Taps & Drain Valves

Most commercial kitchens have water boilers and the most common part to replace is the tap or part of a tap. There are many types of tap fitted in the commercial kitchen, fryers have a draw off tap to drain the oil, water boilers have a hot and cold tap which have replaceable service parts from tap levers, tap washers, tap springs and spouts all of which A S Catering Supplies can source.

Taps & Drain Valves Parts
Outlet Tap Stem - Ultima Water Heater
Drain Tap - Ambach
Upper Tap Assy - AMW 7773EMA Coffee Machine
Full Tap Assy - AMW 7773EMA Coffee Machine
Full Tap Assy - AMW 7773EMA Coffee Machine
Upper Tap Assy - AMW 7773EMA Coffee Machine
Tap Cock - Angelo Po 191P12E Kettle
3/8"" Cock - Angelo Po 30CPS Pasta Boiler
2" Drain Cock -Angelo Po 191P12E 31PI6 31PIE6 91PI10 91PI10A
1/2"" Water Level Check Tap - Angelo Po 31P16
Gas Tap - Angelo Po - G1FAGST-COMO3
2"" Drain Cock - Angelo Po 191P12E
Water Tap (Red Ring) - Angelo Po 191P12E
Water Tap (Blue Ring) - Angelo Po 191P12E
Cock 1/2"" - Angelo Po Boiling Pan
Cock 3/8"" - Angelo Po Boiling Pan
Water inlet angle tap 1/2"" - Angelo Po Omega
Water Spout F3/8"" - Angelo Po - Oven
NonDrip Tap CN Level Gauge Animo WKT-D 20N VA
Non Drip Tap Seat - Animo WKT-D 20N VA Water Boiler
NonDrip Tap 1/2 Upper Assy Animo WKT-D 20N VA
Gauge Glass Tap - Animo WKI-10/3 Water Boiler
Tap Body - Animo MWR10N Water Boiler
Pre Rinse Assembly
Pre-Rinse/Twin Deck Mount/Std Spray - Aquajet
Aquajet 20 with levers
12" Spout - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Tap
Bowl Filler Body - Aquajet Pre-Rinse Assy
16 Inch Replacement Spout - Aqua Jet Pre
Single Feed Faucet Deck Mounted - Aquajet
Reviver Kit - Aqua Jet
SUPERSEDED Tap Repair Kit - Aqua Jet
Mono Block SH Pre-Rinse 12" BF 680mm WSH
Single Pedestal, Twin Feed Pre-Rin Bowl fill 12"
Gas Tap/Valve - Archway Charcoal Grill
Draw off Valve 1'1/2F
Drain Tap 1¼""
Upper Tap Assy A2-5M/13M3
Prologation Water Cock - ATA K9GCP10 Pasta
Water Cock - ATA K9GCP10 Pasta Boiler
SUPERSEDED Tap - Autonumis - Milk Dispenser - G12524
Tap Assy (push down cat paw) - Autonumis VariantC009 Milk Dispenser
Tap Assy - Autonumis NU02985 C009 Milk Dispenser
Tap - Autonumis C-1001 LGC3 Milk Dispenser
Spout - Bartlett Water Boiler
Tap (Lever) - Bartlett C11E C11E C116 C11E16
Drip Tray Spout - Baron BEKEP06
Inlet Tap - Baron SERIES700 Bratt Pan
Water Inlet Tap with Spout - Bertos E9P10D
Drain Tap - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
Filter Holder Spout - Brasilia Coffee Machine
Lever with Diaphragm - Bravilor
Hot Water Tap Complete - Bravilor Boiler
Steam Tap Extended - Bravilor RLX4-001 Coffee Machine
Chrome Tap (Lower Section only) - Bravilor B20HW
Upper Tap Assembly - Bravilor Bonomat HWA50
Upper Tap Assembly - Bravilor Bonamat HWD30
SUPERSEDED Tap Seal -Bravilor Bonamat HWA20 Water Boiler
New Style Tap Body Lower - Bravilor B20 Water Boiler/Coffee Machine
Upper Tap Assembly - Bravilor Coffee Machine
Upper Tap Assembly - Bravillor Bonamat Coffee Machine/Water Boiler
Complete Tap Assembly - Bravillor HWA20 Water
Upper Tap Assembly - Bravilor HWA20 Water Boiler
Upper tap assy - Bravilor Bonamat HWA50
Extension for Tap - Bravilor HWA20 Water
Complete Tap Assembly - Buffalo CF357 CB961
