Temperature Control/Indication

Replacement spares and parts such as temperature controllers and temperature indicators can be difficult to source. However A S Catering Supplies hold replacement spares and parts such as temperature controllers in stock.

Temperature Control/Indication Parts
Temperature Potentiometer - Falcon E1838X
SUPERSEDED Temperature Gauge - Lainox Oven
Temperature Sensor - Electrolux IC44832FLF
SUPERSEDED Digital Thermometer - Mondial Elite PR60
SUPERSEDED Mondial Elite LED Temp Display
Control Box - Monarch / Cuppone Pizza Oven
Sensor w/ Mounting Block & Screws - Alto-Shaam
Temperature Control & Display -Infrico MP2125
Controller - Inomak CE2140/PTL Fridge
Temperature Controller Hilta S45
55.13052.104 Ego Thermostat -
Thermometer - Falcon D1000AX Dishwasher
Digital Temperature Indicator Foster Fridge
SUPERSEDED Foster Universal Digital Controller
SUPERSEDED LAE Fridge Controller BS6E-AG - replacement
Hewigo Frying Range - Temperature Probe
Controller EMPC902/T Eliwell - Cuppone
LAE MTR11 > LTR5 12v Controller
Humidity Control - Rational CPC202 Oven
Sadia 230120SSF Controller / Display
Temp Gauge Altoshaam 1000 -SPT
SUPERSEDED Temperature Display - True TSSU-40-12
SUPERSEDED Carel Controller - Coreco MFB-135C Fridge
Temperature Probe - Williams HO2U LD1 Fridge
Thermometer - Zanussi TRN1801UK Fridge
Digital display - Zanussi ICP110VA Fridge
Eliwell Controller (ID974) - Electrolux
Temperature Display - Zanussi / Electrolux
Temperature Gauge - Zanussi Electrolux
Temp. Display and Probe - Zanussi
SUPERSEDED Controller & Display - Zanussi Fridge RCDR
Williams SN2K-20P2 Evap Probe
Temp Gauge - Masterwash/ATA
Grundy Hostess Trolley LAE Controller
SUPERSEDED Inomak Controller CF2140N
GC04 38NG Glass Fronted Pressure Display Gaug
SUPERSEDED - Dixell XR60CX Controller - Sadia S400CR Fridge
Controller REK-3 - Polar Fridge
Williams MO3U OPAL Air Temp Probe
SUPERSEDED Temperature Sensor (oven overheat)- Panasonic
Digital Controller - Delfield AB1CHSC0900GB Fridge
Controller c/w Keypad LTH Fridge Jelka130
Hobart Temp. Gauge
Core Temp Probe - Hobart CSD Combi Oven
Thermometer - Hobart HX Dishwasher
Hobart FM30 FM30U Dishwasher Thermometer
Digital Controller & probe Grundy GMG Hot
Control Module - Gram F400LU F200RU Freezer
Temperature Probe - Gram K400LU K200RU Fridge/ Freezer
Controller - Foster Fridge
Merrychef Temperature Sensor Pocket Assembly
Temperature Sensor - Electrolux IC44832FLF
Thermometer - Elframo L010T0 Dishwasher
Heat Control - Dualit DCT2 DCT3 Toaster
Temperature LCD Display - Caravell CBC600 400 Fridge
Temp Sensor - BKI VGUK 16 Oven Rotisserie
Temperature Control - Bartlett Oven
Electronic temperature controller - Autonumis
Oven Temp Sensor Probe PT100 - Angelo Po
SUPERSEDED Scotsman Frimont M15W Ice Cube Temp Sensor
Temp Controller / Termostat - Inomak Fridge
Temperature Control & Display -Infrico MP2125
Dixel Controller - Gamko MXB20250GG070 Bottle Cooler
TLY29 Digital Temp Display 240v - Mondial
LAE Controller - Corsair Heat Trolley 3TG
Display Controller - Jordao 105SK Fridge
SUPERSEDED XW20L Dixell Controller Infrico bottle
Temperature Control - Hobart Dishwasher
Multi-functional thermometer - LAE
