Terminals / Cable Connectors

It can be complicated finding the right terminal or cable comnnector for your machine. A S Catering Supplies can get you the terminal you need to get your machine operational again.

Terminals / Cable Connectors Parts
220011 Main Terminal Block - Hobart - Dishwasher
Terminal Block- Falcon E350 Fryer
Main Terminal Block - Maidaid D45 Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Vulcan Hart VR4 ML-052871
Mains Terminal Block - Falcon - Fryer - G3860
Terminal Block - Falcon LD8 Griddle
Terminal Block - Parry Deep Fat Fryer
SUPERSEDED 6 Hole Domino Terminal Block - Roller Grill PS600E Panini Grill
Terminal Block (6Way) - Masterwash/ATA
Earth Wired Terminal - Winterhalter GS501
Terminal Block - Winterhalter GS501
Terminal Earth - Winterhalter GS501
SUPERSEDED Main Terminal Block - Electrolux QC/EIM4 Oven
Terminal Blue - Winterhalter GS501
Terminal Grey - Winterhalter GS501
Terminal Connection Block - Lincat EB6 Water
Terminal Block - Comenda Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Comenda Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Dexion ME077-03-003 Grill
Terminal Block- Maidaid D1000 Dishwasher 6Pole Terminal Block
Terminal - Elettrobar E78 Dishwasher
Magnet - Prodis T1215 - Dishwasher
Terminmal Block - Vulcan Hart Convection
3 Pole Terminal Block - Toastmaster OvenRange
Terminal Block - Olis 74/02KBEBI Bratt Pan
Terminal Block - Olis 74/02KBEBI Bratt Pan
Terminal Board - Giga KFE8 Fryer
Cover Terminal Box - Hobart CXSB Dishwasher
Gasket Terminal Box - Hobart CXSB Dishwasher
Terminal Box - Hobart CXSB Dishwasher
Terminal Board - Zanussi FCV101E3 Combi Oven
Terminal for mains lead - Adler DS600
Plate for mains lead - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Terminal - Adler DS600 Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Hobart
SUPERSEDED Main Terminal Block - Electrolux QC/EIM4 Oven
Terminal Block - Bakbar E32 Oven
6-way terminal block - Viscount MLE60-FF
Terminal 3 pole - Electrolux CC0306 Combi
Terminal block - Electrolux Peeler
12 Poles PA 76 Terminal Board - Bio-Steel
Terminal Block - Zanussi SL/E802 Salamander
Terminal Block - Zanussi HFR/E840 Fryer
Spark Ignitor & Lead Stott Benham Spark Ignitor and Lead
Terminal Block - Valentine V2200MS Fryer
Terminal Block Garland Fryer 36ES21
Terminal Box - Electrolux Elco 900 Fryer
Terminal Block - Garland 36ES21 Fryer
3-Pole Ceramic Terminal Block
2-Pole Ceramic Terminal Block
Pre-Insulated Terminal
Terminal Block Huebsch 35LB Tumble Dryer
Terminal Block 125A Lang Oven
Terminal Block (2 hole) - Rollergrill PSE600 Panini Grill
Terminal Block - Lang
Strip Terminal - Lang
4-pole Terminal - Winterhalter GS310 GS315
Terminal Block - Giga KFE20D Fryer
Terminal Block - Falcon E2994 Bratt Pan
Terminal Board -Electrolux ZBR/E805 Bratt Pan
Duel Piggy Back Connector -Blue Seal E32 Oven
Terminal Block - Bertos E9P10D Tilting Pan
Terminal Board - Baron 7FRIE815 Fryer
Terminal Board Moretti Forni Pizza Oven
6-Pole Terminal Block - Fagor FI30 FI48 FI48B
2-pole Terminal Block - Fagor LVR10 LCV12
Terminal Block Assembly - Cleveland Bratt Pan
Terminal Block - Fagor
Terminal Block - Smeg 135XE Oven
Terminal block - Sherwood Compact Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Falcon E2512 E2522 E3512 Grill
Terminal Board - Electrolux Bratt Pan
Terminal Block 6 Pole - DIHR HT11 Dishwasher
8-way Terminal Block- IMC 1204 Waste Disposal
Terminal Box - Hotpoint EW48P Oven
Terminal Female 1/4 - Speed Queen
Terminal Block - Electrolux Tumble Dryer
SUPERSEDED Terminal Block - Dexion Fryer
Terminal Block / Box - Falcon E350/30 Oven
Terminal - Beha Hedo Oven