Drain Tap - Buffalo CC190 CC193 CC192
Drip Tap - Buffalo Bain marie T300 L310 T301
Water Boiler Tap Assembly - Buffalo J709
Outlet Tap - Buffalo T302 Water Boiler Main Outlet Tap
Complete Tap - Buffalo CE704 GH187 Water Boiler
Tap - Buffalo S047B S077 L310 S047 Bain Marie
Complete Tap - Buffalo F131 Coffee Machine
Complete tap assy - Buffalo J722 Water boiler
Tap - Buffalo - GL347
Plastic Tap - Buffalo F249 Coffee Percolator
Drain Tap - Buffalo L300 L301 Fryer
Quick Stop Tube & Nozzle (White) - Bunn - JDF-25ABA230VPB
Faucet Shank with 4"" Gauge - Bunn-O-Matic
Faucet Shank with 7" Gauge - Bunn-O-Matic
Tap Assembly- Bunnomatic U3A Hot Water Tap Assembly
Tap Lever - Bunnomatic U3A Hot Water Tap Lever
Tap Assembly - Burco 76702 76502 Water Boiler
Tap Assembly - Burco C20S C20T Water Boiler
Tap Assembly - Burco C20T Water Boiler
Boiler Tap - Baby Burco Water Heater C8T
Tap - Burco F33L Boiler Tap Complete
Upper Tap Assembly 10G Deluxe
Upper Tap Assembly - Burco C20S Water Boiler
Complete Plastic Tap - Burco CE0086 MFGS20SD Water Boiler
Top Hat Washer (for tap) - Burco Water Boiler
Tap Assembly - Burco 40212170 Water Boiler
Complete Tap - Burco 20Ltr Boiler - CE705
Complete Tap - Burco 444448530 Water Boiler
Tap Valve- Burco Boiler - Main Tap Valve
Tap Assembly - Burco 444442469 Water Boiler
Tap Top Assembly - Burshaw Water Boiler
Water Tap Assembly - Burshaw BE4M Water Boiler
Standard Tap Complete Burshaw Boiler
Tap Assembly - Calomax CASCADE3 Water Boiler
Tap Top Assy - Calomax Clipper2 Water Boiler
Waster Dispenser Carpgiani Pastochef 55
Tap - Cater-Brew CK0233 Water Boiler
Faucet - Cecilware Water Boiler
Faucet Assembly - Cecilware BC-1E Coffee Machine
Faucet Plastic Hot Water - Cecilware BC-1E Coffee Machine
Faucet Shank Assembly - Cecilware - Coffee Machine - CL100
Water & Coffee Faucet -Cecilware CL100 FE200
Faucet - Cecilware HWD-2 Water Boiler
Tap Faucet - Coffee Machine - Cecilware
Faucet Shank - Cecilware HWD-2 Water Boiler
Tap/Faucet - Cecilware Grindmaster American Bolt Brewer
Cycle Stop Switch - Cecilware FE200 Coffee Machine
Two-Way Water Tap - Charvet 1000 Boiling Pan
Drain Tap (Chrome) - Charvet PRO800GMA60 Stock Pot
Tap Charvet PRO800GMA60 Stock Pot
Cold Water Tap Assembly - Cleveland
Tap Coffee Queen Coffee Machine
Tap Connection Coffee Queen Coffee Machine
Stainless Steel Tap - Cofrimell Beverage Machine
Tap Assembly -Cona Boiler 3/4" Upper Tap Assy ST6
Shower Gun - Convotherm OES6.10 - Steam Oven
Steam Trap - Cleveland - Soup Kettle
Swan-Neck Tap - Cosmetal RIVER50 Water Cooler
Swan Neck Lever - Cosmetal - Water Fountain - River25
Standard bubbler tap - Cosmetal River25 Water
Tap - Cosmetal River Water Fountain
Bottle filler with plastic lever - Cosmetal
Tap Lever Cosmetal R1023A-R1 Water Cooler
Swan Neck - Cosmetal River25 Water Fountain
Bubble Neck Tap - Cosmetal Water Chiller
Tap - Cosmetal - Water Cooler - RIVER50AF
Swan Neck Tap- Long Reach Chrome - Cosmetal River 30 Water Cooler
Plastic Lever - Cosmetal River 30 Water Cooler
Tap - Cosmetal - Water Cooler - H20MYINF
Tap - Cosmetal Water Cooler
Tap Kit (w/ o-ring & tube) - Delonghi Coffee Machine
Water Tap & Handle - Dexion Gas Boiler Pan
3/8"" Cold Water Ball Tap - Dexion & MBM Gas Boiler Pan
