19FZ TGU3F Fridge
Defrost Termination Switch - True TGU-2F Freezer
Fan Light Switch - True T19Z Freezer
Rocker Switch - True T-23 Fridge
Switch, Defrost termination & Fan delay -
Rocker Switch 4 Postitions - Ubert Rotisserie
On/Off Switch - Ugolini Juice Machine
Switch 3-position - Ugolini
Switch Cover - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Thermostat - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Rocker Switch - Ugolini Juice Dispenser
Green Bipolar Changeover Switch
Green Rocker Switch - Universal
Red rocker switch - Universal
Protecting cover for rocker switch 30 x 11mm
Differential Air Pressure Switch - Universal
Rotary Switch for Element
SUPERSEDED Heat lamp UCI Energy Regulator 15amp 230v
Universal rocker switch
Red rocker switch - Universal
Dimmer Switch- A13202E QVR Energy Regulator
QVR/S-RFI-TB Energy Regulator for Heat Lamps & Elements
Red Bipolar Rocker Switch 250V 16A (30x22mm)
Green Bipolar Switch - 250v 16A
Bipolar Switch with Indicator Lamp
Steam Control Switch Ø34mm,
Universal Amber Rocker Switch 230V 16A
Green Rocker Switch 30 x 11mm
Momentary Green Rocker Switch - 230v 16a
Orange Rocker Switch - 250v 16a 30mmx22mm
Green Rocker Switch 30mm x 22mm Mounting - Dishwasher
Red Rocker Switch - 2 pole 250V 16A
QLC Heat Switch 230v
Green Bipolar Switch - 250v 16A
momentary rocker switch mounting measurements 34.2x12.6mm orange 2NO 250V
Bowl Lift Safety Switch - Univex
Stop Switch - Univex
Start Switch - Univex
Pressure Switch - Unimac Tumble Dryer
Pressure Switch - Unimac
Microswitch - Unimac
On/Off Switch - Univerbar BET40 Glasswasher
On/Off Switch - UniverBar Glasswasher
16amp 250v 22mm x 30mm Cycle / Wash Switch - Univerbar BET40
On/Off Switch - Univerbar/Sherwood BET40 Dishwasher
Pressure Switch Univerbar Dishwasher
Magnet Switch Complete - Unox V703G Oven
Door Switch - Unox XV1093 Oven
Thermal Switch - Unox XV1093 Oven
White Door switch - Valera GN1410BT Freezer
Float Switch - Valera Primus Multi Deck
SUPERSEDED Float Switch for Valera Display Chiller RIMU
SUPERSEDED Main switch - Valentine V2200MS Fryer
Safety Switch - Valentine C94TX Fryer
Main Switch 16A.43.34832.003 - Valentine Fabrique SA Deep Fat Fryer
On/Off Switch - Valentine V2000 EVO Series
Safety Interlock Switch - Valentine P2-94 Fryer
SUPERSEDED On / Off switch - Valentine Zeneth Fryer
Microswitch - Valentine VMC3T
Proximity Switch Type B c/w Magnet - Valentine EVO Fryer
On/Off Switch - Valentine BB55D Fryer
Switch - Valentine Fryer
On/Off Switch - Valentine
On/Off Switch - Valentine Maxi94LP Fryer
Microswitch - Varimixer
Microswitch Mount - Varimixer
Microswitch for bowl lift - Varimixer
Switch - Vestfrost CFS345 Fridge
Door Switch - Vestfrost - Fridge - CFKS471/STEEL
Fast Freeze Switch Vestfrost SZ101C
Pilot Lamp Green Vestfrost SZ101C
Switch Fast Freeze - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Door Fan Switch - Vestfrost FKS471G
Door Switch - Vestfrost CFKS471 Fridge
On/Off Switch - Queen Victoria Oven - Victorian BS
Float Switch Victor CARIB18Z Salad Bar
Red Illuminated Rocker switch - Victor WRDWL4Z DED50100 Fridge
Rocker Switch - Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard
Rocker Switch - Victor DRDH3 Bain Marie
Circuit Breaker - Victor JPS10.1 Single Socket Circuit Breaker
Complete On/Off Switch - Victor BL50H1S BL100H2
Switch - Victor Hot Cupboard