Carel Temperature Controller - Criocabin
Thermometer - Olis OLTH12 Dishwasher
Double Thermometer Supports- Olis OLTH12
Temperature Kit - Electrolux T4650E Tumble Dryer
Temperature display - Eurogrill HT3 Hot
Temperature Probe - Eurofours Oven
Temperature Probe -Clenaware Sovereign 45 Mk3
Dial Gauge Thermometer - Lainox CE 110M NR Oven
Fan With Condensator - Sveba-Dahlen
Bin Thermostat - Scotsman - 2 Contacts
Thermostat K55L5082 - Scotsman
Thermostat For Container K55L5
Thermostat For Evaporator K22L
SUPERSEDED Thermostat For Evaporator - K22L
Thermostat For Evaporator K22L
Thermostat For Evaporator K22L-ACM225
Thermostat - LEC - L5526W
Thermostat For Container K55L1(042)
Thermometer - Electrolux HC18BM Bain Marie
High Limit Temp Regulator - Miele B863 B890 Rotary Iron
Digital Thermometer c/w Probe - Electrolux
Temperature Gauge AltoShaam 1200-UP/SR
Thermometer - Tefcold FSC1450 Chiller
Temperature Gauge - Fagor Dishwasher
Henny Penny HMT-5 Display Temp. Regulator
SUPERSEDED Temperature Controller - Infrico Freezer
1m Long Sensor for a Colston EL2G
Temperature dial for a Colston EL2G
SUPERSEDED Temperature control Thermostat - 3FHCM
Thermometer - Vestfrost CFS344 Fridge
Green Indicator Light Caterlux Taurus
Zanussi Fridge Digital Thermometer - Arthermo
Fridge Thermometer - Gram FS330CGB
SUPERSEDED Temperature Regulator - Electrolux Oven
Thermometer Display - Silanos DC1000 PD1300A Dishwasher
Temp Control Box - Lec - PE500
Hygiplas Dial Thermometer
Thermometer - LTS12PTE 230V
Internal thermometer - Liebherr 21B/001
Digital thermometer - Universal - -40 - +70°C
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362CSTS Freezer
Dial Thermometer - Mondial Elite KNX40
Analog Thermometer - Fagor FI-100 Dishwasher
Thermometer - Electrolux
Thermometer- Angelo Po KD130 KD100 Dishwasher
Controller PCB - Foster PREM1/3H01 EPSG500L EPREMG600LT
XT11S-5200N Digital Temp Display - Victor Hot Cupboard
Temperature Display - Tefcold IC200SC Freezer
Thermometer - Derby G48C
SUPERSEDED Pressure Gauge - Convotherm OES6.10 Oven
Henny Penny Fryer Thermometer
Rinse Thermometer - Hobart C44A Dishwasher
Wash Thermometer - Hobart C44A Dishwasher
Thermometer - Electrolux - Oven - ECF/G101/1
Temperature Gauge - Alto-Shaam 500-2D
Boiler Gauge - Winterhalter - Dishwasher -
Wash Temp Display - Winterhalter - Dishwasher
Thermometre - Pizzagroup - Pizza Oven -
Temperature Sensor - Unox Combi Oven XVC304
Temperature Control Beverage Air MT17 Fridge
Thermometer - Dial & Sensor - Cuppone Pizza
Telethermometer - Linea Blanca LC1500 LC1700
Temperature Control Victory Fridge
Melting Thermoregulator- Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
Temperature Dial & Probe - Framec
Temperature Control Silverking Fridge
Temperature Display - Scanfrost SSC165-S
Temp Control Kit - Hobart AM14C Dishwasher
Thermometer - Dahlen ELB-425V25167 Oven
Temperature Sticker - Hobart
Thermometer - Hobart
Double Scale Round Temperature Gauge Lamber
Temperature Controller 230v - Dixell
Temperature Display & Sensor - True T19E T19FZ Fridge
Resistance Thermometer - Electrolux
Temperature Gauge - Foinox MM60EM Oven
Gas Temperature Controller - Middleby Marshall PS536 Pizza Oven