Shut Off Valve / Tap - Dexion & MBM
Nozzle - Diamond VERA TELME Cream machine
Tap Faucet and Pre-Rinse Unit - Mini Pre-Rinse Units
Drainage Tap Electrolux 168062 Fryer
Drain Tap - Zanussi HD900 Boiling Pan
Drain Tap 2" - Electrolux Kettle
Water Tap - Electrolux Kettle
Water Tap - Electrolux Kettle
Water Tap Assembly - Electrolux 9BRTG4S Bratt
1 1/2" Drain tap - Electrolux Boiling pan
Gasket - Electrolux 9BRTG4S Bratt Pan
Pre-Rinse Unit SASH3P - Electrolux
Taps -Electrolux Boiling Pan Taps - 45mm dia Hole -
Tap Assy - Zanussi Electrolux MCPG15 Pasta
Fill Tap Zanussi MPD/G240
Tap - Electrolux Boiling Pan
Tap - Zanussi - Boiling Pan - TOPC300H
Riser 18 Inch - Encore
Face Plate Service Kit (W/O Valve) - Encore CHG Pre Rinse Unit
Mono faucet body (no spout supplied) - Encore
Green Tap - Fagor
SUPERSEDED Cold Water Inlet Tap ø 1/2"FF - Fagor ME-710BM Pot Boiler
Water Tap Complete - Fagor SBG710 Bratt Pan
Drain Tap - Fagor ME9-15BM Rice Boiler
Hot Water Inlet Tap ø 1/2"FF - Fagor ME-710BM Pot Boiler
Drain Valve- Falcon G2845- Fryer
Swivel Tap - Falcon G3078/10 G3078/10 E3078/30 Boiling Pan
Drain Tap - Falcon G2078TC Boiling Pan
SUPERSEDED Draw off Tap 1 1/4" Falcon Boiling Pan
Drain Valve Cock - Falcon Steaming Oven
1"" ET DN25 Drain Valve - Falcon G2830 G2865 G2860 Fryer
Tap Fetco CBS32AAP Water Boiler
Hot Water Tap- Fetco- CBS- 62H- Coffee Machine
Fawcett Seat Cup - Fetco CBS51 Coffee Machine
Faucet Upper- Fetco Coffee Machine
Tap Fittings - Fetco Coffee Machine - CBS51H
Hot Water Faucet - Fetco Coffee Machine - CBS51H
G61 Tap Connector - Foster Water Fountain
Short G62 Tap - Foster DWC15 Water Fountain
Tap Connector - Foster Water Fountain
Swan Neck Tap - Foster Water Cooler DWC15
Tap Handle Long - Fosters DWC25
Gastrotop Single Long Level Monoblock Tap
SUPERSEDED Faucet - Grindmaster 744E230V
Faucet Swivel Extension 8"" Groen EE40 Boiling
Faucet Groen EE40 Boiling Pan
2" Draw Off Valve Groen DHT/1-40 T-Kettle
Drain Valve- Groen Steamer Drain Valve ( HY12GF )
Water Spout - Groen Bratt Pan
Faucet - Groen Bratt Pan HFP-2E-3
Tap Assembly - Groen Braising Pan BPM 30G
2" Tangent Draw Off Tap - Groen - Kettle - DHT-20
Outlet Tap - Heatrae Sadia
Upper Tap Assembly - Heatre Sadia Supreme 140
Draw Off Tap - Heatrae Sadia Supreme 165
Discharge Tap - Hobart Boiler
SUPERSEDED Complete Tap - Hobart HT3 Water Boiler
Tap Assembly - Hobart BRG120 Stills Water Boiler
Probe Spacer - Hot Tap - Hobart
Tap Kit - Hobart HTS2-10 HT3KW Water Boiler
Tap Handle - Hobart Stills
Repair Tap Kit Hobart Still - Water Boiler
Upper Tap Assembly - Hobart Water Boiler
Handle 50E-10 TAP black - Hobart
Complete Tap - Hobart HTS2-10 / 50E-10
1'' Outlet Water Spout - Goose Neck -Hobart
Hot Water Tap - Hobart Water Boiler
Upper tap assy - Hobart BEX Water Boiler
Quick action tap complete - Hobart BEX Water
Air Release Valve - Tap / Font Hobart BRE7
Tap Assembly Complete - Hobart Water Boiler
Tap Seal Kit - BREE 3/5 - Hobart
Tap Assembly - Hyco Laser Water Boiler
Water Tap Fitting - Iberital L'Anna Coffee
Tap Assembly - Cornelius 85583000G Milk Dispenser
1/8"" Pressure Tap- Imperial Cooker
Upper Red Tap Assembly - Instanta 1500 CT2000 WA10N
Whole Tap Assembly - Instanta