Microswitch - Victor - Fridge - SSRWL3Z
Triple Level Pressure Switch Viking LS232
Triple Level Pressure Switch Viking LS232
Triple Level Pressure Switch Viking GL32
On/Off Light Switch - Viscount ABIARDCLH1300GB Bottle Cooler
Dimmer Switch - Viscount - ACA15HC
Sticker & Control Knob - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACA15HC
Amber Neon - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACA15HC
Red Mains Neon - Viscount - Hot Cupboard - ACA15HC
On/Off Switch - Viscount 900 Self Serve
Switch - Viscount Catering Gantry Dimmer Switch
High Low Switch Variable - Vita-Mix Vita Prep 3 Blender
High Limit Switch - Vollrath Bain Marie - 72958
Thermal Cut Out - Vollrath Bain Marie - 72958
Safety Switch - Vollrath MIX1020 Mixer
Microswitch - Vulcan Hart - Oven - ECO2D
Switch Relay - Vulcan Hart
Switch Power Momentary- Vulcan Hart
Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Knob Switch - Vulcan Hart E-60F Oven
Toggle Switch - Vulcan Hart
Control Swith - Vulcan Hart VE40
Fan Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Power Indicator Light Switch - Vulcan Hart
Power Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Flame Sensor - Vulcan Hart
Lighted Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Relay Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart
Door Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40
Switch - Vulcan Hart
Switch - Vulcan Hart
Switch Power- Vulcan Hart
Switch 125v Power- Vulcan Hart
Switch Block - Vulcan Steam Kettle
Infinite Switch 120v - Vulcan Hart
Door Micro Switch - Vulcan Hart
Rocker Switch- Vulcan Hart
Main Switch - Vulcan Hart
Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart
Toggle Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40 Bratt Pan
Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart
Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart
Rocker Switch Digital Control- Vulcan Hart
Infinite Switch - Vulcan Hart E60FL/348FL
Infinite Switch - Vulcan Hart E60FL Range
Infinitive Switch - Vulcan Hart E60FL Oven
Switch Infinate Load Control Vulcan Hart Oven
Heat Switch - Vulcan
C24EA3 Power Switch - Vulcan VC4ED Steamer
Switch - Vulcan Hart
Microswitch - Vulcan
Power Switch - Vulcan Oven
Switch - Vulcan Hart Oven
Rocker Switch - Vulcan Hart VE40 Bratt Pan
Tilt Switch - Vulcan Hart ERD50 Fryer
Pin Switch Activator - Vulcan Hart Steam Oven
On/Off Switch - Vulcan Hart E30C Braising Pan
Switch - Vulcan
Infinite Switch - Vulcan VE40 Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Switch - Vulcan Hart VE30 Braising Pan
Fan Speed Switch - Vulcan Hart VC44ED Oven
Switch - Vulcan Hart VC44ED Oven
Switch - Vulcan Hart ECO4S Oven
Toggle Switch - Vulcan VC4ED Convection Oven
3 Heat Switch - Vulcan VR5 Range
Switch Pan Limit (Pan Position/Down Limit
Switch Control (Manual Lift) - Vulcan Hart
Thermostat switch - Vulcan Hart Oven
Door Switch - Vulcan Hart VSX9000 Steam Oven
Power Switch - Vulcan Hart VSX9000 Steamer
4 position switch - Vulcan Hart VR4 E-36 Oven
SUPERSEDED Vulcan Hart - Switch, 3 Heat for Oven Range
Switch Kit - Vulcan Hart VR-2 Oven
Door Switch - Vulcan Eco 4S Convection Oven
Door Switch - Vulcan Hart Convection Oven
DPDT Switch - Vulcan Hart Convection Oven
Thermal cut out switch - Waring Panini Grill
On/Off Switch - Waring WPG250K CF231 Panini Grill
Toggle Switch - Waring HGB26KA Blender
Thermoswitch - Waring CTS1000K Blender