Temperature Control - Beha Hedo Salad Counter
Temperature Thermistor - Polaris SPABT70 Fridge
LAE controller LCD32Q4E-C 230v
TEMP INDICATOR Winterhalter Dishwasher
TEMP GAUGE WKTS 6000MM Winterhalter Dishwasher
W/TANK TEMP GAUGE 55 oC Winterhalter Dishwasher
R/TANK TEMP.GAUGE 85 DEG Winterhalter Dishwasher
TEMPERATURE Winterhalter Dishwasher
Thermometer - Blakeslee
Thermometer - Staycold - Fridge - HD1140
Thermometer Vestfrost FKG371 Bottle Cooler
Controller (LF28B2S3E) - Foster PRO1/2H-A FSL800H Fridge
Indicator Lamp -Winterhalter GS10-2
SUPERSEDED Mechanical Thermostat - Gram K181U Fridge
LCD Control Panel - Gram F200 RU
SUPERSEDED Digital Display Unit - Gram K190JB K190
TLZ20 Controller - Tecfrigo ISOLA 4M Cold Display
Controller - Frilixa Visella 2.0M UF400
Dial Temperature Display/Thermometer - Iarp ABX500N Freezer
Controller - Tefcold CK7410 Fridge
Carel Controller - Delfield U/C Fridge RS10550-R / SE055
Mareno SVC G12 Bain Marie Digital Thermometer
Williams MO3U OPAL Defrost Temp Probe
Temperature Control Unit (Electrical) - Vestfrost FZ365W Fridge
Thermometer - Carpigiani Super 139/B/404/P
Thermometer Dial - Vulcan Hart
Temperature Control Switch - Lang - CLR36R-G-S
Temperature Regulator - Miele B890 Rotary Iron
Temperature Probe- Dexion Dishwasher
Solar Panel Temp Display - Norpe MD-30220-250-SL J75801S
Digital Thermometer - Electrolux TC1200 MSR1207 Hot Cupboard
Temperature Control 1pol Type 716 R 9430 - Rieber
Door Insert with Thermometer & Venting Ring - Rieber
Pyrometer (Temp Controller) - Gam - Pizza Oven - C66
LAE LTS12 Digital Thermometer - Electrolux
Thermometer - Vestfrost SZ362C Fridge
Temperature Dial and Probe - Leventi LKS Oven
Thermometer - Electrolux Dishwasher
Thermometer 0-100°C - Electrolux WASHTEC60 Dishwasher
Temperature Detector Metos WD-6E
Digital Thermometer - Tefcold BC85/UK Fridge
Thermostat ID PLUS 971 - 230V
Thermometer - Osborne MM3M Milk Fridge
Thermometer - Silver King - Freezer - SKMF34
Dial Thermometer - Staycold - Fridge
Temperature Control Kit - Vulcan Hart
Temperature Regulator 200°C - Miele HM16-83 Rotary Iron
Dixell XT11S 24v Thermometer
Temperature Gauge Display - Moretti PD105/105
Digital Thermometer - Angelo Po
Thermometer - Metos DW037M Dishwasher
Thermometer - Elframo GWD12T Fryer
Thermostat for Boiler Hobart GF60 Dishwasher
Digital Thermometer ST9281D WH
Thermometer w/ Battery - Vestfrost - SZ464C
Thermometer - Electrolux
Temperature Control - Traulsen RHT-1-32W Fridge
Rinse Tank Thermostat- Newscan DSP50- Dishwasher
Thermometer 8 Channels Matic-Linear - Lamber M130- Dishwasher
500deg Dial Thermometer - Lincat
Temperature Control - Vulcan Hart
Thermometer DIXELL XT11S-500 mounting
Control Stat - MKN Griddle Plate
Control Thermostat- Lincat DF33 - Fryer
Digital Thermometer -50+300°C/-58+572°F
Temperature Display - True TSSU-48-12
Hygiplas Digital Fridge/Freezer Thermometer
Thermostat Fix - Maytag 3LMEDC300YW2 Dryer
Safety Temperature Limiter - MKN Bain Marie
Level Gauge Plate 89x30mm - Faema Coffee Machine
Thermometer - Vestfrost - Fridge - FKG371
Tempature Control - Taylor Freezers & Ice Cream Mach
Thermometer - GGF - Pizza Oven - E6/60