Tap Assy - Instanta WB200 Water Boiler
Washer - Instanta Boiler Top Hat Washer - Black Handle
Upper Black Tap Assembly for Instanta 1500
Super Twin tap Body -Instanta
Steam Tap Assembly - Instanta
Complete Tap Assembly - Instanta WA15 WA3 WA10N
Complete Tap Assy - Instanta WA5 WM7 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Instanta CT6000 Water Boiler Tap
SUPERSEDED Upper Tap Assembly Instanta
Complete Steam Tap - Instanta Supreme 3 Water Boiler
Blue Upper Tap Assembly - Instanta 1500
Tap Lever- Instanta water Boiler Tap Lever
Upper tap assy - Instanta WB300 Water Boiler
Red/Maroon Complete Tap Assy - Instanta 1500 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Tap Assembly Instanta Water Boiler
Tap Assembly- Instanta
Tap- Instanta 3000 Main Draw Off Tap
Complete Tap Assembly Red Tap - Instanta 4000
Upper Tap Assembly Dark Grey- Instanta 3000 1500 Water Boiler
Instanta Steam Tap Supreme / Fastflow Boiler
Red Upper Tap Assy - Instanta Fast Flow 3
Plunger Tap Complete - Instanta
Complete Tap Assembly - Instanta 1500
Complete Tap Assembly for Instanta 1500 3000
Steam Arm - Instanta Supreme 6 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Upper Tap Assembly - Instanta 2000 Boiler
Tap Assembly - Instanta CT310-10 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Instanta Upper Tap Assembly Red
Red Upper Tap Assembly - Instanta - Boiler
Tap - Interlevin RJD2S Juice Dispenser
S/S Tap - Interlevin - Juice Dispenser - RJD3S
Tap Stem/Plunger - Jackson JJ3 Water Boiler
Upper Tap - Jackson Junior
SUPERSEDED Complete tap - Jackson JJ3 Water boiler
Seat Cup Washer - No Lip - Jackson G220R3
SUPERSEDED Complete tap assembly.
Tap Assembly - Jackson Water Boiler JJ3
Tap Shank - Lincat LWB4 Water Boiler
Black Upper Tap Assy - Lincat EB3 EB6 LWB2
Tap Shank Extension- Lincat Water Boiler
Tap Assembly - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Blue Upper Tap Assy - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6 Water Boiler
Complete Blue Tap Assy - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6
Tap Assy Black - Lincat EB3 EB6 Water Boiler
Grease Drain Drawer - Lincat OG7401 Chargrill
Tap Assembly - Lincat - WMB3FW
Water Tap - Lotus Bratt Pan
Complete Upper Tap - Maestrowave MWB3 Water Boiler
Top Tap Assembly - Marco 10021C Water Boiler
Tap- Marco Qwikbrew Twin Coffee Machine Tap
Complete tap - Marco 10021C Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Upper Tap Assembly MARCO Pro-Lite LD203
Tap Assy - Marco 6000C MAJOR900OC Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Marco Aquarius15 Boiler - Complete Tap Assemb
Complete Tap - Marco LD203 EZT3/15
Drain Tap - Mareno Deep Fat Fryer FQE611
Drain Tap 2" c/w Handle - Mareno - Boiling Pan - NP90-07
Water Inlet Tap - Mareno
Drain Tap - Mareno 70A Boiling Pan
Spout Connection - Mareno BR9-4G Bratt Pan
SUPERSEDED Shut Off Valve- MBM GBRV1 Bratt Pan
300m Swivel Spout (H:325mm)
DECK mounted Pre-Rinse Spray, Twin Pedestal, Twin Water Feed
Tap - Mechline
Tap - Mechline
Deck Mounted Swan Neck Swivel Tap - Mechline Basix Sink
Complete Tap - Metos
Water Tap - MKN Bratt Pan
Drain Valve - MKN Boiling Pan
Spout - MKN Soup Kettle
Drain Valve - MKN
Hand Shower - MKN
Mixing Tap 3/4 - MKN
Outlet for 3/4 Mixer Tap (400mm;350mm) - MKN