Push button assy - Warner Howard Hand-dryer
Switch Timer Assembly / Kit - World
Micro-boot - Wastematic 75 Waste Disposal
Micro switch - Wastematic 75 Waste Disposal
Door Switch Assembly - Mach 5000 Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Washtech 1000
Pressure Switch - Washtech 750 Dishwasher
Proximity Switch - Crypto Washtech WT150
Selector Switch -Crypto Peerless Washtech 300
Pressure Switch - Electrolux Washtech 60 WT60
Magnetic Switch - Wega GS37 Glasswasher
Microswitch for Bottom Tray - Wessamat C150-1
Level Switch - Wexiodisk WD-211E Dishwasher
Level Switch - Wexiodisk WD-211E Dishwasher
Change-Over Switch - Wexiodisk WD151E Dishwasher
Limit Switch - Wexiodisk WD151E Dishwasher
On/Off Switch - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Push Button Switch - Whirlpool AGB651DP
Microswitch Lever - Whilrpool K40 Ice Machine
Microswitch (V3) - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Switch Support - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Blue Clean Switch - Whirlpool K20 K40 Ice Machine
Green On/Off Switch - Whirlpool K40 K20 Ice Machine
Push Button - Whirlpool ABG655 - Fridge
Microswitch - Whirlpool K40 Ice Machine
Clean switch - Whirlpool K20 Ice machine
Main Switch - Whirlpool WCN-4-1 Freezer
Magnetic Reed/Proximity Switch - Williams HA350ST
White Door Switch - Williams Fridge Freezer
Switch (thermal heated) - Williams - Fridge - WBC10
Power Switch - Winston HBB0D2
Lock Nut Float Switch - Winterhalter GS502
Magnetic switch - Winterhalter UC-M Dishwasher
Magnetic Switch - Winterhalter Dishwasher
Fascia Switch Adapter Winterhalter Dishwasher
BLANKING SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
Load Separation Switch - Winterhalter Dishwasher
RELAY SWITCH GS12 Winthalter Dishwasher
Push Switch (Wash) - Winterhalter Dishwasher
NEON SWITCH (GREEN) Winterhalter Dishwasher
PUSH SWITCH (RED) Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH PLATE STOP Winterhalter Dishwasher
TRANSPARENT SWITCH COVER Winterhalter Dishwasher
OP.SWITCH PROG 2 GS12 Winterhalter Dishwasher
OPERATOR SWITCH BUTTON Winterhalter Dishwasher
CONTACT SWITCH GS12 Winterhalter Dishwasher
CONTACT SWITCH PROG 1& 2 Winterhalter Dishwasher
PUSH SWITCH GS12 Winterhalter Dishwasher
MAGNETIC REED SWTCH GS100 Winterhalter Dishwasher
REED SWITCH WKTS/WBA Winterhalter Dishwasher
MAGNET SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
GREEN CYCLE SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
MAGNETIC SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
ON/OFF SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
PUSH SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
POWER ON SWITCH WBA/WKTS Winterhalter Dishwasher
POWER OFF SWITCH WKTS/WBA Winterhalter Dishwasher
RACK ARM PAUSE SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
1 Min Cycle Switch GS41/4 Winterhalter Dishwasher
EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
BACK PLATE - YELLOW Winterhalter Dishwasher
COLD RINSE SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
MAGNET SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
Drain Switch - Winterhalter GR65 Dishwasher
MANUAL WASH SWITCH GSR36 Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
Drain Switch - Winterhalter GS501 Dishwasher
MAGNETIC SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