Obsolete Insulated Conductors - Beha Hedo Hotplate
Terminal Neutral - Beha Hedo Oven
Earth Terminal - Beha Hedo Oven
6 Pole Terminal Block - Colged Dishwasher
Electrical Terminal Block - Classeq Duo 750
Terminal Board - Angelo Po 191P12E
Plastic Flex Termination Block - Gierre -
Tap Terminal - Fagor
Blue Tap Terminal - Fagor
Junction Block - Animo Metos WK1 Water Boiler
Terminal Board - Angelo Po 191BR2E Bratt Pan
Fuse Terminal Board - Angelo Po 191BR2E Bratt
Mains Terminal Block Bartlett F30E-932 Oven
Terminal Block - Blue Seal E311 Oven
Terminal Block - Beha Hedo
Terminal Block - Beha Hedo
Terminal Block - Hobart AM15 Dishwasher
CLAMPING TERMINAL Winthalter Dishwasher
CLAMPING TERMINAL Winthalter Dishwasher
TERMINAL STRIP Winthalter Dishwasher
TERMINAL Winthalter Dishwasher
TERMINAL `ID` STICKERS Winthalter Dishwasher
MINI EARTH WIRE TERMINAL Winthalter Dishwasher
MINI TERMINAL BLOCK Winthalter Dishwasher
MINI TERMINAL BLOCK Winthalter Dishwasher
TWIN TERMINAL UK5 Winthalter Dishwasher
TWIN TERMINAL GREY Winthalter Dishwasher
TWIN TERMINAL BLUE Winthalter Dishwasher
DOUBLE TERMINAL GREEN Winthalter Dishwasher
TERMINAL CONNECTOR 16 Winthalter Dishwasher
Terminal Board - Electrolux Fryer
Power Voltage Terminal Block - Blakeslee
Terminal - Victor BS30HR850RQ Hot Trolley
Terminal - Garland
Terminal Block- Hobart - dishwasher fx800
Terminal Box - Lincat J9 Fryer
Junction Terminal - Kupperbusch
Junction Terminal - Kupperbusch
Counter Flange - MBM MC201CL Glasswasher
Assortment Case Uninsulated Terminals and Porcelain Clamp
Terminal Block - Fagor Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Fri Jado - Hot Cupboard
Terminal Board - Sagi AX55-OP64
Junction Terminal - Kupperbusch
Universal Terminal Block - Classeq Hydro850 Dishwasher
Neutral Terminal - Blueseal - Fryer - E43
Terminal Block - Elcold - EL61SS
Terminal Block with Transformer - Hobart AMX900 Dishwasher
2 Pole PCB Terminal Block - Eliwell IWC720 Controller
Terminal Block - Blue Seal E91 Grill
Terminal Connection - Falcon LD22 Salamander Grill
Porcelain Terminal Block, 3-pole
Terminal Block - Falcon
5 Way Terminal Block - Lincat - Grill - OE8406-A001
Terminal Block - Lang
Terminal Block - Falcon
Terminal Block - Hobart - Oven - HCSM-UC
Connector Block - Maidaid GS511 Dishwasher
Neutral Terminal - Meiko Dishwasher
Terminal Block - MKN Oven/Fryer
Terminal Block - Sirman TDRRRR Panini Grill
Terminal Block - Duke SUB-CD60M Chiller
Tube Terminal Bar 500pcs Faston Packing Unit
Tube Terminal Bar 100pcs Faston Packing Unit
Terminal Block - Falcon - Oven - G2101 OTC
Terminal, Female Split Pin (Pkg of 25) - Frymaster
Terminal, Male Split Pin (Pkg of 25) - Frymaster
Terminal Block - Moffat HC+SPEC Hot Plate
Terminal Block - Speed Queen SDG809WF3060 Dryer
Terminal Box - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - NNS100
Terminal Block - Numatic - Vacuum Cleaner
Terminal Block - Merco Savory
Ceramic Terminal Block - Angelo Po
Terminal Block - Blue Seal - Oven - E47
Terminal Kit 400V - Berto's - Oven
Terminal Board - Electrolux
Terminal Block - Mach Dishwasher
Terminal Block - Roller Grill
Socket Contact - Maidaid Dishwasher
Terminal - Electrolux
Terminal Block - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Mains Terminal Block - Mareno
Terminal Block - Hatco - GTS-2
Terminal - Whirlpool - Tumble Dryer - 3RAWZ480EMQ1
Terminal Connection Block - Lamber Dishwasher
Plug Board - Fagor Dishwasher
Terminal - Electrolux
Terminal & Cable - Unox Elena Oven
Pin Strip 12-Pole - Rieber Hot Cupboard
Spring Loaded Terminal 12-Pole - Rieber Hot Cupboard
Terminal Block 4QMM 4-Pole - Ubert RT-406
Rail Terminal Block, Dual, Isolated - Ubert RT-406