Tap - Moffat Water Boiler - X6AB6
Clip for Tap - Moffat - X6AB6
Nozzle assy with locking nut - Moorwood
Star Handle Intake Tap - Offcar
Tap - Olis
Drain Cock - Olis 74/02NPEI Boiling Pan
Drain Tap Connection - Olis 1400 Fryer
Tap Head - Ozti
Tap Assembly (without handle) - Parry - Water Boiler - AWB3
Complete Tap - Parry GWB6 Water Boiler
Tap Assembly - Parry - Water Boiler - AWB3
Tap Lever - Polar U606 Drink Dispenser
Complete Front Tap Assy - Promek VL223 Juice Dispenser
SUPERSEDED Tap for Front - Promek Drinks Dispenser
Drain Tap - Rosinox ROYALCHEF MBM250G
Tap Lever Santos 34-2 Juice Dispenser
Complete Tap - Santos
Goose Neck Tap Kit - Scotsman SCW14B Water Cooler
SUPERSEDED - Glass filler/Tap - Scotsman SCW14B Water
Inlet Tap - Silko CNG70160 Pasta Boiler
Boiling Pan Tap Assembly
Challenger Boiler 2 Tap Head Assembly 1/2""
Draw Off Tap - Stott Benham SBP518 Boiling
Water Boiler tap - Stott Benham Challenger 12
Spout- Stott Benham ETK6U13 Swivel Spout
SUPERSEDED Sunnex Juice Dispenser Tap
Tap - Sunnex Juice Dispenser
Tap - Sunnex Juice Dispenser - U01-0501
Swan Upper Tap Spring
Swan 24mm New Stye Upper tap Assy
Swan C28 Urn Tap Body - New Type
Swan 1"" / 26mm Tap Assembly Complete
Swan Boiler Tap Lock Nut
Swan Boiler C28 25mm Dia New Type Tap Assy
Swan Tap Boiler Gasket Pkt x 2
Swan Old Style Upper Tap Assy
Twin Faucet Body with 457mm Spout
Pre-Rinse Twin Deck STD, Spray & Faucet - T&S Brass
Pre-Rinse Twin Deck Std. Spray & Faucet
Add-On Faucet Hot Cartridge - T&S Brass
Pre Rinse Unit - T & S Brass
Grip Handle - T & S Brass & Bronze - Rinse Hose Grip handle
Double Pantry Swivel Base Faucet Deck Mount
Sink Mixer Double Pantry Swivel Base Faucet
Tap - T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Unit
Wall Mounted Glass Filler - T&S Brass
Pre-Rinse / Single Deck / Ext / Std Spray
152mm Swivel Spout for Faucet - T&S Brass
Mixing Faucet - T & S Brass - Pre Rinse Unit
Pre Rinse Unit - T & S Brass
12" (305mm) Swivel Spout for Faucet
18"" (475mm) Swivel Spout for Faucet
Complete BYPASS TAP T&S - Pre Rinse Unit
Faucet Kit - Tomlinson S Series ES Model Self Closing Faucet Kit
Tap Non-drip Faucet - ES Tomlinson Boiler
Faucet Piston - Ugolini
Faucet Cover - Ugolini
Tap Assembly - Ugolini HT10/1A
Faucet Piston- Ugolini Minigel Ice Cream Machine
Drain Tap 3/4" without Handle
Pre-Rinse Unit with Pillar Tap Ceramic Tap Head w/ Swivel Tap
SF Model Tap 1/2"" Complete Tap
Tap cartridge - Water Boiler
Drain Tap 1 1/2" Boiling Kettle
3/4" Water Softener Valve Tap - Maidaid DVA6 LT12
Pre-Rinse/ Single Deck Mount/ Std Spray
Universal Chrome Tap Asssembly - Lever Action 1/2""
Wall Mounted Tap - 130-170mm Adjustable Centres
Fresh Water Tap - Valentine - Boiler
Pre-Rinse Spray- Vogue Pedestal
TAP TOP SECTION Winterhalter
SCREW ON TAP Winterhalter Dishwasher
ROMATIK SERVICE TAP Winterhalter Dishwasher
C300 VALVE (COMPLETE TAP Winterhalter Dishwasher
JG TAP ADAPTER Winterhalter Dishwasher
TAP Winterhalter Dishwasher
Upper Tap Assembly - Zip HS005 HS003 Hydro Boil
Tap Assembly Complete - Zip Hydroboil HS005 Water Boiler
Tap/handle - Zip Hydroboil Urn 2000B HS208
Tap Body Kit - Zip Hydroboil - Water Heater - HP107
Tap - Zip
Ver/Ess Pro Faucet Kit V2 - Zumex