MAGNETIC SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
Switch - Winterhalter Dishwasher
SOLENOID SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
Red Pressure Switch Winterhalter Dishasher
STOP SWITCH CONVERSION WB Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH BOX BOTTOM PART Winterhalter Dishwasher
Door Switch Bracket - Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH PANEL Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH BOX BOTTOM PART Winterhalter Dishwasher
EMERGNCY STOP SWITCH FOR Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH CLAMP Winterhalter Dishwasher
Reed Contact Salt/Magnetic Switch - Winterhalter Dishwasher
TRAK STOP SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
GLASS RACK 450 x 450mm
STOP SWITCH CONTROL Winterhalter Dishwasher
SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
START/STOP SWITCH Winterhalter Dishwasher
Switch Over Valve - Winterhalter GS302
SUPERSEDED Temperature Switch - Winterhalter Dishwasher
Wash Tank Pressure Switch - Winterhalter GS215 GS302
Wash Tank Pressure Switch - Winterhalter
Magnetic Door Switch - Winterhalter GS501
Magnetic Door Switch - Winterhalter GS29
Switch Green On/Off Pressure - Winterhalter
1 Min Cycle Switch - Winterhalter GS12 GS28
Rinse Switch - White On/Off Manual
Manual Wash Switch -Winterhalter GS42 WKT1000
Contact switch - Winterhalter GS10 GS12
Pressure Key Button - Winterhalter GS28 GS22
Manual Wash Switch - Winterhalter GS41-4
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Winterhalter Modi GS501
Contact Switch - Winterhalter GS10 GS12
Door switch - Wintehalter GS41 GS80 GS100
2 min cycle switch - Winterhalter GS28 GS14 Dishwasher
2 Position Selector switch - Winterhalter
Float Switch - Winterhalter GS29 Dishwasher
6amp 250v Door Micro Switch - Winterhalter GS12
SUPERSEDED On Switch - Winterhalter Dishwasher GS24
Float Switch - Winterhalter GS402 GS502 GS302 Dishwasher
Switch- Winterhalter GS24 G/Washer - momentary push
Proximity Switch
WBA Door Safety Switch Winterhalter Dishwasher
Pressure Switch
Microswitch for Closing TK4 236 500V
On/Off Switch - Winterhalter GS24 GS14 GS28
Float Switch - Winterhalter Dishwasher
Switch for inside Damp - Zanussi TRN183A- Fridge
Microswitch - Zanussi AFK220UK Freezer
SUPERSEDED Zanussi Dishwasher On / Off Switch
Switch - Zanussi HPNE810 Boiling pan
White Selector Switch - Zanussi Dishwasher
Microswitch - Zanussi DishWasher MicroSwitch
Timer Switch - Zanussi 90 minTimer Switch - No Knob
Door Micro Switch 60103B - Zanussi
Reed Switch - Zanussi Washing Machine SL1085 1700MM
Microswitch - Zanussi Grand Impanti AFR/E 810
On/Off Switch - Zanolli 08/50V CITEP65MAMODUT124 Oven
Yellow light switch - Zanolli 08/50V 51BBM
Green Switch - Zanolli 08/50V Pizza oven
Yellow Light Switch - Zanolli Citizen 9 & 9- Oven
Internal Light Bulb - Zanolli Citzen 9 & 9 - Oven
Relay Switch - Zanolli - Pizza Oven - SYNTHESIS05/40
Pressure Switch - Zanotti - Fridge - BAS123T1000F
Pressure Switch - Zanotti MAS135T44F Chiller
Door Switch (Roller Catch Type) - Zanotti - Chiller - MTM11040F
Door Switch - Universal Cold Rooms/ Zanotti
Float Assembly - Zip - Water Boiler - HS001
On/Off Switch - Zoin DY10TL-VA Fridge
Switch On/Off - Zoin 1287/2012 Chiller
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Zoin SN15B-VA Display Counter
Rotating Operation Switch 4 Position - Zoppas